Featured Project: Groot Phesantekraal Shopping Centre – Building

Western Cape – PPA 31496

Construction of the Groot Phesantekraal Shopping Centre with 38 000m² of gross lettable area on the corner of Klipheuwel Road & Okavango Road in Cape Town, Western Cape. The GPS location is 33°47’58.8″S 18°41’16.2″E
Status Region
Underway Western Cape; Cape Town
Category Value
Building Unknown At This Stage
Industry Timing
Retail November 2024 Onwards
Sector Class
Private Invited / Negotiated

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Featured Company: Powerbase Movement Joints cc

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Read about who’s who in the Industry:

This week we are featuring Powerbase Movement Joints cc, based in Matroosfontein, Western Cape. Powerbase Movement Joints are the Sole Southern African distributor of Migua Movement Joints. They supply movement joints to cover & to take up large movement in concrete floors; mainly installed in shopping malls, hospitals and airports.


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10 Interesting Facts about Cape Town

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When you think about Cape Town, the immediate thoughts for me is Mother city or even Table Mountain, but in actual fact, there are many other interesting places in Cape town that you could experience. With Cape Town being the oldest city there is a majority to choose from, I give you 10 most interesting places for me.

Cape Town

The Mother City was the first city outside of Europe to get blue flag status because of its High-quality water, fantastic facilities safety and cleanliness. There are approximately 3.5 million people that live in Cape Town, this makes it South Africa’s Second Most populated city. This is also where you find the most Trophy homes and are worth more than 20 Million Rand which is found in Camps Bay.

Robben Island

Robben Island wasn’t always used as a prison but earlier years in the 1840s the island was used to treat patients with leprosy also the mentally and chronically ill. Even after the inhabitant patients with leprosy, Robben Island also was used as a fortified training and defence station by the British during World War 2.

Castle of Good Hope aka The Castle

This Historical monument and Provincial heritage site was built by the Dutch East India Company (DEIC) between 1666 and 1679 and is now the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa and is considered the best-preserved example of a 17th-century architectural structure in the entire world. Today the castle is used as the local headquarters for the South African Army for the Western Cape and houses the Castle Military Museum and ceremonial facilities for the traditional cape regiments.

Cape Town Stadium

With the announcement that South Africa was the host for the 2010 FIFA world cup, the Cape Town Stadium was built and is today known as an iconic landmark. The stadium had the seating capacity for 64,100 during the 2010 World cup but was later reduced to 55,000 as the top tier was replaced by event suites and clubrooms. Today the stadium has the environment to cater for anything from arts to sports, music and milestone events.

Boulders Beach

This beach one of many is a sheltered beach made up of inlets between granite boulders, this is where the name comes from. It is situated in the Cape peninsula, near Simons town. Boulders beach is a popular tourist attraction because of the colony of African penguins that settled there in 1982. This beach also forms part of the Table Mountain National Park.

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the Mother City; the flat plateau is approximately 3 kilometres from side to side. The mountain is often covered orographic clouds formed when a south-easterly wind is blowing up the mountain slopes. On cloudy days if you look closely you will see a person covered by a blanket of cloud. This is also one of the most romantic places couples get engaged.

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden

This garden is praised as one of the greatest botanical gardens in the world. The cliffs in the garden tower 1085 meters above Kirstenbosch. The peninsula formation is known for the 600meter thick slab of hard, coarse, pebbly quartz sandstone. The botanical garden was born in 1903 when Harold Pearson came to South Africa.

Thunder city

Thunder City is an aircraft operating and maintenance company based at the Cape Town international airport owned by Mike Beachy. It is known for owning the largest civilian collection of former military jet aircraft in the entire world. After the fatal accident in 2009 in which the English Electric Lighting crashed at an airshow, the company stopped flying operations. They also upgrade older models of the Aerospatiale Puma Helicopter with modern avionics.

V&A Waterfront

The V&A waterfront was established in 1988, it is named after Prince Alfred, second son of Queen Victoria who visited the cape colony harbour in 1860 as a 16-year-old, he was the first-ever royal family member to come see the colonials. The waterfront boasts over 450 retailers, 12 Hotels and 5 Museums. At the waterfront, you can find the newly upgraded Cape Town Cruise Terminal, where on average about 107 million people visit the V&A per month. This increases to over 2.5 million people over the busy summer holidays.

The Cape Wheel

The Cape Wheel is a giant observation wheel that offers breathtaking 360degree panoramic views of Cape Town. When you’re on the wheel you can even see Robben Island. The 30 fully enclosed, air-conditioned cabins will take you 40 meters above the ground in safety and comfort. The Cape wheel was first known as the wheel of excellence. The wheel was constructed in Germany in 2007, it has also travelled around the world visiting Belgium twice, Germany twice and Sweden from 2009 – 2010. The Wheel that stands 15meters high nearly took a week to assemble in Cape Town


Castle of Good Hope
Roots Interns
RW Rant
Cape Town Etc

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South African Harbours and Ports



Harbour & Port
Harbour & Port


According to a Port Development Plan by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA), dated September 2014, various developments have been listed for the Ports currently under the TNPA’s care and control, namely Western Ports: Saldanha Bay, Cape Town and Mossel Bay; Central Ports: Port Elizabeth, Ngqura and East London and Eastern Ports: Durban, New Durban Dig-Out Port and Richards Bay. Below is a brief breakdown of some of the activity at South African’s various Ports.


