Infographic: Open Quotes

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Infographic: Open Quotes

View our latest infographic if you are a Vendor or Supplier.

Open Quotes


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About Marlaine Andersen

Leads 2 Business Advertising Co-ordinator and Digital Designer

Did you know #DYK: RFQ? Pricing? Drawings…. What?

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Picture this scenario… the phone rings…
a rather flustered voice comes through the phone..
Michelle!!! what’s this RFQ thingy…?
Who sent me this?
What must I price on?
Where can I find the Drawings…?
…. Specifications…? huh!?



These are just some of the questions I am asked on a daily basis. So let’s start from the beginning and break them down.

Leads 2 Business has an online pricing system, Leads 2 Quotes (L2Q), that is designed for Main Contractors to send out Request for quotes (RFQ’s) to suppliers and subcontractors (Vendors).

So you might be asking how is this going to bring in new business to my company? Once you receive an RFQ, you can download the drawings and specification from the Vendor home-page or RFQ mail. This will enable you to add your own terms and conditions, attachments and any important information the Contractor would need. The RFQ can be priced online and in return increases your rating on L2Q which will work in your favour when Contractors are sending out new RFQ’s as your company will be ranked higher.


We provide you with the Contractors details, so if you have any of those important questions about a specific section in the bill you will already have all the tools you need to get into contact with the right people.


If you are not subscribed to any of L2B’s services we have amazing staff that would be more than willing to assist you. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Open Quotes for a minimal amount, this will give you access to new opportunity’s to price to Contractors without them requesting you to price.

Now that’s what I call being proactive!

With a fresh approach to pricing and retrieving what you need to price efficiently and on time. Are you as excited? I am!


Let’s sum it up:

  • RFQ’s are sent via L2Q directly to Preferred Vendors.
  • Documentation and Specifications or any additional information that you might need regarding the RFQ can be found either on the L2Q website or by contacting the Contractor directly.
  • You can add your terms and conditions to your RFQ.
  • The more you price online, the higher your rating on L2Q.
  • New Open Quotes feature enables you to forward your pricing to other Buyers without them even asking you for a price.


Happy Pricing Everybody!!!!!


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Did you Know #DYK: 3 Fundamentals you need to Know about Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities in 3 Steps


Sometimes you have to start at the end to get to the beginning.

I have always found that worked better for me. Like anything worth it, there is a price to pay. So I wanted you to know from the start what most people would tell you at the end. You can have the Open Quotes subscription for R60 per month (which is the equivalent of two double cappuccinos a month).

Stick around and let me tell you three fundamental steps to finding and getting more construction work.  Yes, I am talking Tenders, RFQ’s, Bill extracts and finding Awards. All that good stuff. So here we go….

Open Quotes

Step 1

Respond to RFQ’s Online


If you are in our Construction directory, you may well receive RFQ’s from Buyers when they are Tendering. You can price back via email, fax (does that even still exist??) or do it online and gain a host of other benefits.

Aside from the benefits in the abovementioned picture, you can access Drawings, Specifications, and Bill extracts. You also have our handy calculator to add your rates when pricing online with the ability to stipulate whether labour is included in pricing. You can add comments to the Buyer as well as attach additional documents if you wish.

When you are in your account, your pricing is only visible to you, so what you price is confidential but still available 24/7 online via your secure password. Pretty neat hey? This means you can pretty much price anywhere quickly and efficiently and beat the deadlines, leaving you with extra time to get life done.

Think of all the trees you are saving too! No need to piles of paper that are easily blown away by the aircon in Summer.

A screenshot from behind the scenes gives you a bit of insight into your future pricing platform.

Got it? Step one – Check!

Step 2

Be in the Know

You heard it here first!

The power is in your hands. Now you can be like the Batman, Spiderman or Hulk of finding new business opportunities.  You have an area on your Dashboard reflecting the most recent Bills that are being priced by Buyers that match your trades. From here you can price online, download the Bill and Drawings/Specifications too.  Or if you are not keen, delete the opportunity from your Bills being priced Dashboard. You can use this to your advantage by proactively pricing to these Buyers to gain new work that you may not even have known about previously. You can also contact them and network. Let them know who you are and what your Company provides. It’s no longer passive marketing, but an active approach. All laid on a silver platter before you. Go get em, Tiger!

Got it? Step two – Check!

Step 3

Knowledge is Power

The Awards section. Yes indeed. Knowing who you can approach is all important. Now not only do you know that, but you can send your prices directly to them! Exactly. The Power is once again in your very eager and proactive hands. To price, all you have to do is identify which award matches what you can provide and click on it. You will recognise the distinctive pricing pages along with the options to insert your T&C’s, notes and documents you may need to send.

Got it? Step three – Check!

Funnily, as knowledge goes, it really isn’t all that difficult or complicated. It basically comes down to converting opportunities. Who better than to do it than you? The one who has the experience, passion and drive to succeed.  So take the opportunities and run with them. Run Forest Run! Go get those business opportunities and lock them in.

Like I said at the start, sometimes it is easier to start at the end. You can have this all for R60 per month fee.



If you are keen to find out more, you can fill in the form below and we will contact you. Easy Peasy 🙂

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