Five of the most common reasons why people hate Shopping Malls

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Five of the most common reasons why people hate Shopping Malls


  1. Location – Is very important when deciding where to develop a shopping centre as consumers are drawn to the convenience and do not want to drive for miles to do their shopping and its situation must be in a safe location whereby consumers are safe travelling there. Consumers will avoid areas where there are a lot of vagrants entering malls.
  2. Parking – Not being able to find parking is anyone’s worst nightmare, consumers need to be able to find parking easily and have enough parking spaces allocated for special needs e.g. moms and tots and disabled parking. If security booms are installed they need to be in proper working order and there must be an emergency contact number should there be a problem with the pay machines.
  3. Security – Everyone wants to know they are safe when they are shopping, security in and around the shopping centres is very important, people will not shop in centres where there is ‘high crime’. Installation of good quality cameras throughout the centre and all ATMs are a must as these help police catch criminals and deter criminals. Centres must employ security companies to patrol all areas.
  4. Crowds – People don’t like to shop where there are crowds just hanging around.  Mall Management needs to make sure that the security keeps people moving and that people do not just go to the mall to stand around, as this is generally when crime happens.
  5. Toilets – Ablution facilities should always be kept clean and safe, there should always be security posted near the toilets to ensure customers’ safety. Clean toilets that have good baby changing facilities and disabled toilets are always a drawcard to malls as everyone wants to use clean toilets and hygienic facilities.

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