Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing





I recently had the pleasure of taking part in a fly fishing competition in the KwaZulu – Natal Midlands in South Africa. If you ever have this opportunity, you would find yourself in the most impossibly scenic places at the best time of day, catching and releasing a worthy prey – in this case – trout.


The social aspect of this competition is quite well known and was in full swing.  As with any sport or hobby there inevitably is some networking that happens.  One moment you are talking about what fly you were using when you hooked into your fish and the next you are exchanging business cards.  It got me thinking about marketing and how there are some similarities to fishing. Let me explain my thinking…



Do the hard yards

When fishing, it is always a good idea to find where the fish are holding.  What structures would they choose to hide and live in?  What are they feeding on and what do they like to consume?  Similarly in marketing, you need to investigate who your target market is and what are they looking for.  What would create interest in you and your products or services over and above your competitors?


You can’t catch a fish unless your line is in the water

You need to get your line in the water to actually have a fish interested in your offering.  No line, no chance.  Whatever your plan is, brand awareness via repeated exposure or increasing sales, you need to actually put something out there for people to see.   If they don’t see you, they will be less aware of you and someone else is going to get their attention.


Be Present

If I wasn’t at the competition I wouldn’t possibly have caught any fish or even made the connections that I did with the people there.  In the day and age of technology I feel it is still important to be present to connect and engage with people.  People like to put a face to a name.  It makes it more memorable and keeps you front of mind.  It is a more personal connection.  Sometimes, between all the advertising and marketing, you need to make sure that there is an opportunity for people to walk through an open door and actually meet a person.  Let people see inside as such and realise that it is not just a brand they are connecting to, but the people behind it as well.  It makes a difference.


As for the fishing competition… we may not have won, but we definitely got to catch some amazing fish and met some very interesting people who now know more about our brand.  Kind of a win win situation really.  So, the only question remaining is… are you going fishing?



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Creative ways to get your Bill of Quantities

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Creative Ways to Obtain a Bill of Quantity

Bills of quantities are prepared by Quantity Surveyors we all know that thanks to the previous blog post “What is a Bill of Quantities (BoQ)?”

So how does one obtain a Bill of Quantities? Let me count the legal ways…

1. Request the BoQ from the Quantity Surveyor
2. Purchase the Tender Document which contains the BoQ
3. Download off a website if it is available
4. Request the BoQ from the Client directly
5. Request the BoQ from the Architect
6. Request the BoQ from the PA of the Quantity Surveyor
7. Contact Leads 2 Business

All of these methods lead back to the Quantity Surveyor. Surely we could obtain a Bill of Quantities in a more creative way? Maybe the answer would be to become a Quantity Surveyor and draw up your own BoQ. Sounds easy right? Not so quick.
Firstly we need to understand the role a Quantity Surveyor plays in the Construction Industry.

When asked what a Quantity Surveyor does many people will say “Erm. They survey quantities”. That’s what I would have said before working at Leads 2 Business.

From the inception of the project the QS will estimate costs throughout the process based on industry knowledge, substantiating their results with previous projects in order to make estimates on how much the project will cost. A QS performs various roles including managing the costs of a project, calculating quantities (how many bricks a house will need), advice on tendering procedures and contractual arrangements to name a few. Explains why you need to study at least 4 years to obtain a degree.
Becoming a Quantity surveyor may assist you to obtain a BoQ creatively but perhaps not the most efficient way to do so and I doubt anyone would go to such lengths especially when you take into consideration that you may not be appointed on the project you might be interested in pursuing. So what is the alternative?

You could go with some of the conventional methods I listed. If however you are looking for a creative 21st Century approach to obtaining a BoQ that is legal and efficient, Leads 2 Business may be a perfect fit for you.



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