L2B Blog: The groundwork is done now take the lead

The groundwork is done now take the lead

The groundwork is done now take the lead: How using our leads can keep you out of trouble

“Keep you out of trouble” means busy. Busy means you are working, hustling and getting the job done. Progress only comes from consistent and persistent hard work. If you are going to rest on your laurels, be prepared for others to surpass you.

Knowing where to look and find opportunities for your company is half the battle. You can spend your day pouring over countless newspapers, scrolling through websites and scrutinising bulletins or you can let us do that for you. You just have to check your email and work off one website, and you’ll have all the opportunities you need.

The expression is “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. But since L2B has all the “eggs”, you just need to understand how to make the most of them. The idea being that you hedge your bets. You diversify. You branch out. You create a safety net, of sorts, by garnering work through various avenues. This, of course, depends on the type of work you do and your willingness to be re-active or pro-active.

The re-active approach is your basic tender and Request for Quote (RFQ). When you see a tender out that’s right up your alley; you buy the documents, attend the meeting and hand in the signed tender document on the closing date. Hold thumbs and you get the award. For the RFQ, you receive it and decide whether or not to price. Even a “no”, is better than silence. If you don’t hear back from the main contractor, concerning your prices; approach them for feedback. Who’s prices did they accept? Why? Is it something you can work into your prices and services in the future? If you don’t ask, you will never know.

Being pro-active can get your company name out there way before tenders and RFQs. You would monitor a Project at the earliest stage, so you know what to expect and generally when to expect it and approach those professionals or contractors at the right time. You can monitor tenders, and once awarded, approach the awarded companies. Even earlier than that, you could’ve requested the site attendance register and the electronic Bill of Quantity (BoQ), therefore ensuring you know what items to price and who to approach. You’re not only creating relationships, but you could also be saving yourself time and money. If your products or services are not required in a BoQ; you can move on much quicker. Perhaps you impressed the Architect so early on the project, that your products are specified in the Bill of Quantity (BoQ).

You can advertise your company and products/services on the L2B website, and have companies come to you.

Ensure that your Directory entry is comprehensive and up to date. Allowing other companies to find you and contact you with ease, is extremely important in this day and age.

Be aware of when Supplier Database notices come out, and make sure that your company is registered wherever it needs to be registered. Paperwork is a bane, but it also is vital in being able to tender. The added advantage to being registered on Databases is that it puts your company in a position to be approached directly to quote by the Municipality or Government Department. Not every contract can afford to go out to tender, for a variety of reasons; namely time constraints or emergency work.

Last but not least, talk to us at L2B. If there are discrepancies anywhere, let us know so that we might assist in clarifying. The more we learn about your experiences on our website, or out there tendering; the more we can understand how the information we supply directly affects you. Your success is our aim.

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About Claire Donaldson

I started working at Leads 2 Business in February 2005, and have served as Head of Department of Daily Tenders from 2007 until the present. I oversee both the Daily Tenders South Africa and Africa Departments.

Did You Know #DYK: How to use the calendar

How to use the calendar

In this busy lifestyle, it is so easy to forget appointments, especially when handling various tenders and projects on hand. Thanks to Leads 2 Business we have a solution to help you not miss out on any of your site meetings and appointments that will help you get your foot in the door at the precise time.

You can thank us later!

Thanks to the Calendar feature that syncs your selected reminders to your emails it will make it easier for you to remember the important dates.

How do you utilise this feature you may ask? Easy!!!

Once you have opened up your selected Project or Tender that you are interested in.

You will see the Reminder Icons on your right adjacent to the Assigned Icon



And next to the Site Inspection and Closing Date for Tenders


Click on the Reminder Icon and a pop-up screen will appear as below.

You will then click on “Create reminder” which will take you to the next step which will give you a selection of options.

You then have the option to select the reminder you need and insert a small note if it is a follow-up reminder. The reminder can be sent to your email and your mobile phone (depending on your preferred method of communication). Please note the mobile reminder will only reflect should you have an active mobile number on your profile.

