Why do Emails go to Spam?

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If your perfectly created emails aren’t being delivered to your recipients’ inboxes, and instead go to their spam folder, it’s nothing less than frustrating. But why do legitimate emails go to spam?

Why do my emails go to spam?
It’s more likely to be a problem with the content of your actual email message rather than the mail service provider, let’s take a look at why your emails might be going to spam folders, and what you should do to prevent it.

Spam filters are upping their game
The main reason more emails go to spam folders these days is simply that spam filters are far more sophisticated. Google’s spam filters use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to curb annoying spam emails, by judging behaviour and rating accordingly. Google says that it’s been able to block 99.9 per cent of spam from reaching inboxes, while incorrectly classifying legitimate e-mail as spam only 0.05 per cent of the time.

Is your email wanted?
Internet Service Providers carefully monitor the behaviour of all emails and will direct email to junk if they don’t think the message is part of a conducive organic engagement. A company Mail server will anticipate the engagement and if it’s wanted, from previous behaviour. So if a subscriber has given you permission to email them and wants to engage with your message or newsletter, should they potentially forward it to a colleague then, your email reputation will increase.

Unsubscribe link?
You do not want your recipients to class or mark your message as spam because they don’t see a clear unsubscribe link or button. Your recipients need to see an easy opt-out option, with an easy-to-spot unsubscribe link. This is now a requirement of the POPI Act.

Email Design?
A well-designed email is put together with your recipients’ ease of use in mind:

Will the recipient recognise you by your use of colour, font and messaging? Is your brand clearly displayed?
Are your emails designed to be both mobile and desktop-friendly?
Is it free of spam trigger words like “FREE!!!” and “no risk”?
Is the body of the email easy to read and to the point?
Do you have a balance of images and text? A message containing images only is not good practice.

There’s no way to guarantee that all your messages will get delivered to the inboxes you intended them to get to. Every mail filter is different and you may still get flagged as spam by another filter. Always follow best practices when it comes to email, particularly if you are sending marketing messages, you at least stand a better chance of your messages getting delivered.

My Top 3 Tips:
Always send your email from a dedicated IP address.
Authenticate your emails using a strong password and SSL.
Make content clear and human with a visible unsubscribe link.

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You’ve likely asked one of the below FAQs included in today’s post related to your browser, how to clear cache, set default apps, and various ways to contact us.

For more assistance check out our How-To features and Wiki Help which has tutorials on all L2B functionality.

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Leads 2 Business is Mobile Friendly

Did you know Leads 2 Business has a Mobile Optimized Website?

What this means is that www.L2B.co.za has a dynamic mobile-friendly layout, accessing it from your Home screen can even become an app-like experience.

Whatever mobile device you’re using, you can pin a shortcut of L2B to your home screen for quick and easy access. The icon will appear on your home screen like any other app shortcut or widget, so you can drag it around and put it wherever you like. Creating a bookmark on your Homescreen lets you use it as a one-tap portal to access L2B content.

So what does this mean for you? It means you can access our site on all your devices.

Follow the steps below if you want to take advantage of L2B’s Mobile-Friendly website on your device.

For screenshots view our Wiki.

1. Open your Mobile Browser. This may be Chrome, Firefox or a built-in Browser.
2. Go to the website you want to save. You can either search for the website or enter its URL directly into the search bar.

3. Tap the three-dot menu . It’s at the top-right corner of Chrome.
4. Tap Add to Home screen. It’s toward the bottom of the menu. A pop-up window will appear.
Edit the shortcut title (if needed). This is the text that will appear under your shortcut’s icon on the home screen.
5. Tap Add. The shortcut is now on your home screen.
6. One-tap. And you can access L2B instantly, anytime.

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5 Reasons to Subscribe to L2B Today

View 5 Reasons to Subscribe to Leads 2 Business on our Blog.

For more information check out our Pricing Page and check out our Infographic next week on How to make the most of our Tenders.

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Millennial Mom + wife living the hash-tag life. Remember: If You Fail - Fail Forward

Advertising for your Brand with Leads 2 Business

Let me quickly start by telling you how far back advertising comes from.

