How the Global Pandemic changed Business

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On the evening of 23rd March 2020, every South African was planted in front of their TV to listen to the most important Family meeting ever recorded in history. That was the day we knew our lives would change for the good part of forever.

The coronavirus pandemic has reached almost every country in the world. Its spread has left national economies and businesses counting the costs, as governments struggle with new lock-down measures to tackle the spread of the virus. Despite the development of new vaccines, many are still wondering what recovery could look like.

The impact of the pandemic on small businesses has been nothing but devastating. But as always, Give the people a challenge and they will form a solution.

When we walk into any shop now, we are faced with the reality of sanitizing, shields between us and the person on the other side, markings on the floor to ensure social distancing. A mini-panic attack arises when you see a person without a mask, when someone comes too close to you or when the lady at the till touches your bank card.

Companies were forced to start thinking about the pandemic. The way of doing business has changed. A new normal if you will. All of a sudden wifi installations around the country skyrocketed. Every household needed super-fast internet to adhere to the new way of working remotely.  Companies gave up office space as it was no longer needed.

As companies were downsizing or shutting their doors, grocery delivery services experienced a different reality, It grew at a pace no one could ever predict.

The new position everyone wanted to add to their resumes was being an Entrepreneur. People started thinking of innovative ways on how to make a living. From knitting and selling scarfs to baking classes online.  Live Safari drives in the Kruger. The new gym launched in your lounge daily. We saw music concerts happening online. Classes on how to sanitize properly. If the way we work changed surely the way we have fun has to change.

The pandemic has forced us to slow down, to actually see today, to be grateful for what we have. We have formed relationships with family living far away. We enjoyed the company of a stranger in a grocery store waiting in line to pay. The pandemic has forced us to grow emotionally and spiritually.

But as our nation looks to recover from the scourge of COVID-19, are we capitalizing on the strength of digital businesses?

President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced an economic recovery plan with bold promises. He said his government would create 800 000 job opportunities in the coming years. The plan covered many sectors including forestry, energy, construction, and farming.

How has the Global Pandemic changed your Business? Comment below

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8 Interesting places to visit in Angola

Angola is a country situated in Southwestern Africa with a vast history of civil war and Illegal poaching. The name Angola comes from the word Ngola, which was an iron object that symbolized kingship among the Mbundu & Lunda people. A holiday in Angola with leave you mesmerised with the beauty of the cities, the tropical forests, Pasture lands and animals. I chose the 8 most beautiful places to visit in Angola.

1. Luanda
Luanda is the modern capital city located in Angola and it overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The city is densely overpopulated but it has not lost its charm and the uniqueness of the city can never fade away. So when you are in Angola, never forget to visit Luanda.

2. Dilolo Lake
The Dilolo Lake is the largest lake located in Angola. The lake has certain mystic happenings that occur there. Legend has it some supernatural forces seem to cover the entire lake which prevents fishermen from fishing in the lake.

3. The Tunda Vala Fissure
The Tunda-Vala volcanic fissure, where you can climb to 2600m above sea level. The view of a sheer drop to sea level is quite spectacular. This area is perfect hiking. Don’t miss out on this wonderful destination.

4. Benguela
Benguela is a city in Western Angola, capital of Benguela Province. Benguela is one of Angola’s most populous cities with a population of 555,124 in the city. On the 13th August 2014 the Benguela Railway, in Angola, was reopened throughout, between the port of Lobito and the town of Luau. The devastating Angolan civil war, which lasted for 27 years, from 1976 to 2002, forced the closure of the entire railway line, except for the 34 km (21 mile) stretch between the coastal towns of Lobito and Benguela. This region has the friendliest people. There are various beautiful beaches located here. A must-see for every tourist!

5. The Arch Lagoon
The Arch Lagoon is located in Tombwa and is famous for the various rock formations in the Lagoon. This park has more than 2000 stone arches, in addition to more than a hundred soaring pinnacles, massive fins and giant balanced rocks. Do not miss the exotic wildlife species in the area. If you are looking for peace and serenity, Don’t miss the Arch Lagoons.

6. The Lobito
Lobito is a relatively new location and is known for the export and the harbour located in the region. There are numerous beaches situated in Lobito. There are many fine-dining restaurants where you can get a taste of the cuisines famous in the region. Lobito has perfect sunrises and sunsets.

7. Dala Waterfalls
What a spectacular sight to see the water coming down crashing on the rocks is a grand feat. A bridge built below the falls is something which is a place to visit. The Waterfalls capture many hearts of the visitors who give a visit to Angola.

8. Iona National Park
This is the largest national park in Angola. The park holds the best species of plants and animals that one can ever see. The Springbok, The Ostrich, are some of the indigenous species that you can find in the park. These are the best places in Angola which should be visited at least once in a lifetime.

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