Western Ports:


Port of Saldaha Bay – In 2013 with the aim in increasing the iron ore export from the Port of Saldanha Bay, Transnet proposed a third tippler and associated infrastructure, for which Gibb (Pty) Ltd were appointed as the Independent Environmental Assessment Practitioners. The tender for the Construction of Vault, Tunnel, Buildings and Ancillaries for Transnet Tippler 3 Project at the Port of Saldanha was advertised at the end of July 2015 (DTA 525896) and is expected to close on 08 September 2015.


Port of Cape Town – The Request for Proposal for the New Cruise Terminal Facility at the Port of Cape Town was advertised in December 2014 (DTA 487279), and in June 2015 the announcement by Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) was made of the preferred bidder being V & A Waterfront (Pty) Ltd. According to the media statement, the V & A Waterfront will invest just under R179 million to finance, design and develop the terminal and the agreement includes the operation, maintenance and transfer of ownership of the facility back to TNPA after a period of 20 years. Currently, V & A Waterfront are in negotiations to sign the lease, and it’s expected that any development will only commence after May 2016.


Port of Mossel Bay – The most recent tender concerning construction in the Port of Mossel Bay is the Request for Proposal for Extension and Construction of the Administrative Building in the Port of Mossel Bay (DTA 500781) which was advertised in March this year. So far no award has been made.


Central Ports:


Port of Port Elizabeth – TNPA expectes to relocate the Manganese Ore Terminal and the Tank Fam to the Port of Ngqura. TNPA expects to start shipping manganese ore out of Ngqura in 2019 and the relocation should happen before this. As of December 2014, it could take these four years before the Manganese Terminal at the Port of Ngqura is completed therefore ending the relocation from the Port of Port Elizabeth. Apparently the plan is to convert the Manganese Terminal and tank farm land into a vehicle terminal, the timeframe for the decommisioning and rehabilitation of tank and manganese land is 2018 to 2021. As of 14 August 2015, Transnet Port Terminals was issued with a permanent operating license for operating the manganese terminal at the Port of Ngqura.


Port of Ngqura – Manganese Export Expansion Project at the Port of Nguqura involves the upgrade and expansion of the rail network, new bulk minerals export terminal and the reinstatement of existing berths. Infrastructure will comprise new roads, infrastructure services and buildings as well as new equipment: stackers, reclaimers, surge bins and an unloading system (tippler), a conveyor system linking the stockyard with existing berths and these berths will be equipped with twin shiploaders. The tenders for the Port of Ngqura Manganese Export Terminal (DTA 444247) as well as Phase 2 of the Rail project (DTA 444237) were advertised April 2014. The tender for the Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of 2 Shiploaders for the Ngqura Manganese Export has been advertised in August 2015 (DTA 527882) and ix expected to close on 22 September 2015. The tender for Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of a Rotary Dual Wagon Tippler Facility including Supply and Installation of Apron Feeders, Dust Extraction and Suppression Systems, for the Ngqura Manganese Export Terminal is also out (DTA 527873) and also closes on 22 September 2015. Port of East London – In July 2014, it was announced that the Coal terminal at the Port of East London would move to the new Port of Ngqura and be operational in approximately five year’s time. Future development that might be expected is the extention to the Port of East London to include an expanded container terminal, refurbish liquid bulk facilities and boat building.


Eastern Ports:


Port of Richards Bay – With regards to the Port of Richards Bay, plans include the establishment of a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility.


Port of Durban – The Request for Proposal for the Design, Development, Financing, Construction, Operation and Maintenance and Transfer of the New Cruise Terminal Facilities at the Port of Durban was initially advertised in June 2013 (DTA 382061). No award was made and it was advertised again in July 2015 (DTA 524504) The RFP is expected to close on 02 October 2015.

Durban Dig-Out Port (DDOP) – “From 2019 to 2042, Transnet will embark on its medium-term projects, which includes the new dig-out port. The new harbour will be built at Durban’s old International Airport and will require the construction of: a breakwater and entrance channel; a 16 berth container basin and terminals; and a new automotive terminal, among other infrastructure”. So far the driver for the DDOP remains the same, demand will exceed capacity at the existing Port of Durban by ±2025. Although nothing has advanced beyond the planning stage, the current view is that the first phase should be operational by 2025. (PPA 10166)







Proposed third tippler for the Port of Saldanha. Transnet Saldanha Bay










Transnet re-assesses dig-out dates

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