Featured Tender: Upgrading of Rail System at the Spilway in Port Mathurin, Rodrigues

Mauritius – DTA 990891

Contract Number:

MPA587/2023 – Mauritius Ports Authority


The Mauritius Ports Authority is inviting bids from local bidders for the Contract MPA 587/2023 – Upgrading of Rail System at the Slipway in Port Mathurin, Rodrigues as more fully described in the bidding document. Bidding exercise shall be conducted through the Open National Bidding method according to the procurement rules and regulations issued by the Procurement Policy Office. The objective of this project is to replace the standard rails to ensure the continuity of operations along the slipway. Scope of the Works The scope of works comprises the following inter-alia: (a) Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the standard rails to match the existing ones on the slipway; (b) Supply and Installation of all accessories and fittings as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for the rails to be supplied; (c) Temporary demobilization of the existing metal cradle system during the period when upgrading works will be implemented; (d) Dismantling of the existing Standard rails and fittings and handover the dismantled rails to the Employer; (e) Installation of the new rail system complete with all accessories and fittings, all as per the manufacturer’s recommendations; (f) Re-commissioning of the existing metal cradle system onto the new rails to ensure the proper functioning of the upgraded facility; etc

Category Industry
Infrastructure, Plant & Machinery Transport Terminal, Road
Region Site Inspection
Mauritius View More Details
Closing Date Contract Period
24 October 2023 at 15:00 (Local Time) No Details

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Industry Events: SAPICS Annual Conference 2018 and Africa Rail 2018

Industry Events: SAPICS Annual Conference 2018 and Africa Rail 2018

Construction Events


SAPICS Annual Conference 2018


10 to 13 June 2018

Event location:

Century City Conference Centre, Western Cape

Event Description:

The Conference programme contains a selection of workshops, mainly on the Sunday afternoon of June 10, for which there is no surcharge. In addition, a variety of fascinating site visits are arranged at a nominal charge, mainly for Wednesday June 13. Pre-booking of both workshops and site visits is required, as there is limited space available. In summary, the programme provides 2.5 days of outstanding presentations, educational workshops, relevant site visits, networking and social activities, designed to enhance delegates’ professional knowledge, experience and standing.

Contact Details:

Tel: 0110236701
E-mail: info@sapics.org.za

Event Details:



Africa Rail 2018


12 to 13 June 2018

Event location:

Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg

Event Description:

Everything you ever needed to know about the latest railway projects happening across the African market

Contact Details:

Tel: +27 (0)11 516 4061
E-mail: siphiwe.ndaba@terrapinn.com

Event Details:




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By Road or by Rail ….

By Road or by Rail



According to Wikipedia : “Transnet Freight Rail is a South African rail transport company, formerly known as Spoornet. It was part of the South African Railways and Harbours Administration, a state-controlled organisation that employed hundreds of thousands of people for decades from the first half of the 20th century.”

Transnet Freight Rail is a freight logistics and passenger transport railway. It is the largest freight hauler in Africa.

The company comprises several businesses:
GFB Commercial (General Freight Business) – Transnet’s largest division; handles over 50% of its freight;
Coal Line, serving coal exporters on the Mpumalanga – Richards Bay line; second largest coal railway in the world, delivering 62 million tonnes of coal (also known as “Black Gold”) in the year ending 31 March 2010;
Ore Export Line – dedicated to iron ore transport on the Sishen to Saldanha line;
Luxrail – The operation of the Blue Train, which is designed as a five-star hotel on wheels.

After doing some in-depth research on this subject (thanks Google!) as why transporting of goods is currently preferred by road over rail. I managed to source the following information :

Offering greater flexibility, speed and adaptability than the alternative of rail, transporting goods between cities by road has long been the chosen mode for most industries. However, the impact of heavy vehicles on the roads is considerable and the cost of maintenance and upgrades is increasing as traffic demands grow. Whilst work on the national road network may be keeping up with the demand, not so on the provincial roads.

The benefits of shifting freight from road to rail would have other transport-related spin-offs such as reduced road congestion and accidents, and less maintenance on road surfaces. Costs, particularly for movers of bulk commodities, would also drop. Rail transport also is regarded as three to four times more efficient than road.
But whether South Africa’s rail system will cope with increased freight demand is questionable. If there was a reliable, safe, efficient, and cost-effective rail service that could meet the need of customers then goods would definitely travel by rail. But there isn’t, so that is why 80% of goods are currently transported by road for the efficiency, cost, reliability, tracking and door-to-door service.

Improving the country’s 20 247 km rail network is now a top government priority and rail volumes are expected to grow to about 350 million tonnes by 2020.
According to Transnet’s website: “ Expanding the country’s infrastructure by successfully implementing the Market Demand Strategy (MDS) will see Transnet’s revenue almost triple from R46 billion to R128 billion over the next seven years.” Transnet’s MDS is a fine-tuned strategy to expand and modernise the country’s ports, rail and pipeline infrastructure with a view to achieve a significant increase in freight volumes, particularly in commodities such as Iron Ore, Coal and Manganese over a period of seven years to promote economic growth in South Africa.

Through investment, Transnet Freight Rail will be able to optimise it’s capital portfolio, build a world-class capital execution function and leverage capital procurement and localisation. In accordance with the strategy, the company has committed itself to railing more than 350.3 million tons of cargo a year by 2018 / 2019, the financial year when the MDS will reach its maturity.

Bearing that in mind, If we do a comparison of Fleet Management tenders on our database, compared with Transnet tenders :
Currently on our database we have 11 live tenders for Fleet Management versus 40 live tenders for Transnet.

Rail vs Road…what would your choice be?





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