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We publish your Tenders & Quotes for FREE

Leads 2 Business publishes tender notices and project information on our website for our subscribers in the building and construction industry.

We are an open communication channel for contractors and consultants across the board, not only by sending them tender opportunities for their businesses but we also allow them to advertise their new tenders and quotes through our website for free.

So instead of using the normal social platforms as contractors, firms and institutions to send out invitations to tender or quote, why don’t you allow Leads 2 Business to come to your rescue by following the steps below:

  1. Check if the Tender or Quote is relevant to our scope (building/construction related)
  2. Send the Tender Notice or Quote to Tenders@L2B.co.za
  3. Make sure all Terms & Conditions are stipulated
  4. The information should cover the following: Contract Number, Works Required, Document Collection information, Query Contact Details, Restrictions, Document Submission and Closing Date.
  5. When all of the relevant info is received, the tender will be captured onto our website and will be assigned a systematically generated/unique DTA number meaning it will be searchable
  6. Lastly, it will then be sent out in the Leads 2 Business – Daily Advisories email, reaching thousands of subscribers that have profiles matching the criteria specified in the Tender/Quote

This free service benefits both subscribers and non-subscribers. Shouldn’t you be here? For more info Click here

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