Advertising has been around since the 16th century and will continue to evolve in different ways. It became a major force in capitalist economies in the mid-19th century, based primarily on newspapers and magazines. In the 20th century, advertising grew rapidly with new technologies such as direct mail, radio, television, the internet, and mobile devices. So why would you not advertise, if companies have done so for so long?

No matter how big or small, successful, or seasoned, your business may be, there is no excuse why a business should not advertise on a consistent basis, it is an incredibly effective and powerful way to spread informative awareness increasing the loyalty of existing customers, replacing lost customers and encouraging existing customers of your brands, products, or services. This will always be an important element of business success and by staying on top of the trends, utilizing your knowledge, and being consistent, your business should always see results from your efforts.  Indirectly, advertising helps you grow word-of-mouth referrals.

As you all know, we are internet-based, and provide Tender and Project information in the Construction, Mining, and Industrial industry. Advertise in your industry, especially now, to give your customers peace of mind that you are still around.

Advertising for your Brand with Leads 2 Business

Let the Advertising do the work for you!
Create brand awareness within a specified market and get on with the business of marketing business!

Drive targeted Construction leads to your Website.
Be Seen, Be heard!
Let your Adverts Speak for you
Achieve effective results on our advertising platform.

The Solution

Drive home a powerful marketing message to a focussed audience. Create and maintain, awareness of products and services in your business portfolio, with peace of mind that you are reaching out a directed avenue within the construction sector.
Repetitive branding works and we’re flexible. Use our advertising banner for new product launches, industry specials or to introduce your service offerings.
You will not get a better-targeted market!
We will design a customised animated banner, with quarterly updates to keep them fresh and interesting.
With a click-through link to your website, we will ensure you capture the attention of your audience, getting more business leads, because that’s what we do at Leads 2 Business!


We take a proactive approach to support, if we receive notification of an email problem from your ISP, we will contact you to sort it out.
We offer Online support via live help. If there is a feature you need assistance with or a query you need to raise, we are only a click or a call away.

The Benefits

1. Reporting for your ROI Reporting function establishes banner response, allowing you to shape your campaign thereby reducing your ad spend and accelerating your ROI
2. Targeted Exposure Working for your Brand With your banner on our site, your company receives additional, targeted exposure from the South African Marketplace that reinforces your brand.
3. Repetitive Reinforcement Customised content creates daily interaction between emails and your brand.
4. Niche Exposure Your brand will be displayed to construction industry professionals and decision-makers.
5. Industry Specific Every recipient of our daily emails is involved in the construction industry and has specifically requested to receive that industry information.


Measurable return in investment.
Focus on your sales and let your banner advert do the marketing for you.
Repetitive branding to the industry will get highly qualified sales leads.
Using banner adverts promotes increased business returns.
Advantageously expose your website or company name right where you want it on our website.
Highly qualified sales leads for your team.



Do not hesitate, contact us now, to help you get your brand noticed in your Industry.

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My journey started in 2015 with Leads 2 Business, as an Account Executive, and gradually grown to take the role of being the Client Liaison Officer (CLO) since 2018. Assisting in the delivery of our services and insuring our clients expectations and requirements are exceeded.

Tips for Subcontractors using L2B

A question that is constantly on the minds of any construction professional looking to grow his or her company bottom line. While there are many possible answers, only a few true solutions.
So the challenge becomes, how do you stand out among the noise and improve the likelihood that your company will be chosen by the contractor to invest their time, energy, and money in your business.

