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L2B : Celebrating 25 years – A Memoir of Growth and Resilience

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As I sit here writing this reflection of my six-year journey at Leads 2 Business, aflood of memories washes over me. It feels like just yesterday when I first stepped foot into the office on a misty/sunny Hilton morning, 1st June 2018. With only varsity and interning experience, I was eager to embark on a first real job. Admittedly, my knowledge of the marketplace was limited to what I had learned in school, and little did I know that this humble company would become the catalyst for my personal and professional growth.

The moment I walked through the doors for my first interview, a striking portrait of a tree caught my eye. Its leaves were intricately crafted from the fingerprints of current and past employees, forming a tapestry of connection and history. For some reason, I always associated that painting with the magnificent and steadfast Cedar tree, a fitting nod to our trading name, Cedrus Internet Solutions. Like the Cedar tree, I sensed there was a story behind Leads 2 Business, one of longevity and resistance to falling. And I was right!

Leads 2 Business was birthed in a garage at 32 Acutt Road, Hilton, as our CEO often fondly recalls. The company’s humble beginnings have always captivated me, for it is a testament to the power of determination and the relentless pursuit of a vision. From those modest origins, Leads 2 Business has blossomed into a thriving organisation and a recognizable brand in our industry, with two main offices and remote branches scattered throughout the country. How could I not carry a sense of pride in playing a small part in this remarkable story?

Over the years, I have grown in ways I never imagined. Through the ups and downs, I have learned invaluable lessons about human nature and the inner workings of running a business. From behind the scenes, I have witnessed the intricate processes and tireless efforts that go into building and sustaining a successful enterprise. Leads 2 Business has become my training ground, allowing me to develop skills and insights that extend beyond the confines of my job description.

But it is not just the company’s growth that has left an indelible mark on me. It is the people—the pioneers, the clients, and the vibrant network of employees—who have shaped my experience. I have had the privilege of witnessing the likes of Mark Meyer, our IT Director, teeter on the edge of sanity as he and his team work tirelessly to keep our website running smoothly. And the whispers of Brandon Le Roux’s impeccable leadership in the sales office are not unfounded. I have seen firsthand the remarkable job the sales team does in keeping the finance machine well-oiled. In the head office, I have witnessed the growth of individuals like Debora Keet, who continues to grow in her leadership role. The evolution of each employee is nothing short of incredible, this gets me thinking of a privilege to see the joyful personality of our Jackie Van Zyl come out.

As I celebrate Leads 2 Business’s 25-year milestone, I am filled with a sense of awe and wonder. This company, this living organism, that has weathered storms, continues to evolve and inspire. It has taught me the importance of striving for excellence in my work, of honouring and respecting those that put their hand to the plough, pioneered and paved the way. The clients who entrust us and the current employee network that still continues building.

As I look to the future, I wish nothing but continued success and growth for Leads 2 Business. May it continue to thrive, adapt, and innovate, just as it has for the past 25 years. I am honoured to have walked this path, and I am excited to discover the new chapters that lie ahead. Leads 2 Business, thank you for the memories and the growth. I am grateful for the part you have played in shaping me into the person I am today.

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