Top Demolition Projects

Top Demolition Projects

When it comes to tearing things down, you need to make absolutely sure, that you never ever need or want to see that thing again… Let’s say, a building…

Demolishing a building may come with good reason, like a condemned building or just an unsafe environment all round.

I am 100% sure nobody ever wants anything in life to go wrong, but, just like anything in life, demolishing a building can be very unpredictable.

A lot can go wrong, even with the most meticulous planning. So much needs to be taken into account when planning to demolish a building.
Even more so if the least amount of damage to the surrounding area and the people involved is a concern.

Just like in rugby, because of the shape of the ball, it can go in the complete opposite direction than is planned. And might just cost you the game.

With this in mind, should it all blow up in the wrong direction, it would probably cost you much more than anticipated. And in some cases damage to someone else’s home and/or work.
This will then also lead to months of unnecessary construction work and relocation of people and/or companies.

Wasting time and money, does not bode well for the future of a company.

So, let us take a look at a disastrous outcome for a demolition project:


And since I would not like to leave you with that sour taste in your mouth, here are some adventurously, successful demolition projects:


Here we can see that some well-planned demolition projects can look absolutely stunning.
It comes with extreme precision, when planning such projects.

We have to keep in mind that where there is demolition in process, there will soon be something more modern and safe built in its place.
It goes to show that in life, we have to take the bad with the Good.

May this give you hope that not all things being demolished end disastrously.


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Featured Project: Hotel and Convention Centre, Swaziland

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Hotel and Convention Centre, Swaziland

Hotel and Convention Centre, Swaziland


Construction of a five star International Hotel and Convention Centre at Ezulwini in Swaziland. No official name has been given to the new Ezulwini complex, but it is being referred to by planners as the King Mswati III Hotel and Convention Centre. Estimated project value : E1 billion.

Hotel and Convention Centre, Swaziland






Hospitality & Leisure






R100 Million+


May 2015 – October 2018.


Open Tender


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Advertising and Marketing within the Construction Industry

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Advertising and Marketing within the Construction Industry

Advertising and Marketing within the Construction Industry

When I think of Advertising within the Construction Industry, I picture driving past a construction site being developed, imagining a new shopping centre / new hospital or maybe even an office block that will be in the space that was once empty.
There is always a great deal of excitement within the town, people are eager to know what is being constructed. This already has the target market talking.
It is a fundamental way of advertising and connecting that excitement to your company. It is vital that your company name is on all construction signage boards advising the audience what is being constructed.

There are a lot of alternative ways to advertise your construction company if you consider every surface an advertisement space on your construction site, here are a few examples:

Providing Uniform for all your staff on site:

I strongly believe that providing your staff with a uniform creates a level of a professional business image, it eases identification as well as lets your employees look smart and neat, uniforms give your staff a sense of belonging and security, and it promotes company unity, pride and loyalty.
Uniform creates brand awareness and transforms your staff into moving sign boards.



Safety signage on your construction site is essential, why not be creative and make your safety signage with your company name, this will be an eye-catcher. Furthermore it is a great surface to print your logo on.
Your plant machinery will possibly be on site for the duration of the development, branding your machinery is a free way to advertise and notify people driving past that your company is on site and you are constructing the development the town is excited about.

This is a great way to market your skills and advertise your work.

Social Media:

Before and after photo are always an amazing way to market your work and skills, social media is a very effective and very low cost platform to build your company name. Social media can also give you insight about your competitors as well as instant online feedback from clients and target market.

Great Advertising can help your business! So, the next time your company is working on a building site, remember to market your work by ensuring your company signage is visible and post before and after photos on your social media pages.


