Featured Project: Linton Corner Retail Development

Gauteng – PPA 29394

Construction of the 24 000m² Linton Corner Retail Development, on the corner of Lynwood and Solomon Mahlangu Roads, Equestria, Pretoria, Gauteng. The exact GPS Coordinates are 25°46’40.3″S & 28°20’39.1″E
Status Region
Underway Pretoria, Gauteng
Category Value
Building Unknown At This Stage
Industry Timing
Retail December 2022 – April 2024 (16 Months)
Sector Class
Private Invited / Negotiated
Linton Corner Retail Development – Building

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Demystifying Residential Super Estates

By Leonhard Jonas, CEO of Northlands Business Park and Avianto Estate for Property Wheel

The concept of the super estate is not novel. It has existed globally for several years. However, despite being well-established, no real definition exists. From a developer’s perspective, the most basic requirement of a super estate is to offer more than 2 000 residential opportunities, with facilities and amenities that capture the interest of the buyer.

As a developer, you are creating a new community or township, whose main function it is to provide a safe and secure haven. Although it’s an excellent investment prospect for those looking to expand their portfolio, those buying into a super estate live there on a day-to-day basis, and to make it feasible you need key infrastructure to support the residents. Access to an airport and main arterial routes, schools, medical facilities, and retail opportunities are vital. These factors are important to all developments, but more so to the super estate, as the intention is to create an environment where residents don’t feel the need or desire to leave their cocoon. As such, to claim the title of a super estate, the development must tick a multitude of boxes.

When you look at a super estate like Avianto Estate, Steyn City or Val de Vie, the benefits go beyond creating a safe and protected lifestyle, you are building an opportunity for a multi-generational way of living. Typically, the estate will offer a variety of residential options to satisfy the broader market. Avianto Estate for instance offers a retirement village, pre- and primary school, entry level developments for the starter family, all the way up to the affluent end of the spectrum – basically catering to almost every sector of the market.

Within the South African context, secure estates and complexes have long been sought after. In the past there was the tendency to develop parcels of land and build cookie cutter apartments that are prevalent in Europe – blocks of compact, identical homes that cater to a lock-up-and-go situation. There is certainly a place for it, but as South Africans we want more from our personal living space. Thanks to our mild climate we enjoy being active outside and these complexes don’t necessarily cater to this lifestyle. In recent years, and particularly in response to Covid-19 when we were forced to live and work 24-hours a day in our houses, people realised that a home is more than just a place to lay your head. We want our home and its surrounds to reflect our interests, whether it is cycling, equestrian activities, walking or simply having the freedom to let your children go outside to play, without constantly being on the lookout for dangers. Super estates offer this high level of security but without sacrificing on enjoyment. Super estates recreate the sense of community and allows one to return to a more innocent way of life.

Historically a super estate would have either a polo or a golf course offering. As desirable as these are, they do come with a higher price tag. In his recent podcast, Founder and Executive Chairman of Northlands Group and Developer of Avianto Estate, Darin D’Oliveira, explained that the recent movement is to avoid these traditional, costly facilities and become more inclusive, which ultimately benefits the residents: “Conservatively, to maintain a golf course is over R400 000 a month, which is a cost that the residents of the estate ultimately carry. By avoiding such facilities and allowing the public access to the communal nodes of an estate, such as the restaurant, sporting facilities and gyms, owners are no longer lumbered with excessive levies.”

As with everything, these estates have their time and place, but we are seeing a shift away from these conventional models that often distort the affordability of living in such a place. A more inclusive and humble approach maximizes on the natural surrounds and promotes an outdoor lifestyle through hiking and biking trails, fishing, and picnic spots, to provide the same level of satisfaction but without driving up the levies.

From an affordability standpoint, super estates, despite offering a magnitude of amenities, actually provide a more cost-efficient way of living. Security and landscaping expenses are normally high, but when divided amongst all the residents of an estate, suddenly become far more affordable. The larger the estate, the more residents are paying in levies – it’s a case of economies of scale. With interest rates expected to increase, super estates offer even more financial benefits to the buyer and investor alike. When buying into such an estate at the beginning stage, all costs, such as transfer duties and bond registration are included, ensuring massive savings for the buyers.

