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The Cost of Free

When you think of the eTenders portal, the adage “No such thing as a free lunch” comes to mind. To be fair though, when has a government-driven solution ever been successful?

There is one “positive” though: The eTenders Portal is free? This might lead you to consider it a viable alternative to Leads 2 Business?

The reality is that almost nothing is truly free. Consider the long-term effect this will have on your business:

  1. Spending time on multiple sources looking for the relevant, updated information?
  2. Catering for your specific requirements?
  3. Quality and quantity of information?
  4. Assistance and support?

The question is, can you really afford to miss another opportunity? Keep your order book healthy and your pipeline filled with validated opportunities. Think long-term.

Ps. Did you know Leads 2 Business also offers a free publication of tenders by simply emailing Tenders@L2B.co.za?

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2 Responses

  1. Neo Mdaka
    | Reply

    If you’re getting something for free you are most likely the product being sold.

    • Sasha Anderson
      | Reply

      Hi Neo, thanks for your comment! That’s an interesting point.

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