Alternative Advertising

Non-Traditional Advertising – Alternative Ads – Experiential Marketing Examples

Featured Tender: Demolishing, Refurbishment and Construction of New Facilities at Mbatini Lower Primary School (Phase 1)

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Demolishing, Refurbishment and Construction of New Facilities at Mbatini Lower Primary School (Phase 1)

Demolishing, Refurbishment and Construction of New Facilities at Mbatini Lower Primary School (Phase 1)

Contract Number:

PWRT/2368/18MP – Department of Public Works Roads and Transport


Department of Public Works Roads and Transport Nelspruit invites tenders for Demolishing, Refurbishment and Construction of New Facilities at Mbatini Lower Primary School (Phase 1) in Mkhuhlu, Culcata C Bushbuckridge Local Municipality.


Category Industries
Demolition & Blasting




Region Site Inspection
Mpumalanga 2018-06-21 11:00 AM
Closing Date Restrictions
18 July 2018 at 12:00 It is estimated that tenderers should have a CIDB contractor grading of 7GB. Preferences are offered to tenderers who 7 GB or higher. Telephonic, Telegraphic, Telex, Facsimile, Emailed and Late Tenders will not be accepted. Tenders may only be submitted on the tender documentation that is issued. Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivering, opening and assessment of Tenders are stated in the Tender Data


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Starting a Business a.k.a Start-ups

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Starting a Business a.k.a Start-ups


What do I know of Start Ups? Sorry to disappoint… But nothing really, other than what I’ve seen in the hit TV series ‘The Start-up’ – and with all I’ve seen in this show – the 1st 2 things I figured out is:

A – Good Idea!! Before even going through the life changing experience, and deep dark evil world of starting a Start-up, is first needing a Good – no, scrap that, an EXCELLENT idea!
Something everyone WANTS to NEED – they don’t necessarily need it – they just have to want to need it. Once they’ve had it – they can’t be without it!



B – TRUST NO ONE! And I mean NO ONE! The business world can be cruel and conniving! Everyone wants to make a buck and as good business men know, ruthlessness is the most rewarding trait!


People see a million dollar idea, and all they see is dollar signs – and too bad for you if you’re not smart, stubborn and conniving enough to make sure that you don’t get locked out of your own million dollar idea (like in the The Startup!! Crazy stuff!) Sad right? Oh well – that’s life my dear fellow humans.
Stealth Performance Communications chairman had 1 crucial tip to share: “Build in silence; they can’t stop what they can’t see,” he cited as his advice, during an interview Peter Daisyme had with him at a conference.” – From Peter Daisyme Blog. True words that!
That’s the end of my advice – as an unqualified individual that knows nothing of starting your own business.


So my thoughts are to complete my blog on a lighter note – with a few fun business facts you just got to know!

As surprising as it might be, the business world is indeed a fascinating place!

  • The reason blue is Facebook’s main colour : Mark Zuckerberg suffers from red-green colour blindness – mind blowing right!
  • Google was originally called BackRub
  • Apple became the first ever $700 billion company in 2015
  • Ever wondered how many brands Coca-Cola has? As many as, if you decide to drink a different brand of Coca-Cola every day – it will take you 9 years to try them all! Say what???
  • The average mobile user checks their phone 150 times a day!
  • Legendary McDonald’s first item on their menu was a hotdog!
  • Domino’s pizza was founded by 2 brothers, one of which decided to trade his half of the business to his brother for a used Volkswagen Beetle! Can you say MAJOR REGRET!!
  • Think – ‘yummy Vaseline’ eeuw right – well, the inventor of Vaseline used to eat a spoonful every day! – None other than, Mr Robert Chesebrough
  • The famous Starbucks is named after a character in Moby Dick
  • Money and poverty – estimated in 2012: If the 100 richest people in the world put all their yearly earnings together, they could have had enough to end world poverty 4 times over!
  • The designer of the famous Nike swoosh tick was paid $35 – really?
  • Marvel owned the rights to the word ‘Zombie’ up to 1996 – yay for the end of that! Just think of all the awesome scary Zombie movies we would have missed out on if that hadn’t changed?

Blown away yet? Well I saved the best for last:

  • Walmart averages $1.8 million of profit… daily? Oh no, wait for this… HOURLY! $1.8 million profit every hour! Wrap your mind around that!!!