Another positive upshot from investing in a super estate is that developers are more sensitive to green-building practices; utilising low maintenance materials, rehabilitating the natural surrounds and providing water and electrical security by way of solar power back-up systems and water storage tanks. This ultimately benefits the residents who are no longer at the mercy of the national providers and are encouraged to live more sustainably and responsibly. All in all, the super estate not only provides the greatest quality of life, but it is becoming more accessible and affordable to the greater population.

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Featured Project: Kgale Lake City, Botswana – Residential

Botswana – PPA 24849

Construction of upscale high-end exclusive homes, apartments and penthouses for the proposed mixed-use urban development, Kgale Lake City, situated on the outskirts of Gaborone, in Botswana. Estimated cost: P269 million. The exact co-ordinates are currently not available however the approximate area of location is lat: -24.694853760699363, long: 25.87484954426541


Status Region
Design Botswana
Category Value
Building R 200 Million+
Industry Timing
Residential 2022 onwards
Sector Class
Private Invited / Negotiated / Turnkey

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How to Know if Your Plumbing is Outdated

A decrease in water pressure is an early warning sign of issues with your plumbing. Leaky pipes do not have a lot of warning signs. 

If you notice a decrease in your water pressure, the first thing you should check is whether your water heater is still in good condition.  Slow water pressure can happen when your water heater malfunctions. However, a change in water pressure can also indicate a leaky pipe.  Old pipes can also be a problem because rust builds up over time and clogs the pipes. Leaking pipes are sometimes hard to pick up as they are hidden pipes but one can see if there is a damp spot on walls or ceilings.

Faucets should also be repaired or replaced.  Replacing faucets is a very budget-friendly way to improve your plumbing and it saves on water.

Discoloured water is a huge red flag. The colour of the water can tell you what the issue is. Orange, red or yellow indicates that it is rusty pipes.  Eventually over time corrosion will cause holes in the pipes.  Blue or green water indicates brass or copper in the fittings.  When your water is black it could well possibly be growth and that can be dangerous. 

A clogged drain can end up being a serious problem.  Slow-moving or clogged drains can be poor venting in the pipes.  You would need a professional to inspect the problem and repair them.

Two types of pipes play a role in how long the pipes in your home will last.  Drain pipes and water supply pipes. Supply pipes are under a lot more pressure than other pipes and can cause more damage if they leak. They would be brass, copper or galvanized steel.  The upside is, that they do last longer, from 80 to 100 years. Drain pipes are usually made of PVC and only last from 25 to 40 years.  It’s important to know what types of pipes you have and to keep track of their age.

You can avoid a big mess and save a lot of money in the long run by knowing more about the plumbing.  Knowledge is key!

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Difference between a Tender and a Project


Cambridge Dictionary definitions:-

Tender (verb) A written or formal offer to supply goods or to do a job for an agreed price
Project (noun) A piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular purpose


Google definition:-

It can potentially get a little confusing, but in short, a project is a development that is tracked from conception to completion e.g. The development of a hotel. A tender is a specific tender for a specific requirement e.g. a tender might go out for the supply of bricks.


At Leads 2 Business we have several distinct differences between Tenders and Projects published on our database, for example, how they are captured, how you interact with them, and specific subscriptions tailored to your requirements.

