How to make the most of our Tenders?

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The Inside Scoop:

Ssssshhh, don’t tell the boss! I wanted to share some insider secrets with you. A brief look behind the scenes and into the research “engine room” of our company. I am hoping that you can use this information to your advantage. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

As you know, Leads 2 Business is keenly focussed on smarter ways to do and create business opportunities.This approach is not just about the information we deliver to you, but an integral part of our business ethos. Each month we capture literally thousands of tenders, yes, you read it correctly, THOUSANDS!

With this much tender information being pumped out on a daily basis, we have to find a smart and effective way to prioritise researching the subsequent tender awards.

How do we know?

Every Tender we send to you has an option to be monitored.
Monitoring a lead allows you to follow it through its life cycle
or assign it for follow-up within your team.

What is not so apparent is that we, in turn, use this monitoring
information as an indicator that this tender is important, creating
a priority flag back to the research team for follow-up.

It then becomes very important for you to monitor a tender!

How to Monitor a Tender

Monitoring a Tender can be done from selecting a recipient from the drop down box “Assigned to” on the tender.
Alternately, it can be done in bulk from the search results page first selecting which tenders you want to monitor, followed by “Actions”, “Monitor selection”. It will then present the same list of recipients as is available from the individual tender view pages.

Ways to get our attention

In the event you have not monitored a tender but still need the award information and the tender is now closed, you can email your request through from the tender page by clicking on “Request Award Information” button and someone from our research team will then follow up with you.

Tools you can use

There are more tools integrated into our tender notifications that we know will help you stay ahead. Specifically, our site inspection, follow-up and closing date reminders, which offer timeous alerts. An area for notes directly relating to the tender or contacts you may have reached out to. Our document collection and/or site attendance on your behalf through Infomessenger. (Gauteng only)

Making the most of your tenders is quite an exhaustive topic…

Here are the common points for consideration :


It may be seemingly obvious, but a valuable subscription to Leads 2 Business is a smart, streamlined approach.
We shoulder the cost of a research team and send you what is important to your business.

The number of filter combinations across categories, industries, geography and keywords creates a uniquely customised solution for your business lead pipeline. If you would like to know more about subscribing or taking a free trial, please send me an email on

Refine Your Profile

Making sure your profile on Leads 2 Business is tailored appropriately to your business requirements so that you get the lead information.

Your Advisory Settings Profile explicitly dictates what is received in the Daily Advisory email.

Steps to Action in Identifying opportunities

Go through the daily Advisory email thoroughly each day.

  • View the full details online.
  • Monitor & Request BoQ/ SI register/ Bidders Lists as soon as possible.
  • Set Reminders.
  • Email the researcher, if there are any discrepancies that you identify or if you need assistance.
  • Make Notes.
  • Download DTAs. (Daily Tender Advisory)
  • Keep a record of DTA numbers, instead of partial descriptions. This helps when searching.
  • Dismiss those unwanted DTAs, that are cluttering up your Search Result. (Be extra careful of dismissing DTAs by mistake)
  • Take advantage of our free online training, live support, telephonic support or in person training. (In person training is availble by appointment and only in selected areas)

Key Vocabulary to Understand:

  • Details Change:The details pertaining to the original tender have changed, please review the new details supplied in our notification.
  • Short Lead: This means there is a very short lead time or a very short time within which you can respond to this tender opportunity.
  • Awards: After the closing date, all the tenders are checked for basic compliance with the tender regulations. Non-compliant tenders are disqualified. The compliance of the products or services offered and the price is considered. Then all compliant tenders are listed in order of price. Those in the lowest price tender list are in the lowest price group. Preference points are given to suppliers on the list of lowest price tenders are first verified. Preference points are only awarded after the most expensive tenders have been excluded, as this makes the process faster and fairer. Those with verifiable information come out with the best preference points and are therefore awarded the contract.
  • Re-tenders: the issue of a second or subsequent request for tenders on a proposed contract.
  • Withdrawals: the contract has been withdrawn and there is no longer an opportunity to tender at this time.
  • Cancellations: the contract has been cancelled and there is no longer an opportunity to tender at this time.

