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Tips for Projects Subscribers

Leads 2 Business sources up to date information on Projects throughout South Africa and Africa and we would like to you benefit from these leads and build your business and business relationships to stand you in good stead for future endeavors.

  1. Monitoring the Project

With a click of a button, you are assured of being informed when there are changes and updates to a Project Lead that you are interested in. When the researcher sources new information the Project Lead is updated and all the subscribers that are monitoring will be notified that there is an update and with one more click on your advisory you are able to open the specific Project that you are interested in and find out what new information we have for you. Monitor the Project Lead, you don’t want to miss an update!

  1. Monitors

Assign Project Leads to your Sales Staff and manage new business using L2B tools, share the workload and Projects you receive with the five (5) FREE monitors your subscription allows. Your monitors have their own log-in details and are able to access all the details of the Project Leads they are assigned, they will also be notified of any updates.

  1. Use Information to build relationships

The researchers endeavor to source the professional team for each Project Lead uploaded and these details remain on the Lead and if you were not able to successfully be part of that specific Project’s team, remember there could be opportunities down the road, start building a relationship with the professionals so when they start their next Project, you could already have a “foot in the door”

  1. Status of the Project and who to contact

The status of the project is important, for example: if you would like your product specified in the bill of quantities, an underway project is too late to spam the architect with your profile for that project, here is your opportunity to start building those relationships I spoke about in point 3 for any possible future projects they could be involved in. Conceptual and Procedural projects are very early in the life span of the project and if approvals are not granted, the project will most likely not go ahead. The environmental consultant and town planner are responsible for obtaining approvals therefore their contact details are not made available, they cannot assist with any procurement or construction details of the Project Lead. Recently awarded projects are where you would contact the awarded company regarding the products they will now need to get to fulfill the contract. Know who you need to contact and the best time to do so.

  1. Researcher Link

Is there a professional that you need to contact and they are not listed? You have heard via the grapevine that the contract could be awarded? Use the link to contact the Researcher responsible for that project lead and request the information. They will respond and advise the update by return email.

  1. Note Facility unique to that Project Lead

There is nothing worse than scratching around for a piece of paper that you wrote information on that you now need and it is missing……use the note facility on the Project Lead. These are your own personal notes regarding the Project Lead you are working on and a reminder of what you have done, who you have spoken to, and what your plan of action could be the next time you follow up on the Project lead. These notes are your own personal notes and cannot be seen by any other subscribers. You work from home or on-site?…..your notes are there with you, relevant to that Project Lead.

  1. The site is live and up to date

The moment you download a Project Lead with the intention of using a hard copy you could be missing out on valuable updated information that we have just added that will not be on your hard copy, go paperless, (much better for the environment), use the site, it is up to date with the latest information we have.

  1. Searching on the site

Less is more!!! The more criteria you input, the more you are narrowing your search, each option you select must be linked to the Lead or your results will be zero and you could be missing out on an opportunity. Use just one keyword to find what you are looking for, if there are too many results, add another option to reduce the results. Even better, if you have a reference number, just the reference number is required to find the Project Lead you are looking for, no other criteria required, the Project reference number is a unique number assigned to that Lead.

  1. Updates you might have missed

Regularly do a search for projects you might have missed that have been recently updated. Using minimal search criteria, for example, only select projects, the industry you interested in, and the region (status as well if there is only a specific status you want to deal with) and click on the search button, the search will be populated with the Projects that have recently been updated with the most recent at the top….try it, you might find something you missed, then monitor it so you don’t miss anything else.

The Researchers are a dedicated Team eager to source new Projects, update the existing Projects on the site, and to assist you with any information that you need.

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I started at Leads 2 Business in April 2008 in the tenders Department and transferred to the Projects Department during the same year. I was appointed Head of Department for Projects from February 2011 to March 2022. April 2022 I started a new adventure as Content Regulator.

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