Featured Tender: Upgrades and Additions to Lloyd School

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Upgrades and Additions to Lloyd School

meter reading

Contract Number:



Independent Development Trust KwaZulu-Natal invites tenders for the Upgrades and Additions to Lloyd School – KwaDukuza.

Category Industry
Building Renovations


Region Site Inspection
KwaDukuza 2018-10-25 10:00 AM
Closing Date Contract Period
09 November 2018 No details


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Featured Project: Maokeng Mall

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Maokeng Mall

Karoshoek Solar Valley Development

Construction of phase 1 of the Maokeng Mall in Smaldeel Road in Kroonstad, Free State. The approximate GLA for phase 1 is approximately 13 000m².


Status Region
Tender Kroonstad
Category Value
R 100 million+
Industry Timing
Retail 2018 Onwards
Sector Class
Private Negotiated



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Featured Project: Golden Gate Dinosaur Centre

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Golden Gate Dinosaur Centre

Golden Gate Dinosaur Centre

Construction of a dinosaur interpretive center at the Golden Gate Highlands National Park, in the Free State.


Status Region
Awarded Free State
Category Value
Building R61 Million – R100 Million
Industry Timing
Institutional July 2018 to October 2019 (15 months).
Sector Class
Public Open Tender


Leads 2 Business: Golden Gate Dinosaur Centre


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L2B Blog: The Most Important Tender / Project of your Career

The Most Important Tender / Project of your Career

The Most Important Tender/ Project of your Career

This can be up to interpretation. The most important tender or project could very well be your first tender or project. Being given the responsibility and trusted to compile a project or submit a tender on your own, can be a huge turning point in any career. Regardless of whether it’s a huge failure or a blazing success, the odds are that the lessons you learnt when working on your first are the lessons you carry with you for the rest of your career, and hopefully serve you in good stead.

“It’s fine to celebrate success, but more important to heed the lessons of failure.” — Bill Gates

The argument can be made for the most successful tender or project, being the turning point of a person’s career. It could be a tender or project that’s unique or innovative, and gets the attention of those in your industry or captures the public imagination. Success is measured in many ways and can come in just as many incarnations. The pat-on-the-back job that steers you towards grander goals, can be a stroke of luck or the product of unrelenting perseverance. The stress and pressure of such an endeavour can make or break you. And like all things in life, your attitude towards the success defines the lasting effect of it.

“Don’t aim for perfection. Aim for success.” — Eike Batiste

The most important tender or project could be the one that saves you. Many industries are increasingly under pressure, competitive and quite ruthless. Not all companies survive or go from strength to strength without there being periods of grasping desperation. Whether it’s the new start up or an established company battling to adapt to the changing times; that tender or project could be a lifeline that saves dreams, jobs and spirits. As long as you’re paid within 30 days, right? The most important might be the opportunity to keep hope alive and to carry on.

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.”  — Henry Ford

The lucky dodge. Hell, perhaps you were passed over with regards to a particular tender or project. Perhaps you wanted it really badly and you had worked your butt off to get to be part of the team, and you were left out. Not all tender or project teams are good or experienced. Or honest. Or share your work ethic. It might be that it all looked perfect like the stars aligned and then life happened. There are many horror stories out there, with buildings falling down or the word “collusion” being thrown around. A natural disaster or a bad turn in the economy. Does anyone really want to be associated with any of that when it all hits the fan? Dodging the bullet is the lucky break no one wants at the time, but is thankful for when it all comes to light. Unfortunately, in society people are tainted by association. It’s unfair, but unwaveringly true. “Be careful what you wish for” – the most important tender or project of your career might be the one that does not appear on your resume.

“It’s better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behaviour is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction.” — Warren Buffett

The one you missed, can define your career. The focus might be on the successes, the big payday or the photo opportunities when breaking ground or cutting the opening day ribbon; but none of that compares to the quiet of the missed chance. If you fail; you know. If you succeed; you know. But if you don’t even get a chance to try; you’ll never know. Not to be dramatic, or anything but being in the loop, and knowing what and when is vital for there to be any chance at landing that big payday or that career-defining project. Information is power. The importance of this is not lost on us and is our bread and butter. Get in the know early, and you can reap the reward later.

