5 Megacity Projects in Gauteng

5 Megacity Projects in Gauteng

Today I am going to be discussing the 5 new Mega City Developments around Johannesburg that you need to know about.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get to it.

Gauteng is a Sesotho word meaning “place of Gold” and although it is the smallest province of South Africa it has now become a city of modern skyscrapers. Let’s take a look at some of the huge developments taking place there.

The first one we are going to take a look at is Dan Tloome Mega City (PPA 23766)

The project value of this development is R17 billion. The property is situated to the west of Randfontein CBD in Rand West Local Municipality. This mixed-use development will comprise of 22 110 residential units: 5 419 houses and 16 612 high-density units.

The development will consist of social and veteran housing, walk-up apartments, disabled housing with all necessary amenities: shopping and neighbourhood centres, student accommodation, community centres, schools, industrial park and much more. A large sports village with a 40 000 seater stadium is also said to form part of the project.

The next megacity we are going to discussing is the Sandton Gate (PPA 20384):

Sandton Gate is located in the heart of Johannesburg and is 5 minutes away from the Sandton CBD. This mixed-used development will incorporate commercial, residential and retail space all connecting to one another. Pedestrian walkways will connect each building to the next allowing precinct users to zigzag through the development to embrace and access all the amenities effortlessly.

The pedestrian-friendly walkways offer tenants in apartments and office the space to relax. Sandton Gate overlooks the lush green banks of Braamfontein Spruit. This project is being developed by Abland and Tiber.

So far, we have had a look at the Dan Tloome MegaCity and Sandton Precinct.

Now let us move onto our third Mega-City: The Montrose Mega City (PPA 21484)

Montrose Mega City Development is located in the West Rand Region of Gauteng within Randfontein. The development will consist of 5 602 and 8 190 mixed-use residential units on Phase 1 and Phase 2. Montrose Mega City Development has both public and private involvement which will consist of schools, private and public hospitals, a government complex, theme parks, commercial agricultural, retail, commercial office parks and other public amenities.

The duration of the entire development construction period is about 7 years. There are among 750 and 800 people working on-site every day.

The development has the support and upliftment of the community and is expected to have a population of between 56 000 and 70 000 in the Township.

Now we are going to take a look at the next Megacity which is Irene Link (PPA 20875):

Irene Link is one of the new developments being constructed in Gauteng. This development is located on Alexander Road just off Botha Road interchange from the N1. This development will consist of the following tenants –  Crazy Plastics, Dischem, Pick n Pay Clothing, Checkers and Crazy Pets, beauty tenants, health and lifestyle. This building will also comprise of several restaurants for socialising.

This development is currently being constructed by Abland Group. The Irene Link Precinct will consist of residential, retail, medical centres, education facilities, hotels and commercial offices. This project is expected to open around March – April 2021.

Now the next development we are going to be chatting about is the Rainbow Junction (PPA 12838):

The Rainbow Junction is estimated to cost between R10 billion and R12 billion over a 10 – 15-year development phase. This development comprises of prime office, retails, commercial, hotel and conferencing facilities, social and recreational amenities and space for educational facilities. Due to this development being so huge, it is expected to create around 45 000 jobs over its development phase. This strongly transit-orientated development is said to be the world-class, integrated and sustainable mixed-use megaproject. The multi-billion rand Rainbow Junction mixed-use property megaproject will be located in the north of Pretoria CBD.

The Rainbow Junction mall is said to have over 250 retail stores, a state of the art cinema, an ice rink, restaurants and much more. The Rainbow Mall is estimated to cost around R2.5 billion.

“Rainbow takes retail beyond boundaries into an entirely new yet already bustling northern node in the City of Tshwane”.

After taking a look at these exclusive developments, one can see that once complete, they are definitely going to hit Gauteng by a storm. These developments are just a few of the numerous major projects coming up in Johannesburg. Keep a look for these exciting projects on the rise.

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Which Municipalities produce the top Tenders in Gauteng?


Gauteng which means “place of gold”, is one of the nine provinces of South Africa. It was formed from part of the old Transvaal Province after South Africa’s first democratic elections on 27 April 1994. It was initially named Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vereeniging (PWV) and was renamed “Gauteng” in December 1994.