Capturing a Tender:

All tender notices originate from an original Tender Advert that has been advertised publicly on various platforms that we monitor. All the information provided is captured in a user-friendly format paying particular attention to site inspection dates and times, closing dates and times, the contract number, any restrictions that might be applicable, contact names and details of relevant persons involved in the specific tender process and where the actual tender document is available. When the information has all been added and the document is saved, a unique reference number is allocated preceded by the prefix DTA (Daily Tender Advisory)

Capturing a Project:

The information collated for a Project Lead is gleaned from multiple resources and captured in a user-friendly format paying particular attention to the timing and status, GPS location, type of building or infrastructure, professionals involved, relevant documentation and the most current information on the progress of the project. When all the information has been added and the document saved, a unique reference number is allocated preceded by the prefix PPA (Private Project Advisory)

Interacting with a Tender:

Tender notices can be found on the site using the easy search function using either the unique reference number, contract number or keywords from the description. The contact details for the professionals listed on the tender advert will be available should you have any questions regarding the details of the tender. There could be links to relevant documents that are hyperlinked to download directly onto your PC. You can set reminders for the site inspection date so you don’t miss that all-important meeting. Set a reminder for the closing date so you are not late handing in your final tender document. Contact a friendly L2B researcher should there be any further information you desire. Monitor the tender notice so you are notified of any changes to the original tender notice published. The Tender Notice is updated when awarded.

Interacting with a Project:

Project Leads can be found on the site using the easy search function using either the unique reference number, name of the development or keywords from the description. Depending on the status of the project there will be a list of professionals that you are able to contact at each relevant stage of the project life cycle. There is the opportunity to build relationships with professionals to facilitate possible collaboration on future projects. There could be links to relevant documents that are hyperlinked to download directly onto your PC. Contact a friendly L2B researcher that is dedicated to researching that specific project should there be any further information you desire. Monitor the Project Lead so you are notified of any updates and/or progress as the Project evolves from Conceptual to Completion. The Project Lead is updated progressively as it moves through the Project Life Cycle

Tailor-made Subscriptions:

Your Leads 2 Business profile is designed to fit the needs and specifications suited to your trades and capabilities in the building industry. If you are only partial to tender notices your subscription won’t include Project Leads but if Project Leads is your bread and butter we understand the world you live in and you will also be able to access Tender notices.

Cambridge Dictionary
Leads 2 Business

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The Development of Communication

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Communication where did it all start and how did it get to where and what it is now?

The earliest form of communication that we are all familiar with of course are drawings and paintings. Even though speech had already been around before that, it had not completely developed as yet. Drawings and paintings were used one of the earliest ways of communication, around 30 000 years ago.

As time moved on and the human race continued to advance, so did their communication. We moved from drawing on cave walls to rock carvings, or as this is more commonly known as rock art or Petroglyphs. Statutes and sculptures are also often seen or known as petroglyphs and these too convey a certain message.

The next form of communication came to use in the year 9000 BC, this was known as pictograms.  Pictograms were more commonly used to tell or rather, depict a story.

Pictograms eventually evolved into Ideograms. Ideograms mostly used by the Native Americans, Egyptians & the Chinese. This form of communication was ideally used to depict an idea in a certain language.

Finally, writing became part of the development of communication, the early stages of writing where not as you may think by using the alphabet. It was actually what we now know as Hieroglyphs. Each of the symbols used to represent a certain letter, per se.

In 2700 BC  the world was introduced to the Semitic alphabet. This is the alphabet that we are most familiar with now.

Communication has developed so much over the years that it would be difficult to name them all. To name but a few,  we can look at the spoken word, where there are currently about 6500 different languages spoken all over the world. Other forms of communication also include writing, drawing and let’s not forget smoke signals!

Whatever your choice of communication enjoy and do it well.


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Featured Tender: Expression Of Interest For Development Of A Shopping Center At Erf 914 And Relocation Of Ngqeleni Stadium

Expression Of Interest For Development Of A Shopping Center At Erf 914 And Relocation Of Ngqeleni Stadium

Supply, installation and maintenance of standby generators and general electrical reticulation

Contract Number:

47/2018 – Nyandeni Local Municipality


Invitation To Submit Expression Of Interest For Development Of A Shopping Center At Erf 914 And Relocation Of Ngqeleni Stadium. Bid proposals are hereby invited from suitably qualified and reputable service providers/Property Developers for Development of a Shopping Center at ERF 914 and Relocation of Ngqeleni Stadium.