To end off, another delightful and inspiring quote from the co-founder and CEO of Dropbox:

“Don’t worry about failure; you only have to be right once.”




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The importance of dry and wet hire

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The importance of dry and wet hire.

Did you know that you get what is called “wet and dry hire” when hiring equipment?

I knew none of this and this topic had me stumped for a good couple of hours.

Did you know that wet hire is when you hire your equipment with an operator and all you would need to keep the equipment fully operational, this also includes the diesel you would need throughout your project?

Where dry hire is when you just hire the equipment and not the operator and added benefits.
This also means that the diesel is not included: however you do get the machine with a full tank of diesel but when you return the machine you need to return it with the same amount of diesel as it arrived with.

After some reading I do see that both wet and dry hire are good to have in their own way depending on what type of project you are busy with and how big your project is.

The advantages of wet hire:

• Cost effective (bigger projects).
• Operator has knowledge of equipment.
• The diesel that you would use is included in the hire of the machine.
• No added cost when equipment needs repairs keeping cost down and your project on track.
• Removes the stress of hiring other people to operate the equipment.
• One quote – one price.

dry and wet hire

The advantages of dry hire:

• Save money by keeping your labour within the company.
• Not many people on site.
• When you use someone that works for you they have an understanding of how you work and what you are wanting done on site.

dry and wet hire

Wet and Dry hire both have benefits depending on the given situation. When planning your next project make sure to take all aspects in to account when hiring machinery.

Sit down and think of what you need done – Will it be better to get wet or dry hire?.




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I started working at Leads 2 Business the 7th March this year. I have been working in the Leads to Quotes department where we deal with the contractors on a day to day basis. We help the contractors get the pricing they need for the contracts. The construction industry is an ever evolving industry and I love learning new things every day. Leads 2 Business is an amazing company to work for and is filled with amazing staff.

Industry Events: Sign Africa Cape Town + Bauma Conexpo Africa + SARCDA


1. Event:

Sign Africa Cape Town


14 – 15 March 2018

Event location:

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

Event Description:

The Expo will showcase all aspects of wide format digital printing, garment decoration, screen printing and signage and allows visitors to explore the latest technologies and trends right in their own city.

Contact Details:

Tel: +27(0)11 450 1650

Event Website:

Sign Africa 2018 – Cape Town


2. Event:

Bauma Conexpo Africa


13 – 16 March 2018

Event location:


Event Description:

Bauma Conexpo Africa – the International Trade Fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles—provides the construction and mining industry in Africa with a professional platform for networking, investment and the exchange of ideas and information.

Contact Details:

Tel: +27(0)11 476 8093

Event Website:

Bauma Conexpo Africa


3. Event:

SARCDA International


08 – 11 March 2018

Event location:

Gallaghar Convention Centre, Midrand

Event Description:

SARCDA attracts Wholesalers, Importers and Manufacturers, both local and international and provides a professional platform to help grow their businesses. Our Exhibitors are world-class and constantly raise the bar in bringing products of both international flavour and local flair providing our retailers with the latest trendiest products.

Contact Details:

Tel: +27(0)11 728 6668

Event Website:

SARCDA International


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Did you Know #DYK: What is an API?

What is an API

What is an API?

What exactly is an API? You make mention of this at a dinner party and you are likely to hear a pin drop! This is strongly contrasted in tech circles and management meetings where APIs are valuable and possess a positive impact for businesses. So, what is the real definition of an API?

An API stands for Application Programming Interface.

An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Think of the API as a messenger that delivers your request to the provider that you’re requesting it from. Then it delivers the reply back to you. What is important about this process is that the API defines functionalities that are independent of their respective implementations. This allows those implementations and definitions to vary without compromising each other.

Wow, technical overload! So for those of us who are computer scientists or programmers, what on earth does that mouthful mean?