“The most meaningful way to differentiate your company from your competitors, the best way to put distance between you and the crowd is to do an outstanding job with information. How you gather, manage and use information will determine whether you win or lose.” — Bill Gates

So whether it’s the first go, the shining success story, the dodged bullet or the missed chance; hopefully these all form part of long and enduring careers, with just a few colourful stories to tell.

What do you consider your most important tender or project? Leave a comment below.





L2B Blog: How to make the most of our Tender Leads

Did you Know #DYK – How to search for trending civil tenders?


About Claire Donaldson

I started working at Leads 2 Business in February 2005, and have served as Head of Department of Daily Tenders from 2007 until the present. I oversee both the Daily Tenders South Africa and Africa Departments.

L2B Blog: How do Projects differ from Tenders on our website?

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What is the difference between a project and a tender?? This is the question Clients and Potential Clients often ask.

It can potentially get a little confusing, but in short, a project is a development that is tracked from conception to completion e.g. The development of a hotel. A tender is a specific tender for a specific requirement e.g. a tender might go out for the supply of bricks.
There might be several tenders that go out within a specific project.


Generally speaking, 95 – 99% of tenders are for government or parastatals as they are required by law to put their requirements out to tender. Private developers aren’t legally required to tender, so most of the time they will invite or negotiate with suppliers to price.

Leads 2 Business researches from various sources for building and construction-related Tenders throughout Southern Africa. We have a dedicated team who collate tenders published on websites, newspapers, online portals and government gazettes.

We publish these on a daily basis in a user-friendly template on the website. These tenders are categorised according to their location, CIDB Grading and industry. This allows our subscribers to access all live and awarded tender information,

which is easy to search and refine, to give YOU the information that is relevant to YOUR business. We also send an e-mail containing a summary of the leads that match your online profile at the end of each business day.


A tender document is sent out, for example, a tender may go out for bricks for a particular project.


This begins the process whereby interested and qualified suppliers are able to provide pricing for the tendered materials, and the contractor who tendered for those materials can review pricing and service offerings and award the tender to a suitable supplier.



When we refer to a project, we look at it holistically from start to finish. This is where we track the developments through all the different stages and provide our clients with the contact details of the right person at the right stage of the project. We define the project stages as follows:


The conceptual stage is the beginning phase of the project development. The following can occur at this stage of the development:

  • Appointment of a Client / Developer
  • Feasibility Process
  • Securing Funding
  • Request for Proposal

Procedural stage of project development involves obtaining various approvals and authorisations:

  • Basic Design
  • Geotechnical Study
  • Licensing
  • EIA Process
  • Property Rezoning
  • Professionals

The design stage of a project involves detailed design, this is where the majority of the Project Professionals such as Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Engineers get appointed.

Where the following can occur:

  • Detailed Design
  • Expression of Interest
  • Negotiation
At this stage, the main contractors will submit pricing for the project as a whole.
Bidding Contractors’ details are listed under Bidders.

The following can occur:

  • Tender
  • Appointment of an Anchor Tenant
  • Invited to Tender list
Awarded & Underway
The main contractor and subcontractors have been awarded reflecting the Main Building and Civil Contractor details under Awards.
In the completed phase of project development, it means practical completion is nearing the end, or it is already structurally complete.
A development may be cancelled for a number of reasons. Sometimes the developer runs out of funds, perhaps the environmental studies picked up on a species of frog that cannot be relocated and the project is cancelled until a new site can be acquired…. Whatever the reason, the cancellation of a project is always an inconvenience, and we alert our subscribers as soon as possible so that any parties that were interested or bidding on the project can plan and react accordingly.
Project developments can be postponed or put on hold for various reasons. If you are monitoring a project where this occurs, you will receive an update email when the status changes.
I hope you now have a better understanding of the difference between projects and tenders! Happy searching on our site, and may all stages of “Project 2018”, from conception to completion, be prosperous for you 😉

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L2B Blog: Exploring New Ideas in the Role of the Project Manager

Exploring New Ideas in the Role of the Project Manager

If you are involved in the construction industry you have most likely come into contact with a Project Manager (hereafter referred to as a PM) or heard of one mentioned in the process of developments and particularly larger developments.

