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Featured Tender: Upgrading of Rail System at the Spilway in Port Mathurin, Rodrigues

Mauritius – DTA 990891

Contract Number:

MPA587/2023 – Mauritius Ports Authority


The Mauritius Ports Authority is inviting bids from local bidders for the Contract MPA 587/2023 – Upgrading of Rail System at the Slipway in Port Mathurin, Rodrigues as more fully described in the bidding document. Bidding exercise shall be conducted through the Open National Bidding method according to the procurement rules and regulations issued by the Procurement Policy Office. The objective of this project is to replace the standard rails to ensure the continuity of operations along the slipway. Scope of the Works The scope of works comprises the following inter-alia: (a) Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the standard rails to match the existing ones on the slipway; (b) Supply and Installation of all accessories and fittings as per the manufacturer’s recommendations for the rails to be supplied; (c) Temporary demobilization of the existing metal cradle system during the period when upgrading works will be implemented; (d) Dismantling of the existing Standard rails and fittings and handover the dismantled rails to the Employer; (e) Installation of the new rail system complete with all accessories and fittings, all as per the manufacturer’s recommendations; (f) Re-commissioning of the existing metal cradle system onto the new rails to ensure the proper functioning of the upgraded facility; etc

Category Industry
Infrastructure, Plant & Machinery Transport Terminal, Road
Region Site Inspection
Mauritius View More Details
Closing Date Contract Period
24 October 2023 at 15:00 (Local Time) No Details

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