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L2B Blog: Exploring New Ideas in the Role of the Project Manager

Exploring New Ideas in the Role of the Project Manager

If you are involved in the construction industry you have most likely come into contact with a Project Manager (hereafter referred to as a PM) or heard of one mentioned in the process of developments and particularly larger developments.

Certainly in Leads 2 Business’ Projects Department PM’s are one of the most common professionals we deal with. The reason for this, is their role within construction projects.

So, what does a PM actually do? It would seem rather obvious right, they manage the project? But nothing is ever as simple as it seems. PM’s actually do a whole host of duties.

Some of which include: planning, organising, controlling, communicating, executing, reports, programs, advice, analysis, resource control, health and safety, budgets, administration and handover.

All of these duties are done ensure that the project runs successfully thus lowering the risks while meeting all of the objectives timeously to ensure completion which effects the profitability of the project.

So, when do new ideas come into the picture? What new ideas would PM’s have to explore in todays construction industry?

To be honest, I was at a loss when pondering this question, after all I’m not a PM and it’s not a role one easily assumes to answer. So I emailed a few PM’s to get some feedback on ideas that they might want to put out there… but still no luck, probably snowed under with work given our economic environment. I scoured the Internet and there didn’t seem to be any publications or news out there for new ideas when it comes to PM’s until I happened on some LinkedIn Posts. Phew!

This may not be a new idea but how about technology, either using existing tech and / or molding it to PM’s requirements, partnering with IT and creating PM specific tech or even sharing your tech tricks with other PM’s? For example: Ahmed H. Emam, PMP writes “Detect and Fix Dangling Activities in Time Schedule using Excel Macro.”

Using tech could make PM’s jobs easier but some seem to think that PM’s might be replaced in the future by Tech/Bots. As Oliver Yarbrough, M.S., PMP illustrates in “Can a Robot Do Your Job? Here’s “How Project Managers Can Survive a Takeover.”

There are some things that tech, no matter how advanced it gets, cannot replace. Oliver suggests to focus on the following skills in order to stand out: “Leadership, Diplomacy, Negotiating, Public Speaking, Emotional Intelligence, Communication (verbal and nonverbal)” and instead of fighting tech, work with it to enhance your service delivery.

Another thought also came to mind: what is one of the key aspects that I think of when I think of a PM? It would have to be communication. So, what new idea would make communication more effective? What about a platform where all the schedules, notes, admin, planning and analysis can be seen by all the professionals involved in a specific project? Where each person can make notes or get alerts thus avoiding confusion, emails back and forth, potential loss of material, and saving time, something like Google Sheets for PM’s? Does this already exist? It’s possible… calling all PM’s out there, let us know! Perhaps I need to patent this idea.

After all, we all know that communication is key whether you are a PM or not. Another useful tool to facilitate communication and interaction between professionals and all other contacts which fall within the scope of projects is to use L2B (Leads 2 Business). If you are looking to get involved in the different aspects of construction, information is our business. We encourage communication, new ideas and growth in order to build and establish business.

If any of the above sparks your interest leave a Comment below or or Contact me on




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Industry Events: Homemakers Expo


Homemakers Expo



23 February 2017 – 26 February 2017


Entrance fee:

R90 for Adults

R60 for Pensioners

Children under 12 are free


Event location:

Ticketpro Dome, Northumberland Rd and Olievenhout Ave, North Riding, Johannesburg, 2161


Event description:

The Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo is where you’ll find inspiration, advice, great new ideas, and thousands of products – everything you need to show love to your home, and those who live in it. Plus, the Expo is packed with specials, deals, competitions, and features you’ll find nowhere else, including this year’s highlight, an urban Graffiti feature.

Event Website:

2017 Johannesburg HOMEMAKERS Expo


Who to contact for more information:
For more information or to book your stand phone +27 86 111 4663 or e-mail:

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I have been with Leads 2 Business for 5 years and absolutely love working for such a dynamic company. I started off as a Content Researcher in the Tenders Department before being promoted to Customer Relations.

