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Advertising and Marketing within the Construction Industry

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Advertising and Marketing within the Construction Industry

Advertising and Marketing within the Construction Industry

When I think of Advertising within the Construction Industry, I picture driving past a construction site being developed, imagining a new shopping centre / new hospital or maybe even an office block that will be in the space that was once empty.
There is always a great deal of excitement within the town, people are eager to know what is being constructed. This already has the target market talking.
It is a fundamental way of advertising and connecting that excitement to your company. It is vital that your company name is on all construction signage boards advising the audience what is being constructed.

There are a lot of alternative ways to advertise your construction company if you consider every surface an advertisement space on your construction site, here are a few examples:

Providing Uniform for all your staff on site:

I strongly believe that providing your staff with a uniform creates a level of a professional business image, it eases identification as well as lets your employees look smart and neat, uniforms give your staff a sense of belonging and security, and it promotes company unity, pride and loyalty.
Uniform creates brand awareness and transforms your staff into moving sign boards.



Safety signage on your construction site is essential, why not be creative and make your safety signage with your company name, this will be an eye-catcher. Furthermore it is a great surface to print your logo on.
Your plant machinery will possibly be on site for the duration of the development, branding your machinery is a free way to advertise and notify people driving past that your company is on site and you are constructing the development the town is excited about.

This is a great way to market your skills and advertise your work.

Social Media:

Before and after photo are always an amazing way to market your work and skills, social media is a very effective and very low cost platform to build your company name. Social media can also give you insight about your competitors as well as instant online feedback from clients and target market.

Great Advertising can help your business! So, the next time your company is working on a building site, remember to market your work by ensuring your company signage is visible and post before and after photos on your social media pages.


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