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7 Cyber Safety Tips

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1. Think before you click – Avoid suspicious online links from untrusted sources and emails.

2. Don’t overshare – While there are many opportunities to share personal information online it may come at the cost of allowing a criminal to guess your passwords, security questions, and logins.

3. Don’t fall behind on updates – Updates often include fixes to security flaws in an application, this puts you at risk for all sorts of malware.

4. Keep an eye out for phishing scams – This is when a hacker will attempt to trick you to open an application that can infect your system and steal your credentials. Avoid emails with unfamiliar senders and grammatical errors. Hover over any link to verify the destination.

5. Make sure your data is backed up – Your valuable data can be erased or encrypted by hackers, make sure you back it up on a physical location and the cloud.

6. Keep your mobile device secure – Use strong passwords and don’t connect to any public Wi-Fi automatically.

7.Use a Firewall – Using a firewall ensures that all the devices connected to your network are secure, many smaller devices such as webcams do not have sufficient security and a firewall prevents access to these vulnerable points of entry.

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