Firstly Tips for Subcontractors

1.    Be upfront with the contractor, ensuring your contract is clear and detailed. Disputes often arise between the main contractor and subcontractor not only about how the project should be executed but also disagreements down the road about what was previously “agreed” on in the original contract. The most effective way to settle disputes before they occur is through contracts. Creating a detailed contract allows no room for debate or miscommunication about expectations, which saves time, improves efficiency, and avoids ambiguity.
2.    Understand your rights and also what you are liable for. The subcontractor is liable for the scope of their work and the safety of their employees. It is vital that subcontractors obtain the proper insurance as well as understand what they are responsible for lawfully.
3.    Do not take on too much. Subcontractors may be tempted to take on too much at times and If the subcontractor finds himself/herself being overwhelmed, this now can lead to underperformance, despite this temptation it is important to be strategic and methodical when choosing which projects to accept. This selectivity will lead to being beneficial, which in turn will lead to higher productivity and quality that will lead to acknowledgement and admiration by the main contractor.
4.    Go the extra mile. The best way to grow the subcontractor’s clientele is to improve customer relations.  Every industry faces a greater profit margin from a client, they already know rather than a new client. Staying connected is very important. When working on a project for a general contractor, go beyond the extra mile this shows the general contractor that you care about the project and that you are a good choice for future projects they might have.  Each job that a subcontractor performs should act as an interview for future business.
5. Your brand and business promotion. The subcontractor must also invest in marketing and promotion. Marketing and promotion can include thank you emails. This ensures the main contractor has your details offhand. If in the event your company details change, make sure that you are still in the loop, update these details with the main contractor so you stay informed and most of all not miss out on any opportunities.  Keeping in touch and in contact is very important.

It is vitally important that you create a brand that speaks out, by the dedication and quality of your work, referrals are also very important. The voice of the contractors speaking your praises will most definitely amplify your brand more positively.

Do not make things difficult than need be, all you need to be is organized, methodical, and knowledgeable in all business practices and use these tips and tricks to outsmart the difficulties that subcontractors often face

Secondly using Leads2Business

Using the Leads 2 Business platform ensures that you are connected with the right people at the right time. Our Directory service allows you to have the freedom to communicate with professionals throughout South Africa and Africa. Network with thousands of registered members on our Construction Directory.

Our Open Quotes option gives you valuable opportunities to engage with active buyers. Respond to RFQ’s online and improve your ranking. Access to bills matching your trades and serviceable regions. Download Bill Of Quantities and related documents. Manage your own directory profile. Be in the loop with Award notifications.

Here at Leads 2 Business, we offer more than just service but we aim to offer dynamic leads.

Source: ESub

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My start here at Leads 2 Business in April 2019 marks a journey so far vibrant and exciting. I function as a content researcher within a dynamic team in the Projects Department, on the other side I am a mother of two beautiful children who bring out the best part of me.

Tips for Projects Subscribers

Leads 2 Business sources up to date information on Projects throughout South Africa and Africa and we would like to you benefit from these leads and build your business and business relationships to stand you in good stead for future endeavors.

  1. Monitoring the Project

With a click of a button, you are assured of being informed when there are changes and updates to a Project Lead that you are interested in. When the researcher sources new information the Project Lead is updated and all the subscribers that are monitoring will be notified that there is an update and with one more click on your advisory you are able to open the specific Project that you are interested in and find out what new information we have for you. Monitor the Project Lead, you don’t want to miss an update!

  1. Monitors

Assign Project Leads to your Sales Staff and manage new business using L2B tools, share the workload and Projects you receive with the five (5) FREE monitors your subscription allows. Your monitors have their own log-in details and are able to access all the details of the Project Leads they are assigned, they will also be notified of any updates.

  1. Use Information to build relationships

The researchers endeavor to source the professional team for each Project Lead uploaded and these details remain on the Lead and if you were not able to successfully be part of that specific Project’s team, remember there could be opportunities down the road, start building a relationship with the professionals so when they start their next Project, you could already have a “foot in the door”

  1. Status of the Project and who to contact

The status of the project is important, for example: if you would like your product specified in the bill of quantities, an underway project is too late to spam the architect with your profile for that project, here is your opportunity to start building those relationships I spoke about in point 3 for any possible future projects they could be involved in. Conceptual and Procedural projects are very early in the life span of the project and if approvals are not granted, the project will most likely not go ahead. The environmental consultant and town planner are responsible for obtaining approvals therefore their contact details are not made available, they cannot assist with any procurement or construction details of the Project Lead. Recently awarded projects are where you would contact the awarded company regarding the products they will now need to get to fulfill the contract. Know who you need to contact and the best time to do so.

  1. Researcher Link

Is there a professional that you need to contact and they are not listed? You have heard via the grapevine that the contract could be awarded? Use the link to contact the Researcher responsible for that project lead and request the information. They will respond and advise the update by return email.