For goodness sake, Wear Something








It’s nearing the end of the year. When researching for this article, trying to find something to write about, I came across all the quotes and inspirational tidbits that float about the web. Some witty and others seriously inspirational. Designed to give you a kick up the backside to conquer what you need to conquer and live your best life etc and so forth and blah blah fish paste. I have nothing against any of it. I, myself, enjoy a good “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster just like the next girl. But I’m tired and grumpy and my last nerve is in witness protection. My criticism of the below, is nothing against the good intentions. It’s just theres always advice and no How-To when it comes to these things. A manual. I’d like a step by step manual. And I’d probably have something snarky to say about that as well. The original is in bold and my lowly thoughts are in normal text.


This is your life Apparently. You don’t know me.

Do What you love, and do it often. Nothing. Does nothing count? I don’t think they were talking about nothing. They probably mean productive, ingenious things that only bring joy and peace to the world and mankind. A wee bit self indulgent. It’s good work, if you can find it. More power to you. I’ll be over here, doing what I have to do. Doing it often. And trying to “love” it. I think the young’uns call it “adulting”.


If you don’t like something, change it. But get permission first. You can’t go around changing other people’s stuff just because you don’t like it. You can change your stuff, not other people’s. Just so we’re clear. You can merrily change it with time, money and a viable replacement. So do the math, do the research or do your nut. Otherwise, shush. No one wants to hear it, if you are not currently changing it or haven’t actually changed it yet. Talking about planning to intend to change it, is not the same.


If you don’t like your job, quit. This is appalling advice. No. I assume you like having a roof over your head, and food on the table. Perhaps you have other human beings who are dependent upon you to supply them with the same. If you are unhappy, and nothing you have done has corrected this, then quietly make plans to get out. Do not cut off your nose to spite your face. You still have responsibilities which need to be met, so quit like a smart person. Do not quit, based on the moment’s emotions. It’s not the airy fairy idealistic world out there. Our economy is not what it used to be. This is not meant to guilt trip you into being a prisoner of your “Oh woe is me” job, but to prepare you that sometimes quitting is a lot of work.


If you don’t have enough time, stop watching tv. Really? TV? I’ve never had a problem with TV. Most of my “not to be quoted in any serious conversation” general knowledge comes from the infamous “TV”. This I feel is a bit out of date. Cellphones and social media, to be exact, would probably update this bit of advice nicely. Yes, they are a massive time suck. But they also connect people, are good for a laugh and can be quite inspirational. But there’s a time and place and a little balance wouldn’t go amiss. If you can’t go any significant time, without actively checking your phone; then you need to definitely go a significant amount of time without it to see that you won’t die of FOMO. Most people probably don’t have enough time because of husbands, wives, kids, chores, errands, mini disasters and all the things that demand our attention and the things that we would actually choose to do. If you want to do it, you’ll find the time. No one’s that busy.


If you are looking for the love of your life, stop. Um.. it’s a big world out there


They will be waiting for you when you. They’re waiting? Don’t they have anything else to do? Am I holding them up?


Start doing things you love. There is no logic to this piece of advice. Do whatever the hell it is you want to do. Go out, take up hobbies, dating websites, personal ads (don’t do personal ads. Just don’t. Does anyone anymore?), put yourself out there, keep yourself at home, try too hard, don’t try at all. Whatever. This, you have to sort out for yourself.


Stop over analyzing, life is simple. So simple, we need a 10 point plan how to navigate it. Life happens. It’s going to keep ticking over with or without your cooperation. Over analyse, if it makes you feel better, like you’re in control (hahahahaha!). If it doesn’t make you feel better, than dial back on the analysing. But you have to think a little about life. A smidge. Whether you want certain things or have to handle certain things (that you did not want). Life isn’t so simple that you can’t think about it once in a while. Just not on birthdays (especially any birthday that has a 0 in it). Or any other significant indicator of time passing. Maybe a random Wednesday. Have a good think about your life, and then pack it away for next year.