Certainly in Leads 2 Business’ Projects Department PM’s are one of the most common professionals we deal with. The reason for this, is their role within construction projects.

So, what does a PM actually do? It would seem rather obvious right, they manage the project? But nothing is ever as simple as it seems. PM’s actually do a whole host of duties.

Some of which include: planning, organising, controlling, communicating, executing, reports, programs, advice, analysis, resource control, health and safety, budgets, administration and handover.

All of these duties are done ensure that the project runs successfully thus lowering the risks while meeting all of the objectives timeously to ensure completion which effects the profitability of the project.

So, when do new ideas come into the picture? What new ideas would PM’s have to explore in todays construction industry?

To be honest, I was at a loss when pondering this question, after all I’m not a PM and it’s not a role one easily assumes to answer. So I emailed a few PM’s to get some feedback on ideas that they might want to put out there… but still no luck, probably snowed under with work given our economic environment. I scoured the Internet and there didn’t seem to be any publications or news out there for new ideas when it comes to PM’s until I happened on some LinkedIn Posts. Phew!

This may not be a new idea but how about technology, either using existing tech and / or molding it to PM’s requirements, partnering with IT and creating PM specific tech or even sharing your tech tricks with other PM’s? For example: Ahmed H. Emam, PMP writes “Detect and Fix Dangling Activities in Time Schedule using Excel Macro.” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/detect-fix-dangling-activities-time-schedule-using-excel-pmp

Using tech could make PM’s jobs easier but some seem to think that PM’s might be replaced in the future by Tech/Bots. As Oliver Yarbrough, M.S., PMP illustrates in “Can a Robot Do Your Job? Here’s “How Project Managers Can Survive a Takeover.” https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/can-robot-do-your-job-heres-how-project-managers-oliver

There are some things that tech, no matter how advanced it gets, cannot replace. Oliver suggests to focus on the following skills in order to stand out: “Leadership, Diplomacy, Negotiating, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, Communication (verbal and nonverbal)” and instead of fighting tech, work with it to enhance your service delivery.

Another thought also came to mind: what is one of the key aspects that I think of when I think of a PM? It would have to be communication. So, what new idea would make communication more effective? What about a platform where all the schedules, notes, admin, planning and analysis can be seen by all the professionals involved in a specific project? Where each person can make notes or get alerts thus avoiding confusion, emails back and forth, potential loss of material, and saving time, something like Google Sheets for PM’s? Does this already exist? It’s possible… calling all PM’s out there, let us know! Perhaps I need to patent this idea.

After all, we all know that communication is key whether you are a PM or not. Another useful tool to facilitate communication and interaction between professionals and all other contacts which fall within the scope of projects is to use L2B (Leads 2 Business). If you are looking to get involved in the different aspects of construction, information is our business. We encourage communication, new ideas and growth in order to build and establish business.

If any of the above sparks your interest leave a Comment below or or Contact me on SashaA@L2B.co.za







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I enjoy making new professional acquaintances and corresponding with existing clients. Reach out if you want to talk, L2B, social media, construction, technology, shoes, dachshunds, popular culture or travel.

Featured Project : Ballito Junction

Ballito Junction

Ballito Junction

Description : Expansion of the Ballito Junction shopping centre from 9 313m² to 80 000m², and totaling 130 stores. Once completed, it will be known as Ballito Junction, and will function as the dominant super-regional mall in its area. The mall will comprise four split levels of retail and five parking levels. Development rights that exist on the site allow for the centre to be further expanded to 90 000m². The site is located along Leonora Drive in Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal. Approximate GPS Coordinates, as per Google: -29.526867, 31.203649. Total estimated project value: R 1.6 billion.