  1. Note Facility unique to that Project Lead

There is nothing worse than scratching around for a piece of paper that you wrote information on that you now need and it is missing……use the note facility on the Project Lead. These are your own personal notes regarding the Project Lead you are working on and a reminder of what you have done, who you have spoken to, and what your plan of action could be the next time you follow up on the Project lead. These notes are your own personal notes and cannot be seen by any other subscribers. You work from home or on-site?…..your notes are there with you, relevant to that Project Lead.

  1. The site is live and up to date

The moment you download a Project Lead with the intention of using a hard copy you could be missing out on valuable updated information that we have just added that will not be on your hard copy, go paperless, (much better for the environment), use the site, it is up to date with the latest information we have.

  1. Searching on the site

Less is more!!! The more criteria you input, the more you are narrowing your search, each option you select must be linked to the Lead or your results will be zero and you could be missing out on an opportunity. Use just one keyword to find what you are looking for, if there are too many results, add another option to reduce the results. Even better, if you have a reference number, just the reference number is required to find the Project Lead you are looking for, no other criteria required, the Project reference number is a unique number assigned to that Lead.

  1. Updates you might have missed

Regularly do a search for projects you might have missed that have been recently updated. Using minimal search criteria, for example, only select projects, the industry you interested in, and the region (status as well if there is only a specific status you want to deal with) and click on the search button, the search will be populated with the Projects that have recently been updated with the most recent at the top….try it, you might find something you missed, then monitor it so you don’t miss anything else.

The Researchers are a dedicated Team eager to source new Projects, update the existing Projects on the site, and to assist you with any information that you need.

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About Debbie Wessels

I started at Leads 2 Business in April 2008 in the tenders Department and transferred to the Projects Department during the same year. I was appointed Head of Department for Projects from February 2011 to March 2022. April 2022 I started a new adventure as Content Regulator.

Tips for using the L2B Directory

Our Directory boasts 65000 companies and almost 180000 contacts

You can access the directory by clicking on the below on the dashboard and then clicking on the magnifying glass.

Use the drop-down filters under Directory and make the relevant selection should you need to search for a specific company or contact,

You can search with a company or contact name in the search bar,

Ever hear less is more? Well, that’s exactly what will yield you the most positive results on our Directory.

Make use of the filters provided to yield more specific results.

Use the less is more concept, select a trade and region at a time for more accurate results rather than multiple trades or region selections to perform a search.

You can expand the view to be able to see the whole company on the results page without clicking on the Company, Division, Branch or contact by clicking on the following:

This also shows how many contacts are listed in that whole company.

Happy Searching

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About Sharika Raman

I have worked for Leads 2 Business from January 2015. I started in the Leads 2 Quotes Department for Directory, in January 2020 I was promoted to the Deputy Head of Department for Leads 2 Quotes and in July 2021 I was promoted to the Accounts Department as a Debtors Administrator. I enjoy time with my family creating memories, I like to socialize but also enjoy time to myself so I try to keep a balance by indulging in some quiet time when I can. I see myself as a realist, amazing wife and awesome mom…I am sure my family would agree.

Tips for Buyers using L2B

To receive the best and relevant prices for your tender, take into consideration the following:

When Creating the L2Q Bill Request:

  • Ensure that the Vendors / Subcontractors are given enough time to price the RFQ, too short a lead time and they will be unable to submit a price.
  • Provide a start date, as this will determine whether their schedule will allow them to price.
  • Provide an accurate location (physical address or GPS co-ordinates) where the work will take place.
  • Provide as much information as possible, i.e., drawings or scope of works, etc.

When Sending out the RFQ’s:

  • Read the description of the company before selecting, as some companies might only do a specific part of a trade and it might not be the work that needs to be priced.
  • Select the companies that service the applicable region and send them to a select list.
  • Only send to one contact in the same company, as selecting multiple contacts in the same company may cause confusion.

After RFQ’s have been sent:

  • Respond to queries that may be sent to you from the Vendors / Subcontractors.

By following the steps above, you should receive a spread of prices to assist in compiling your tender, and as always, the L2Q Department is available for assistance and will assist in following up on prices still required.

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About Cecile Van Deventer

I joined the L2Q Team in 2006, as a L2Q Support Assistant and have been the HOD since 2010. I supervise L2Q Bills, Daily Tender Bills, Control Lists and Directory.

