Stay Driven & Plan for 2022

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In order to stay driven and motivated at year-end, think back on what you have accomplished throughout the year so far.

Look at the goals you are near to achieving. Remind yourself how well you have done and how close you are to completing your goals. Motivational self-talk helps.

Lean on your Support System. Stay connected, stay in touch with friends and family that will keep you motivated and support you.

Remember to ask for help if you need it. Asking for help develops relationships, improves resilience, develops a growth mindset, improves mental health, and shows maturity.

When planning for 2022, don’t get discouraged; take smaller steps, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Make sure to give yourself time and space to accomplish your goals, be realistic.

Whenever you are setting goals, be willing to change the direction. Remember to plan and prioritize in order to keep things manageable.

Ask yourself: Is this goal relevant? Is this something I intend to accomplish in the future? What is the purpose of this goal? Is this goal reasonable and attainable?


Remember, motivation starts within. Find what works for you.

Never forget that you may fall and trip along the way, but keep your head up high and keep going! Stay focused on the bigger picture and visualize yourself succeeding.

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