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Featured Projects: Trending 2019

PPA 8435 – Lanseria International Airport – New Hotel
Construction of the proposed R200 million face-lift expansion of the existing Lanseria International Airport, in Lanseria, Gauteng to include a new, large domestic low-cost airline terminal which will mean the current terminal will convert to the International Terminal. Infrastructure will also include a new, additional runway costing R50 million to increase capacity, a new multi-storey parkade, along with extensions to the existing parking area as well as possibly a new hotel located on the grounds. Hotel Component.


Status Region
Procedural Randburg
Category Value
Building R 100 million+
Industry Timing
Hospitality & Leisure 2022 / 2023 Onwards
Sector Class
Private Invited / Negotiated



PPA 8248 – Umshwathi Municipality Slums Clearance Project – Clinic
Construction of a clinic for the Umshwathi Municipality Slums Clearance Project on The Farm Camel Hoek No. 1320, KwaZulu-Natal. The project will include a taxi rank, community hall, sports field, community gardens, primary school, high school, police station and residential area.


Status Region
Procedural Wartburg
Category Value
Building R 0 Million – R 30 Million
Industry Timing
Healthcare 2022 / 2023 Onwards
Sector Class
Public Open Tender



PPA 8171 – Mixed-Used Waterfront Development in the Port Elizabeth Harbour – Retail
Construction of a retail component for the proposed mixed-use waterfront development. Situated at the Port Elizabeth harbour, Eastern Cape.


Status Region
Conceptual Port Elizabeth
Category Value
Building R 100 million+
Industry Timing
Retail 2019 onwards.
Sector Class
Public Private Partnership Open Tender



PPA 8116 – Athlone Power Station Site Development – Commercial / Business
Construction of commercial and or business component for the redevelopment of the 36 hectare Athlone Power Station site, in Cape Town in the Western Cape. The mixed use development envisaged for Athlone Power Station site will consist of the following components: Residential – 22.2%; Commercial or business – 30%; Retail – 12.3%; Public institutions – 21.5%; Light industry – 7.4%; Athlone Refuse Transfer Station – 6.6%. The historical red brick buildings are to be retained where possible for predominantly public usage, such as a cultural centre. The existing electricity and waste water infrastructure will also be retained. Provision is to be made to link the site to future IRT routes and there is potential for a Rail Station on the site. GPS Coordinates: -33.9496273, 18.512898500000006.


Status Region
Procedural Cape Town
Category Value
Building Unknown At This Stage
Industry Timing
Office & Commercial 2024 onwards.
Sector Class
Commercialised State Pre-Qualification / Invited / Negotiated


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Trending tenders in KZN



Trending – The most searched for. The most viewed. The most talked about and commented on. It implies a general need to know something about that topic regardless of what it is simply because everyone else shows an interest. Because nobody wants to be left out or left in the dark or deemed to not know the latest scandal. Obviously, “everyone else” is up for debate. One person’s “everyone else” is very different to anothers. It’s got to do with common interests and hobbies or where you live and work and in what industry you work. Trending doesn’t mean universal or applicable even. If the topic applies to a very large group of people (say the fuel price) then there’s going to be a lot more activity concerning that than compared to a news story concerning rain in a desert in an unpopulated area. If no one cares, than it doesn’t count. Basically.
An apt metaphor might be “feeding frenzy”. A lot of thrashing around for access to limited resources. Not a bad analogy for the construction industry. There’s just only so much to go around. Being on the outside of the construction and building industry, my focus is different to those on the inside. I have to ensure that all the relevant information is readily available for those on the inside to make use of and run with. I don’t have to jostle with competitors to win tenders etc. But there are signs that a certain tender or project is getting way more attention than others. I use the term “Mentionistis” to describe this phenomenon. It usually manifests in the searches I see coming through the Leads 2 Business website. Different companies searching for the same tender or project. We start to get calls and emails and LiveSupport chats all asking the same question “Do you have [insert tender of the moment]?”. Then the race is on, because if we have [insert tender of the moment], we can send the subscriber away happy; but if it’s some obscure invited behind-the-scene tender that’s only been whispered about in dark corners, then this presents its own challenges.

Below are a few examples of the latest instances of “Mentionitis”:

DTA 564841 – Durban Heights Water Treatment Works: Construction of New 383 M/ Day Filters.
DTA 567429 – Construction of Earthworks, Layerworks, Surfacing and Drainage on District Rd 880 from km 0.00 to km 7.700
DTA 570925 – Periodic Maintenance of National Route 2, Section 21, between Brooksnek (km 0.00) and Staffords Post Interchange (km 43.13)
DTA 568627 – Construction of New Student Residences at Howard College Campus
DTA 568629 – Construction of New Student Residences at Westville Campus
DTA 566584 – Construction of Earthworks, Layerworks, Surfacing and Drainage on Main Rd 706 drom km 0.000 to km 6.200 in the Nkandla RRATT Area
DTA 567719 – Request for Proposals for the Construction of Bulk Earthworks at Tradezone 2 located at Dube Tradeport
DTA 571008 – Periodic Maintenance on National Route 2 Section 25, from EB Cloete Interchange (km 17.0) to Mt Edgecombe Interchange (km 30.8)
DTA 568200 – Replacement of Mud Structures at Glen Garry Secondary School – Sisonke District

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Trends in Africa

Africa Map

What’s trending?



You might take a sneaky glance at twitter’s ‘trending’ timeline to answer or perhaps Google. What about Africa? [tweetthis]Do you know what the Trends in Africa are?[/tweetthis] Many may answer with, “no clue”.


I doubt that this will be your answer for much longer. The narrative on Africa is evolving, there are more individuals and companies joining in the conversation and rightly so. Previously known as ‘Deepest Darkest Africa’ and most recently dubbed ‘Silicon Safari’, Africa is not only becoming an interest but a Trend in itself.

According to numerous sources the biggest Trend in Africa at the moment is Technology. Frost & Sullivan report that Africa could evolve into a $50 billion e-commerce market within the next three years. Kenya and Nigeria are leading in terms of fundraising and start-ups, other countries include Tanzania and South Africa. Africa has had explosive increases in internet usage and economic growth. In fact Internet usage is now growing faster in Africa than in any other continent and mobile subscriptions in Africa have eclipsed those in the Asian Pacific region. Companies like Safaricom, IBM and Facebook have all realised the significant opportunities for investment and innovation on the continent.

Technology is a major driving force of progress in every industry. This is particularly evident in Education in Africa. Tony Bates highlights the boom in online higher education enrollments in Africa, with many countries using eLearning as a way to meet the increased demand for higher education that traditional programs cannot. South Africa is the dominant country but will be overtaken by Nigeria by 2016 in terms of the volume of revenues from eLearning.

The population in Africa is projected to grow to 2 billion by 2050 resulting in the largest workforce according to the Harvard Business Review. Africa is also rich in natural resources, 60% of the world’s uncultivated arable land in fact. Additionally, Africa has a USD$2 trillion economy with approximately a third of its countries obtaining annual GDP growths of more than six percent. [tweetthis]Of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world, six are in #Africa.[/tweetthis]


To end here is a quote to illustrate the Trends in Africa from the 2014 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos:


“Africa is the story. The big story is Africa. The Chinese and Japanese are fighting over Africa. This is a market of a billion people, of natural resources.” Dr Ahmed Heikal, Chairman and Founder of Citadel Capital










About Sasha Anderson

Millennial Mom + wife living the hash-tag life. Remember: If You Fail - Fail Forward