Category Industry
Consultants Hospitality & Leisure, Institutional, Retail
Region Site Inspection
Eastern Cape (047) 2018-09-28 11:00 AM
Closing Date Contract Period
25 October 2018 No Details


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Featured Project: De Zicht – Building

De Zicht – Building

De Zicht - Building


Construction of the De Zicht residential development on Erf 36555 and Erf 2, Milnerton, in the Western Cape. The proposed development will comprise of approximately 73 four-storey apartment blocks, each accommodating 12 apartments, 1571 parking bays, a clubhouse with associated ancillary uses, a guardhouse, and a refuse room. A boundary wall will be established along the southern boundary and there will be three access points to the development. The main access point to the proposed development will be gained off Sylvia Street, Richwood.









Cape Town






R 100 million+



2018 onwards


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#10Best Blog Posts for the year

Leads 2 Business : #10BEST


So its roundup time. End of year contemplation combined with a healthy amount of mayhem. But as we close off and tie up all the loose ends in a pretty bow, I wanted to present you with a neat package of all the best the year has had to offer. Well, strictly speaking, the 10 best blog posts we have had to date (which trickles just over a year) voted by your foot traffic.


Without further ado…


  1. Wanting to save resources? Here are some top tips – “Ways to reduce your Carbon Footprint
  2. Looking for a means to getting your tender on in a better manner?  Look no further than “Is there Value in attending Tendering Workshops?
  3. Keeping our country pristine is not easy.  But being able to do something about our resources is priceless. The follow up to a popular post with local news “Too close to Home! What the frack!”
  4. You have heard about the growth of … well almost everything… in Africa. Get some fact here “Developing Africa….is Africa the new China?
  5. Covering industry exhibitions as we visited a popular “Cape Construction Expo
  6. Our campaign to create awareness of the desperate plight of our black rhino in Southern Africa – “Heart of a Ranger
  7. The story of our team trip to Timbavati Private Nature Reserve to film the Heart of a Ranger video – “Rhino dreaming in Timbavati
  8. Taking a look at our country and it’s colourful journey is Sherina Swart with “South Africa … just how far have we come?”
  9. Looking around us and following the trends “Trends in Africa
  10. Some inspiration from history with our witty Claire Donaldson’s “Ancient Inspiration for Modern Motivation



Now that you have had your fill of a good combination of facts and humour, I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you well for a fantastic festive season and peaceful New Year. Our offices will be closing on the 15th December and re-opening on the 6 January 2016.


Until then, have a wonderful break and hopefully rest.





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Highlights of 2015


Leads 2 Business : Highlight reel


It is always inspiring to learn about developments that are taking place in our country, especially those developments that aim to uplift communities by providing necessary infrastructure, and that have the community’s best interests at heart. Also many projects are using innovative technologies in construction which will help to reduce negative impacts on the environment, which is something of great importance. There are also other large and exciting developments to look forward to, some of which will change landscapes forever. Many developments have progressed throughout 2015. Some highlights, which cover developments across all nine provinces over 11 months of the year, are mentioned below:





  • In February, The Green Point Athletics Stadium was officially opened, after a two year delay. The stadium boasts state-of-the-art facilities, such as a cobalt blue tartan track.



  • March contained an abundance of positive construction news, completing the first quarter of 2015 on an exceptionally high note.
  • The Youth in Construction Expo took place at the Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Johannesburg from 2 – 6 March 2015. The focus of this Expo is to provide high-school learners with information on the many different career choices that are available in the construction industry.
  • Also in the first week of March, the Steyn City development was launched. Steyn City is a huge mixed-use development and is the largest construction project to take place in Gauteng in many years, after Waterfall in Midrand.
  • The Coega Development Corporation made an announcement early in March that a notice for an Environmental Impact Assessment would be issued for the possible development of a cargo airport and an aeronautical or aerospace industrial cluster in the Coega Industrial Development Zone.
  • A sod turning ceremony took place towards the end of March 2015, for Phase 1 (Roosendaal) of the massive Delft integrated housing project. The four phases of the development are: Roosendaal; The Hague (Phase 1); Eindhoven and The Hague (Phase 2). This development will improve the living conditions of many of the area’s residents.
  • The KwaDukuza Municipality approved the site development plans for the Ballito Junction mega mall (PPA’s 14139 and 14140) . The existing shopping centre will be expanded to more than six times its current size.
  • After much anticipation, Unit 6 at Medupi power station in Limpopo finally began to produce power, marking new beginnings.