L2B Blog: What are Projects all about?

What are Projects all about?

The question I get asked the most being a Projects researcher is… ‘What are Projects all about?‘.

It is early days in 2018 and my understanding levels are still rebooting after the holidays. I thought I would try and provide an explanation that may be a little tongue in cheek and also help people remember easily what Projects are all about. So, in my analogy, I decided to do a comparison between Projects and Fishing (in my head this means only fly fishing, but you can use most fishing for this analogy).


Projects vs Fishing

What happens in a Project? Well, we follow the full life cycle of the Project (think of it like your life, from birth until your eventual end). Now a Project can be broken into a few defining stages, which is how we put our information into groups to make it easier to follow, understand and find your best area of benefit from a business perspective. So without further adieu, here are the various stages broken down for your ease of reference.



Projects Planning



This consists of the appointing of the Client or Developer, Feasibility study, acquiring of funding and Request for Proposals (RFP).


Your mind starts hatching a plan for getting away and going fishing. You are looking at your bank balance and wondering if this is a feasible decision.

(Click here for examples of this Project stage)




Here the basic design is conceived along with the geotechnical study, EIA process, Town Planning and appointment of Professionals who will carry out these and other duties.


You begin to look at the calendar and note when the public holidays are, what the weather is expected to be at the time (we all know how that effects fishing), the distance needed to travel and the people that will be involved in this trip.

(Click here for examples of this Project stage)




The detailed design is completed and the Bill of Quantities prepared.


You search fishing forums and websites, as well as Trip Advisor, Lodges and Google reviews for the best places to visit that, will supply your (fly) fishing needs.

(Click here for examples of this Project stage)


Projects Construction Design



The Project is sent to an Invited list of Bidders to Tender or goes out to Open Tender and once the Bids are received, negotiations with Contractors proceed.


You make a decision on where you are going to fish and stay; book and pay. You alight in your chariot with all the correct tackle and head to your destination.

(Click here for examples of this Project stage)




The Main Contractor is Awarded and applies for permits to begin on site.


The weather is perfect, the fishing permit is in hand and as your line sinks into the watery depths, you feel a definite tug as you hook what feels like a bus of a fish.

(Click here for examples of this Project stage)


Projects Awarded



The process goes ahead with Site Handover, Site Establishment and the commencement of the actual construction work.


Your experience and skills come into play in fighting your fish, cleverly steering it away from weeds and avoiding logs and rocks.

(Click here for examples of this Project stage)




The project is either classified as Complete, Cancelled or is Postponed.


You successfully land the fish, or you lose the fish. The line wraps around either a tree, gets stuck in the weed or the hook breaks and the fish lives to fight another day.

(Examples can be found on the following links: Complete, Cancelled, Postponed Project stages)


Projects vs Fly fishing



And there you have it! Projects explained in a fresh and easy way. Parcels of information that help your business get a foot in the door at the right time. If you want to find out which stages are the best for what you do, take a look at ‘At which point in the Project Life Cycle can your Business find Value‘.

If you want to take a look at the other services we provide, you can take a look at ‘Snoop our Services‘.

How many fish are you planning to catch this year? Which of those fish will keep your Business in the black? Maybe taking a look at our Project service will help your Business and get you out fishing more often. If you are interested, pop me a comment on the Blog with your mail address or mail me at CarmenB@L2B.co.za and I will be sure to be in contact with you.


Until then, have a fantastic day.


Picture sources

1 https://pixabay.com/get/eb3cb20c28f5053ed95c4518b7494090eb70e4d704b0144093f0c97ba1ebb4_960.jpg

2 https://pixabay.com/get/eb33b90d2ef0003ed95c4518b7494090eb70e4d704b0144093f0c97ba0e5b7_960.jpg

3 https://pixabay.com/get/ea35b2082ff3093ed95c4518b7494090eb70e4d704b0144093f0c97bafe9b6_960.jpg

4 https://pixabay.com/get/e834b5062df4033ed95c4518b7494090eb70e4d704b0144093f0c97bafe5b3_960.jpg



About Carmen Barends

Social Media adventurer exploring new frontiers and learning how to survive. Tongue in cheek and mischief are the order of any good day topped with a sprinkling of laughter.

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