Once you have completed the steps above, click on save changes to save the reminder.

The reminder will then reflect on your calendar.

Please note the time reflected on your reminder is not the time your reminder will be sent to you.

The reminder will be sent to you on the morning of the reminder date so you can plan your day more efficiently.

The website also has a Download ICS function on the calendar that can assist you to synchronise your reminders with your email Calendar, given that your program is compatible, for eg. Outlook.

You can use this in the following steps:

Click on the “Actions” icon on your calendar


Once you click on “Download ICS”, it will give you a range of calendar selection, selection the option you prefer and apply.


So there we have it, now you have no excuses to miss any appointments and get the ball rolling on prospective tenders and projects.

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About Sharika Raman

I have worked for Leads 2 Business from January 2015. I started in the Leads 2 Quotes Department for Directory, in January 2020 I was promoted to the Deputy Head of Department for Leads 2 Quotes and in July 2021 I was promoted to the Accounts Department as a Debtors Administrator. I enjoy time with my family creating memories, I like to socialize but also enjoy time to myself so I try to keep a balance by indulging in some quiet time when I can. I see myself as a realist, amazing wife and awesome mom…I am sure my family would agree.

Did You Know #DYK: Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

Using Intelligence in your business approach.


Businesses often make the mistake of surveying their marketing landscape and assuming what works now will work in 5 years’ time. Economic fluctuations continuously occur and these will affect spending. An economic downturn means fewer opportunities with the same number of competitors.


Gaining competitive advantage means having clear objectives:

Streamline your approach; know your industry, know your competitors, have solid knowledge of your company’s strengths and points of differentiation.

Be flexible; regularly assess industry movements, use available information and align your strategies to fit current trends.

Plan ahead; determine which areas to focus on and ensure you are prepared to respond to the inevitable challenges.


Tracking trends and fluctuations give you a steady overview of your corporate landscape, utilise the data to allocate necessary time and resources to the areas that will grow your business.


Using our construction leads platform, we’ve given a breakdown of tenders for each of South Africa’s provinces, including the most populated tender types:


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About Lee Finch

I started my journey at Leads 2 Business in 2004 as an account executive. In 2006 I moved over to MAPRO (Marketing, Advertising and PRO), and in 2012 I became a Director. It’s exceptionally rewarding being a part of the Leads 2 Business team. I’m incredibly proud of the achievements and business ethos and I’ve always firmly believed we offer a valuable service, fine-tuned to our subscriber needs. I am a Mom of two beautiful children, a lover of human interaction, laughter and light, sprinkled with a generous dose of fun.

Survive & Thrive the remainder of 2015

The end of the year is approaching and fast. Deadlines are looming and time is slipping away.

If you’re like most people you’re probably wondering when you’ll turn the corner and see that finish line, the one you have been looking for since the start of 2015. You’re exhausted, light-headed, in serious need of a siesta and possibly considering quitting and trying again next year.

Don’t let November get the better of you!


You may need a quote or 2 to help keep motivated and focused, something like:

“Just keep swimming.” by Dory (Finding Nemo) or,

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.” by Maya Angelou

Leads 2 Business : Keep Swimming

If that doesn’t float your boat try these to help you Survive & Thrive the remainder of 2015:


Carpe Diem!

Ask for help

Be realistic

Show gratitude

Breathe deeply

Be proactive & plan

Spend time with nature

Take care of your body

Be optimistic & positive

Focus on your strengths

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Keep things in perspective

See the beauty around you

See problems as challenges

Have a break (have a Kitkat)

Reward yourself when you achieve

Get to work a little early and stay a little late

Don’t rely on your memory (write things down)

Try something new, variety is the spice of life after all


And lastly…

Eat, Drink & be Merry

You made it! You survived another year and that’s reason enough to celebrate. Lighten up, enjoy yourself and others during the ‘silly season’.


Leads 2 Business - Survive and Thrive





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Millennial Mom + wife living the hash-tag life. Remember: If You Fail - Fail Forward

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