Situated in the Highveld, Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa, accounting for only 1.5% of the land area. Nevertheless, it is highly urbanised, containing the country’s largest city, Johannesburg, its administrative capital, Pretoria, and other large industrial areas such as Midrand and Vanderbijlpark. As of 2015, it has a population of nearly 13.2 million, making it the most populous province in South Africa.

As of May 2011 Gauteng is divided into three metropolitan municipalities, and two district municipalities which are further divided into seven local municipalities.

Metropolitan municipalities:

  1. City of Tshwane (http://www.tshwane.gov.za)

  2. City of Johannesburg (http://www.joburg.org.za)

  3. City of Ekurhuleni (http://www.ekurhuleni.gov.za)

District municipalities:

  1. West Rand (http://www.wrdm.gov.za) containing Randfontein (http://www.randfontein.gov.za), Westonaria (http://www.westonaria.gov.za), Mogale City (http://www.mogalecity.gov.za) and Merafong (http://www.merafong.gov.za)

  2. Sedibeng containing Emfuleni, Lesedi and Midvaal

Westonaria Local Municipality is set to amalgamate with Randfontein Local Municipality after the 2016 Local Elections, set to become the new Rand West Local Municipality.

Below are some Tenders and Projects of interest involving the Municipalities of Gauteng:

City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality:

DTA 589550 – Construction of Phomolong Multi-Purpose community centre.

PPA 12354 – Tshwane Hammanskraal BPO Park – Phase 1 to 3

City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality:

PPA 16853 – Construction of roads and a stormwater management system for Vlakfontein Extension 2 in Gauteng.

PPA 16068 – Upgrading of road Intersections in Matholesville extension 1 and 2 in Gauteng.

City of Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality:

DTA 588075 – Technical Resource Teams (TRT) consisting of a multi-disciplinary professional team to render full built environment related consulting services

PPA 15240 – Ekurhuleni IRPTN / BRT – Infrastructure (Phase 1)

PPA 17402 – Etwatwa Sewer Pipes

Randfontein Local Municipality:

DTA 585051 – Rehabilitation of Roads in Mohlakeng and Toekomsrus Phase 4

Westonaria Local Municipality:

DTA 591181 – Simunye: Construction of Internal Streets with associated Stormwater for Westonaria Local Municipalty – Phase 7

DTA 591176 – Roads in Zuurbekom (Phase 2)

DTA 591187 – Construction of Westonaria Borwa Switch Station (Phase 4)

Mogale City Local Municipality:

PPA 15434 – Magaliesburg WWCW



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Do Private Tenders exist….


Pfft….everything exists…you just need to know where to look!

There is going to be a 30 000m² mall situated on the N3 / London road interchange within Alexandra township, Gauteng. The mall includes 5 entrances, extensive taxi rank facilities, ample parking, two flood-lit mini soccer courts surrounding a 250 seater feature restaurant plus a children’s play area within the food court. And contractors are sitting around scratching their heads wondering “how did I miss this tender”??

Quite simple really. Firstly you have to be invited to tender for it. It is not a Government funded project. It is being done by a Private Developer who already has contractors in mind that will be invited to submit prices. So, yes, Private Tenders do exist. They are just known in construction circles as “Invited Tenders”.

So…. how can you get invited to tender on this mall? You would have to approach the developer or the professional team involved and sell your company to them. But firstly you have to find out who is developing the mall? Who is the architect? Who is the consultant and quantity surveyor…not to mention you have to find the contact details for them too…phew…that is quite a lot of work just to be invited to tender.

At Leads 2 Business we make this easier for the contractor. We source all this information for them. We source these private leads from conceptual stage to procedural stage, where the feasibility and EIA consultant are appointed to ascertain whether the project would be feasible and to ensure environmental authorisation is applied for and received. Yes, yes, we source this information too. Then, once all this is approved the architects are appointed to design the mall. They and the developer put their heads together to see which construction companies they should send the invited tender to. Here you put your foot in the door, a spanner in the works and say hey…what about me…this goes for the vendors too. You can say to the architects and quantity surveyors, well we have this amazing roofing, flooring, walling, windows etc and get your products listed on that BoQ.

It all boils down to … Sell your business. We can only provide the Leads but it is up to you to be “Invited to Tender”.

So to recap…do Private Tenders exist? Yes they do, but do not expect them to come knocking on your door. Go out and find them.

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