Status : Underway

Industry: Building

Region : Ballito

Sector : Private

Value : R 100 million+

Timing : Centre is planned to open in March 2017.

Notes: Construction is still on schedule for completion in March 2017.

If you are a valued Projects subscriber, you can find more details click here Ballito Junction – Building – PPA: 14140.

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Featured Project : Eco Medical Village, Accra, Ghana

Eco Medical Village, Accra, Ghana

Description : Construction of a hospital for a proposed medical village project development is located in Accra, on a 30 acre site acquired adjacent to Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration in Ghana. The construction of a medical village in Ghana that will consist of: a 380 ward hospital, 120 ward women and children hospital, underground parking space for 1,000 vehicles, 120 ward housing for the elderly, 17 storeys doctors’ offices, a medical shopping mall; all things health; 40 x unit studio apartments for medical trainees; a medical research center in collaboration with world renowned hospitals; a 4 star medical hotel, a 2 star medical hotel, air ambulance and paramedic services and a housing facility for medical staff.

Status : Awarded

Industry: Building

Region : Ghana

Sector : Private

Value : R 100 million+

Timing : 2016 onwards.

Notes: The Developers have completed yet another visit at the Vatican. They are working hard to build the best foundation for Eco Medical Village. Sod-cutting ceremony has not taken place yet.

If you are a valued Projects subscriber, you can find more details click here Eco Medical Village, Accra, Ghana – Hospital- PPA: 17437.

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Featured Project : Discovery Health Head Office

Discovery Health Head Office


Description : Construction of the new Discovery Health Head Office, in Sandton, Gauteng. The site will be situated on the corner of Rivonia Road and Sandton Drive. The old Sandton Garden Court Hotel was situated at this site, and has been demolished to make way for the new Discovery hub. The building will consist of two wings with eight floors of offices plus a ground floor and a feature roof level. It will also offer nine basements with over 5,100 parking bays. The property is owned by Growthpoint (55%) and Zenprop (45%). It will be developed in a phased approach, and will incorporate a GBCSA (Green Building Council South Africa) green building accredited rating of at least four stars. It is also set to become a landmark on the Sandton skyline. This iconic building will be the largest single office development to take place in Africa. The building will house 5000 Discovery employees. Value of the entire project is estimated to R1.8 Billion. Size 50 000m²

Status : Underway

Industry: Building

Region : Sandton

Sector : Private

Value : R 100 million+

Timing : January 2014 – October 2017. Occupation January 2018 (33 months).

Notes: Construction is ongoing, the facade is nearing completion and the contractor is currently busy with the internal work. Completion is still on track for October 2017.

If you are a valued Projects subscriber, you can find more details click here Discovery Health Head Office – Building – PPA: 13215.

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I enjoy making new professional acquaintances and corresponding with existing clients. Reach out if you want to talk, L2B, social media, construction, technology, shoes, dachshunds, popular culture or travel.

Did You Know #DYK – A Walk Through Your Advisory Setting

A Walk Through Your Advisory Setting

Welcome to the 1st edition of a new supplement we are adding to our weekly Blog called “Did You Know”.

We will use this insert to either teach you something new or refresh your memory on something old, but still interesting to know ;).

Today I’m going to give you the ins and outs and lowdowns of your Daily Advisories….. and right now I’m hoping you are not squinting your eyes and asking “What is a Daily Advisory?” lol! but just in case you are….. Lets start from the beginning 😉

Simply put, your Daily advisory is all the leads we send you on a daily bases, according to the filters YOU selected.

So, Did You Know – you can adjust your Daily Advisory whenever you like? well, you can and this is how!


Once logged in – Hover your cursor over your Name, this will bring up a drop down menu as illustrated in the below diagram.

Select Advisory Setting and let us begin:)



There are 7 Consecutive Steps you need to follow.

