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L2B Blog: Give your competitors the chills: Heating and cooling tips

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When it comes to Heating and Cooling systems, size matters.

It may not matter for some things, but for one’s well-being and wallet, it is critical.

Air conditioning is now almost seen as a standard piece of equipment in most homes and businesses. We don’t necessarily think about it because some of us are fortunate enough to live in a home with a cooling system and most businesses have air conditioning.

Cooling technology has advanced to improve our comfort and health.

Before air conditioning, our homes and work places were very hot in the summer. In the heat of the summer, homes and offices, even large warehouses and the like were not the comfortable, cool sanctuary they are today. To catch a cool breeze was not very easy as most (if not all) closed-up homes were too hot and uncomfortable. Windows were opened as much as possible to provide some ventilation to the building.

Air conditioning was first installed residentially in 1914. The unit was 7 feet high, 6 feet wide and 20 feet long! Obviously, the size of the system was quite costly and only could be installed where space was ample. Wealthy people with large homes were really the only ones who could access it.

Early air conditioners were loud, the efficiency was poor and were expensive to operate.

Air conditioning manufacturers have taken great strides to develop efficient cooling technology and convenience with seemingly endless equipment choices.

Air conditioning has also become more environmentally friendly as research has shown that Freon is linked to ozone depletion, currently, the R-22 refrigerant is being phased out and environmentally-friendly R401A refrigerant is the new standard.

Air conditioning systems have become much more affordable over the years, leading to their widespread use in the world all over. Today, more than 80 percent of homes and businesses in the world have an air conditioning system. The addition of the air conditioner has changed architecture, making it possible to have windowless buildings and dwellings without patios.

Keep cool and thank an HVAC Tech!

Below are some Heating and Cooling tips:
  • Keep your AC lower at night
  • Use portable units e.g. fans and heaters – costs less too and circulates the air
  • Close off vents
  • Keep your ducts in a row – make sure the areas where your ducts run through are properly insulated
  • Try 22 degrees – leave the thermostat alone – nice and steady there she goes
  • Keep your AC in the shade
  • Insulation is a cost effective barrier to heat loss and gain in your home
  • Windows, doors and skylights – if well designed can significantly improve energy efficiency and comfort
  • Seal air leaks and beef up insulation
  • Prevent heat loss – close windows and doors
  • Draft stoppers – seal gaps under doorways.
  • Heat and Cool only the rooms that are being used
  • Timers – for when and how long you need it.
  • Close doors of rooms that are not being used

Life is so much easier when we chill out! So with that in mind:

Husband: How long has the AC not been working?
Wife: 2 weeks
Husband: Why did you wait 2 weeks to have it fixed?
Wife: Your parents were here, planning to stay for the month!

Remember HVAC Tech Day 22 June.



Many thanks to Werner Egerer from Superway Construction (Pty) Ltd for his assistance and insight.

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