Here is an API Illustration most of us can relate to:

API Call Back from RequestConsider your mobile phone, each of us have the ability to make a phone call request irrespective of the kind of phone we own. When we make a call request we get a response from our service provider that connects us to our friend. Your phone model doesn’t really matter. The phone we use is related to what we need the device to do in correlation to our tasks.

In our example, the phone we use has the screen layouts we prefer based on our business needs. On a website this means we can change the “look” or how the numbers display on our phones. However, we are accessing the same information or performing the same task – making a call.  All without affecting how another persons phone works.

It does present an interesting business choice, do you buy an existing phone model off of the shelf? Or design your own because of a unique business need such as integration with a company CRM or Sales database?

API Big Value for Business

An API presents long term benefits for companies. Specifically those who need to track end to end processes under one software solution.

At Leads 2 Business we offer an API service. Allowing your business to design their own interface to access our Project and Tender information. Get your tech team to contact us and we can connect you. We also offer our off the shelf service. It has our interface that we have designed as part of our normal subscription.

API Information dressed for your business.

To illustrate the concept of an API a little further we would like you to meet Data-Bob. He represents the data that we as a company provide to your organisation through our API. Your development team then designs the interface so that it fits with your corporate requirements.

What is an API?

API can be customised to your business

API Off the shelf Alternative

If you are still feeling lost as to the practical implementation of an API? Here’s real world example:

API Air line

The next time you book a flight you will have “front row seats” to interacting with an API! Whether you search from the airlines website or an online travel service that collates the information from multiple airlines, you will need access the airline’s database to see if there are any seats available, what the subsequent cost might be based on the date, flight time and popularity of your destination.

To obtain the information you need to book your flight, the application has to interact with the airline’s API. Then in turn takes the airline’s response to your request and delivers right back to the travel application you’re using. Through each step, it is aided by the interaction between the application and the airline’s API. Enabling you to perform everything from seat selection, to payment and booking.

How is API information delivered?

When you connect to our API, you will need a username and password. The data is delivered in an XML format. XML is a marked up version of plain text that is easy to access by computers. A comparison can be drawn between information that is obtained in comma separated value or .csv files. When you open the file it appears as a long string of values, however when you import it into excel, the values neatly populate columns and rows depending on the comma sequencing. A similar function occurs when an XML file is pulled. The mark up tags in the file allow your development team to populate the various rows or columns of information within your CRM package, creating a seamlessly integrated solution for your company. It’s an exciting approach and it offers streamlined processes and optimal efficiency for companies.


Where to from here?

I hope that this has assisted your understanding of what an API is, as well as how it can work for your business.
If you require any further information, please feel most welcome to contact us on 033-3431130 or email our IT team on



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I am a lover of marketing, customer centricity and the art of influence. Being able to effect this through analysis, content and front end design is part of my work, my great love of creatively solving problems that reach across as many parts of Leads 2 Business as I can.

L2B Blog: The ins and outs of Town Planning

My definition: “A creative artist with the city as their canvas.”

A town planner is professional who deals closely with architects, designers, landscape architects and engineers in order to create, manage, define and renew our cities. They work to plan human settlements and come up with long term plans for cities and regional areas, to try and reduce congestion and alleviate transport congestion and one of the ways of doing this is planning for public transport.

A town planner needs to have an understanding of population trends and the demands of the community. They are able to handle the influx of people and their needs. They encourage growth and change and enrich the lives of everyone. To be a good town planner you would need to have a vision of how you would like the city to look and feel. You need to be a good listener and understand how the community feel about their city, sometimes they may have ideas that are more valid or even better. You also need to have patience and understand that some of the plans you are working on may take 10 sometimes 20 years to eventuate. Other skills needed would be problem solving, negotiation, communication, management, team work and flexibility.



They plan to make full use of space in such a way not to be wasteful and to be mindful of the environment and old historic buildings that are of architetrual importance. There are also rules and regulations that need to followed as well as a municipal budget.