Step 1 – Email Set Up: 

This is the email you have indicated to us as the one you want to receive all Advisories on.  The Tick indicates that this email address has been verified, If you did not receive a verification email or if it got lost – you may click on the Action tab and resend the verification email to yourself.

Below that is a list of the advisories you are paying for – you may De-select any of these if you like (This will not alter your current monthly rate)

So why would you want to deselect an advisory? well for instance, if you are subscribed to Private Projects, we give you Daily Tenders for free, however you may decide you are not interested in receiving Government Tenders…. then you would just simply remove the tick next to Industry Advisory 🙂


Step 2 – Categories: 

This is where you decide exactly what leads you are wanting to receive.

First lets go though the Tender Categories – you may select as many or as few of these as you like.

*Please be advised that if you opted out of receiving an Industry Advisory in the previous step, you should not have anything selected here.


Project Categories: Often large developments have both a building and infrastructure element and because both of these elements may not interest you, we have given you the power to choose whether you would like to receive updates on both or just one.

Project Status: These are the various stages in which a Project moves through from Conceptual right up until Completion.

Once again, we don’t see why you should receive information that is irrelevant to what you do, so here you get to decide what stages of the Project you would like to receive.

* Please be advised that the last two options will not be available to you, unless you are a Private Projects Subscriber.

OK so lets move on.

Step 3 – Values:

If you have a CIDB Grading you can be quite specific here, however if you are, for example, a Consultant and don’t require a CIDB, you should still select all, as there will be instances where a tender is Turnkey and there may be a CIDB requirement for the contractor all on the same tender.


Just for interest sake I have listed below the industries that may apply for a CIDB grading 🙂


The Project Values refer to the size of the Development, here you may decide which size Projects would be of interest to you .


Step 4 – Industries


Now this is two fold, firstly if you have Tender Categories selected, here you get to be specific about the industries you service.


For instance: If your company was in the security sector and really only supplied and installed security solutions to the Hospitality & Leisure as well as the retail sector, then this is what your advisory would look like:


* Please note that without an industry selected, your selected Category will be deemed null and void.


OK so that covers the use of industries for your Government Tenders, now to explain them in Projects.

Now remember, you would have already selected whether you are interested in the Building or Infrastructure Projects in Step 2 – Categories

So now lets say you selected only Building, you can now use the industries selections to tell us in what industry you would like to receive Building Projects ….. are you still with me?

You would not select anything pertaining to Infrastructure, for example Roads or Water.



Step 5 – Regions:

Regions are subscription dependent, meaning the following:

Daily Tender SA – You may Select as many regions under the South Africa selection.

Daily Tender Africa – You may select any of the Non South African Regions.

Daily Tender SA +Africa – You may select from all the regions available.

Private Projects – You may select from all the regions.


Step 6 – Keywords

This is your fail safe step, this ensures you miss nothing!




First search for your keyword, then Select the keyword and by using the action tab, click on the add Keyword drop down.

And just like that you have added your first keyword.

You can select multiple words and add them to save time:) – You may select up to 80 Keywords.


And here we are at our final step…

Step 7 – Custom

These options are self explanatory, however I do want to clarify the following:

  1. By ticking this option, we will still send you an advisory even if there is a day whereby your filters don’t match anything we have updated or published for that day. If this option is ticked and you DON’T receive an advisory on a particular day – give us a call so we may see what the issue was.

5,6,7. You may select one of these in order to receive a breakdown of all your monitored Projects

8.  Automatic Monitoring saves you from having to go through Projects and having to monitor them yourself. By selecting this option, the system will automatically monitor all Projects published that match your filters.


Once you have gone through step 1 to 7 and are happy with your selections please make sure you click on the SAVE tab at the bottom of the page 🙂

And that is our walk through your Advisory Setting :).

Of course if you are still unable to do this yourself, you are always welcome to contact your Account Executive or call Head Office for assistance:).


I hope you found this helpful, if so, please look out for our next edition of DYK 🙂

If you are interested in becoming one of our subscribers, please visit our website.

To view notes with screenshots on how to use our website, please visit our Wiki site.

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