All emotions are beautiful. Perhaps this person hasn’t heard the expression “Snot en Trane”. Or when I’m blind with rage, my red complexion really brings out my crazy eyes. Oh yeah. I feel beautiful then. Argh. Yes, we all have emotions. Happy, sad, disdain, empathy, fear, embarrassment, anger etc. The list goes on and on and on. We, weirdly, though don’t have any control over what emotions get triggered when something happens or someone says something so earthshatteringly stupid that you have to lie down. But we all have control on how we handle it. Blah blah, we’ve heard this all before. Grin and bare it, or corner the offending human when they are alone and explain the beauteous of your emotions at that time.


When you eat, appreciate every last bite. This sounds mildly threatening, I say eyeing my Cadbury Minty Top Deck.


Open your mind, arms and heart to new things. In a controlled setting. Don’t be doing this randomly on the street. No one has time for that.

and people, we are united in our differences. A good sentiment. Differences traditionally do not bring people together though. Differences, however, can be complimentary. Underestimating and overestimating people based on external criteria, just sets everyone up for embarrassment and disappointment. If you can see each person’s strengths and weaknesses, see what people actually do; then you’ve got a handy trick up your sleeve.


Ask the next person you see what their passion is. Like I said before, in a controlled setting. And what exactly will this achieve? Will this poor person who’s been accosted on the street, appreciate some random’s interest in their “passion”? Maybe they will. Maybe I’ve got this all wrong. Maybe they will love being able to share their secret love of mushroom farming or their hidden delight in interpretive dance. Who knows? It’s a crazy world out there. [I have nothing for nor against mushroom farming nor interpretive dance. I’m sure they are both fulfilling in their own ways]

and share your inspiring dream with them. Go on. I dare you. Go find someone you don’t know and “share your inspiring dream” with them. Cashiers are always good. They can’t go anywhere. Oooo… the next time a telemarketer calls. Come on. Does this mean that you should be ashamed of whatever it is you dream about or aspire to be or do? Of course not. If you find that one thing that makes you ridiculously happy, go forth and do that thing (How? I don’t know. Google it). Waxing lyrical to strangers, I feel is not really going to get you very much besides a couple of “looks”.


Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself. I’m all for travelling often. What with money, leave and visa applications also being available often. Getting lost, not so much. I have a terrible sense of direction. Horrible. You know that quote “Not all who wander, are lost”. Well, if you see me “wandering”; I am most definitely lost. Help me. Point me in the right direction. Don’t just leave me there. I’m not being all poetical. I need assistance. I’ve never really been able to understand the “find yourself” concept. I’m with me, wherever I go. I don’t know what I’m doing most of the time, and that’s probably not going to change if I end up backpacking through India or communing with the elephants in Bali. I believe we can experience new things and learn, but ultimately we are who we are always going to be. You can’t be something that wasn’t in you already. People do not change. And they shouldn’t have to.


Some opportunities only come once, seize them. Oi. If you’re impulsive, sure; grab away. Grab that one and only chance. If you’re not impulsive, go ahead and do the same. Nothing in this, says it’s going to work out. Or if it’s the right opportunity for you. There’s no guarantee one way or another. Even so, if an opportunity comes around multiple times; what does that mean? Do you take it or ignore it until the next go around? The number of times an opportunity is available, doesn’t matter when it comes to your choice. A once off or every single day kind of choice is no more or less important than the other. What we choose, and our ability to take responsibility for our choice, is what makes it count. If you believe in what you’ve chosen, you cannot be made to regret it or second guess it.

Life is about the people you meet. People are a finite resource. We don’t last forever.

and the things you create with them. Can be both beautiful and ugly all at once.

So go out and start creating. Or stay in. Whatever floats your boat.

Life is short, live your dream and wear your passion. Yes, life is short. Way, way too short. Live your life. Whatever it is, however it turns out. You’ll only have this one. “Wear your passion”; I have no idea what to do with this gem; but for heaven’s sake; wear something.

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