Not only do they plan new exciting buildings, bridges and roads, but they also plan extensions and alterations of the existing areas.
Town planning seems to be very stressful, but also very rewarding.

If you want to make a real difference and have a keen interest in geography and the city, then this might be for you. You could make an impact on the world and the city you live in.

To me, the fun part would be using the tools and technology to do the designing, planning and layout of the city. I mean I love drawing. Town planning isn’t just drawing images of buildings all day. There is a lot of hard work before putting pen to paper.


According to GK Hiraskar the 3 main planning principals with regards to town planning are health, convenience and beauty.

  • Health – Creating and promoting a healthy living environment for the poor and the rich to work, relax or live in. Land can be subdivided and zoned for various uses. Live – work – play seems to be the trend for 2018 and the future. Another big thing in health is walkability.
  • Convenience – Meeting the needs of the community. Social, cultural, economic and public utilities would be needed to fulfill these needs. Again live work play.
  • Beauty – The attractiveness of the city. Making the city look appealing, meeting demands and keeping up with trends. Going green.


Steps in the Town Planning process

1. Identifying the issues that need to be addressed

2. Stating the goals and how to achieve them.

3. Data collection. Market research could be done by gathering data from the environment and economic studies as well as surveys and interest groups.

4. Plan preparation. Look at and review the possible site plans that have been submitted. Look at the feasibility of these proposals and see if there are any changes needed to be made. A recommendation would then need to be submitted on whether this should be denied or approved.

5. Community. Liaise with and present the plan to public officials, professionals and the community for review and comment (only once approved). This is done in newspapers, online, websites, social media and newsletters.

6. Evaluation alternatives. What impact does the proposal have on the city, town and community? Assessments and investigations are needed to be done. Impacting factors could be living conditions, traffic, the built environment and nature itself. The comment received by the community would need to be processed and addressed. Decisions on the way forward would need to be made with possible alternatives discussed.

7. Adopt and implement the plan.

Basically a town planner must be able to foresee, predict, address and interpret the changes and transformation that took place and successfully accommodate changes in order to carry out the plan


Duties of a Town Planner
Drafts and plans the departmental budget
Represents the town
Attends, staffs and plans board meetings
Prepares notices and documents
Takes minutes
Provides technical assistance
Establishes guidelines and plans
Liaising with public officials, professionals and the public
Formulate and plan the city layout, street design and green spaces


I myself am not a Town Planner but I do follow the progress of building and construction related projects. I deal closely with the client, EIA consultant and Town Planner on early conceptual projects when it’s just an idea. It’s always do amazing to be able to watch the development unfold and the plan comes to life and molds our city.


I am currently researching and following the 30 new planned Mega Cities for Gauteng. Curenntly the Montrose Mega City is available on Leads 2 Business. This is a huge mixed use Mega city which includes residential, offices, public transport facility, a private and regional hospital, schools, a government complex and industrial and warehousing facilites. I can only imagine the hard work and planning that went into these mega cities and am lucky enough to be tracking the progress of these.




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Industry Events: MTE Cullinan

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MTE Cullinan

MTE Cullinan


MTE Cullinan



25 January 2018 at 13:00 – 17:00


Event location:

Cullinan Community Sport Centre


Event Description:

Cullinan mine has an expected life span of about 50 years and contains a world-class diamond resource of194 metric carats (Mcts). The mine has undertaken an expansion programme that is expected to increase annual production from 0.7Mcts in 2016 to 2.2Mcts in 2019.

Exhibitors we would like to see include companies that supply equipment or products to the diamond mines
or that supply equipment or products that can be used in the diamond mining process. Cullinan is a diamond
mining area so, if you’re involved in that business, then this is the expo for you.


Contact Person:

Andrew Macnamara


Tel: +27(0)82 720 0083

Event Website:

MTE Cullinan



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I have been with Leads 2 Business for 5 years and absolutely love working for such a dynamic company. I started off as a Content Researcher in the Tenders Department before being promoted to Customer Relations.

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