A bit of history…


Leads 2 Business was established in 1999.  It had a sum total of two staff.  It all started with DailyTenders, the tender notification service.  This was followed by Projects, the Project lead and tracking service, then known as Private Projects.  This really found its feet in 2003.  All the while our Construction Directory was growing as an idea and implemented with the launch of Leads 2 Quotes or more commonly known as L2Q.  This happened in 2006.


The services have grown over the years through many subscriber requests of features and functionality, until it has reached what it is today.  With the input of Professionals, Contractors, Sub Contractors, Vendors, Manufacturers and Suppliers, Leads 2 Business has grown and now leads the Construction Industry with the information it supplies on a day to day basis.


We are constantly striving and looking to find new and innovative ways to help our susbcribers get the information they need to get ahead and always welcome feedback and input.  Please feel free to drop us a line if you have any ideas.