Building Professional Relationships

Building long-lasting business relationships require significant resources, time, dedication and communication.

From a subcontractor’s point of view: How do you locate possible clients? How do you build relationships and ensure your company is included in future works?

1) Identify

Identify your target market or the kind of professional / contractor you want to interact with. As a subcontractor, this would most likely be building contractors.

2) Platform

Source a reputable platform such as Leads 2 Business, where you can obtain details of such companies. We have a vast construction Directory with details of Professionals, consultants, contractors, suppliers and vendors.

3) Learn.

Learn about the client, contractor or professional company and how you can integrate your service offering with their business. Research them, show that you have done your homework and have an interest in their companies and values. Acknowledge a shared interest or common goal.

4) Communication.

Decide on your method of communication. Emails are by far the best and most professional way of introducing your company and service offering to prospective clients. Once a long-term relationship is formed, you can then both decide what other form of communication would be acceptable such as calls, SMS, Whatsapp etc.

I would not recommend sending your company profile to a client via Whatsapp on day 1. They do not know who you are, where you are from and why you are contacting them.

5) Simple

Keep it brief.
Introduce your company and products/services
Prove why your company is above the rest.
Put a proposal together.
List past projects and their value, your level of experience and capacity.
Include a brochure and signature.
Offer to meet face to face as well.

If you are going to approach a prospective client via email. I would email them once and should you not receive a response within a few days, follow this up with a phone call.

Do not inundate or spam the client as this could cause frustration and could result in a negative image towards you and your company.

6) Networking

Besides using the L2B Directory to market your company and make contact with potential clients, you can use our Daily Tenders services. Here we provide you with site meeting dates and information on the tender. See if this is tender you could get involved in, and attend the meeting. Network with the project role players and potential bidders. Get your name and face out there. Put in the effort, be proactive and use the information that you have.

Another way of networking is attending seminars like the Digital Construction Roadshow hosted by RIB CCS in partnership with Leads 2 Business and BEE123.

7) Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you are unclear about the scale of the job or scope of work, as questions. Interact with the client/contractor and make sure everything is clear.

8) Impress

There needs to be ongoing communication about the status of the job, issues incurred or any delays. Quality and timeliness of services provided. Work hard and complete the job before the deadline. Clean up and pack away at the end of the day on the job. Leave a lasting impression of professionalism.

9) Get recommendations and referrals.

10) Grow your business

Using L2B you can locate similar contractors or the ones you have done work for. You can see what projects/tenders they are currently actively involved in. Let them know about the job you’ve just completed and attach the recommendation/referral.

11) Touch base

Keep in touch with your clients/contractors. A nice gesture is sending them a small gift or even an email at the end of the year to thank them for their support throughout the year. I find that making contact with the right professional at the right time is imperative. It is often who you know.. and we help with that.

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Tips for Subcontractors using L2B

A question that is constantly on the minds of any construction professional looking to grow his or her company bottom line. While there are many possible answers, only a few true solutions.
So the challenge becomes, how do you stand out among the noise and improve the likelihood that your company will be chosen by the contractor to invest their time, energy, and money in your business.

Firstly Tips for Subcontractors

1.    Be upfront with the contractor, ensuring your contract is clear and detailed. Disputes often arise between the main contractor and subcontractor not only about how the project should be executed but also disagreements down the road about what was previously “agreed” on in the original contract. The most effective way to settle disputes before they occur is through contracts. Creating a detailed contract allows no room for debate or miscommunication about expectations, which saves time, improves efficiency, and avoids ambiguity.
2.    Understand your rights and also what you are liable for. The subcontractor is liable for the scope of their work and the safety of their employees. It is vital that subcontractors obtain the proper insurance as well as understand what they are responsible for lawfully.
3.    Do not take on too much. Subcontractors may be tempted to take on too much at times and If the subcontractor finds himself/herself being overwhelmed, this now can lead to underperformance, despite this temptation it is important to be strategic and methodical when choosing which projects to accept. This selectivity will lead to being beneficial, which in turn will lead to higher productivity and quality that will lead to acknowledgement and admiration by the main contractor.
4.    Go the extra mile. The best way to grow the subcontractor’s clientele is to improve customer relations.  Every industry faces a greater profit margin from a client, they already know rather than a new client. Staying connected is very important. When working on a project for a general contractor, go beyond the extra mile this shows the general contractor that you care about the project and that you are a good choice for future projects they might have.  Each job that a subcontractor performs should act as an interview for future business.
5. Your brand and business promotion. The subcontractor must also invest in marketing and promotion. Marketing and promotion can include thank you emails. This ensures the main contractor has your details offhand. If in the event your company details change, make sure that you are still in the loop, update these details with the main contractor so you stay informed and most of all not miss out on any opportunities.  Keeping in touch and in contact is very important.

It is vitally important that you create a brand that speaks out, by the dedication and quality of your work, referrals are also very important. The voice of the contractors speaking your praises will most definitely amplify your brand more positively.

Do not make things difficult than need be, all you need to be is organized, methodical, and knowledgeable in all business practices and use these tips and tricks to outsmart the difficulties that subcontractors often face

Secondly using Leads2Business

Using the Leads 2 Business platform ensures that you are connected with the right people at the right time. Our Directory service allows you to have the freedom to communicate with professionals throughout South Africa and Africa. Network with thousands of registered members on our Construction Directory.

Our Open Quotes option gives you valuable opportunities to engage with active buyers. Respond to RFQ’s online and improve your ranking. Access to bills matching your trades and serviceable regions. Download Bill Of Quantities and related documents. Manage your own directory profile. Be in the loop with Award notifications.

Here at Leads 2 Business, we offer more than just service but we aim to offer dynamic leads.

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