  • The Robert Clarke Water Treatment Plant at Matla Coal Mine in Mpumalanga was launched in April, and is designed to alleviate water storage constraints, make sure mineworkers are safe and protect natural water resources.


  • On the technological front, students from New York have developed the M-App. M-App is “a real-time tool that monitors and evaluates road construction projects to maximize service delivery and root out corruption”.
  • An announcement was made in May that an International Convention Centre will be built in Rustenburg.



  • The V&A Waterfront was named the preferred bidder for the new luxury cruise terminal in Cape Town.
  • Thavhani Property Investments and the Thulamela Municipality announced the transfer of the land on which the Thavhani Mall (PPA’s 13674 and 13675 ) will be constructed.



  • Construction of Phase 2 of Central Square in Sandton (PPA’s 10792, 10793 and 10794) commenced in July, and will comprise a 12-storey apartment block.



  • A launch and ribbon cutting ceremony took place in August, for the construction of Sizabantu Piping System Manufacturing Plant. The SPS Manufacturing Plant is the first plant to be built as part the RBIDZ’s Phase 1A.
  • A sod turning ceremony, to mark the official commencement of the Thavhani Mall in Limpopo, took place in August.
  • A Tender for the design and construction of a solar-powered plant was issued by Telkom. The proposed solar plant will form part of Telkom’s Centralised Energy Centre Project at Telkom Park in Pretoria, and will eventually allow Telkom to be electrically fully self-reliant.
  • A briefing session took place in August for a Tender that was issued by Transnet National Ports Authority, for a cruise terminal facility at A and B Berths in the Port of Durban.
  • Construction commenced on the Botshabelo Shopping Centre in the Free State.



  • This is not exactly a highlight in terms of construction in particular, but definitely in terms of educating people about the natural environment in which construction takes place in. With the start of a very warm Spring season and the location of some construction in close proximity to forest areas, a very large African Rock Python, measuring 3.8 metres in length and weighing in at 31 kilograms, was found at a construction site at Izinga Park in Umhlanga in September! Thankfully, the snake was not harmed, but instead a snake removal company was called in to remove and relocate the reptile. Applause for all involved!



  • Sanral received awards for both the Umgeni Road Interchange and the Candella Road Project. The Candella Road Project forms part of Sanral’s “green roads” initiative. This initiative aims to reduce the impact that road construction has on the environment. The innovative design of the Candella Road Project also increases skid resistance. The bridges in the Umgeni Road project were built using an innovation construction method, known as incremental launch.
  • During the month of October, it was announced that there are plans to revamp the former Victoria Embankment, to be ready for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.
    Another announcement made in October, was that of the major R1.1 billion revamp on the cards for The Pavilion shopping Centre in Westville (PPA’s 16674, 16675 and 17164) , near Durban.



  • During this month of November, it has been reported that the VW PeoplePavilion, a multi-purpose complex for Volkswagen which is located in Uitenhage and was completed in 2013, received an award from the Eastern Cape Institute of Architects. The building was recognized as one of the leading architectural buildings in the Eastern Cape.



  • December is fast approaching, and with the builders’ shutdown period looming, many developments are nearing completion. I am sure that there will be many positive news stories reporting on the completion of exciting new developments.



I hope you enjoy many of the new or upgraded facilities that may be opening in your area during the festive season!

Here’s to all the new and exciting developments that will be taking place in the year ahead. Bring on 2016!






Medupi power station finally starts to produce electricity


Ballito Junction R1.4 bn mega mall gets green light from KDM


Anti-corruption app takes aim at crooked construction thieves


Telkom to build a 3MW solar plant in Pretoria


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