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What does Value mean to You…..





I have been pondering this blog topic since it was assigned to me weeks ago and to be completely honest I wasn’t quite sure what approach I should take…. however this morning I woke up with ideas rushing through my head. Don’t you just love those moments! 🙂


Now believe me when I say not every idea I have should be written down…. but it’s my birthday today and I think its me turning 30…. (the end of that number is irrelevant!).
Anyway it was this, I think, that got me thinking about what value really means….

I’m sure you will agree that this changes with age. In your 20’s you generally find value in possibly your first car, furthering your education and for some perhaps simply their favourite high heels will bring value to their life!  Please don’t get me wrong, this is just a very general synopsis, I know there are plenty of 20 odd year old’s who have started families and long life careers by their mid 20s 😉

But I assure you, your values, and what you value will change with age!

Now being in my 30’s (and I’m sure all of you that are alongside me in this age group can relate) I feel that value is measured differently. It comes in the form of a morning smile from your partner, or a hug from your child and the memories we hold safe, along with the careers that quite often make a lot of this all possible.

“Family over friends”  now starts to make more sense and finding your happy place at home and work really means a lot, because by now the decision’s you have made are usually the ones you would like to stick with.

I’m sure most of us have somewhere along the line heard someone of the “older” generation talk about how they got to go to the “bioscope” with popcorn, a coke and a packet of what I envisioned looked like wine gums, all with a coin, few of us have ever laid our eyes on!

Now this is what value was. “More Bang 4 your Buck” is the term I remember being thrown around freely while I was growing up.


So….Is there still value in the commercial world?
Now I’m no business owner but I think value is often derived from value. When your employees are valued this brings on a sense of encouragement, fulfillment and an all round eagerness to please, which in turn, turns into creating or delivering a valued product or service.

Makes sense right….


Now I leave you with a quote from Chris Holmes US musician and member of the band W.A.S.P. (once again this is of no relevance, but I do like his quote!)

“ Kindness doesn’t cost a penny but its Value is beyond measure to the recipient”

So go out today and do something that will bring value to someone’s life, this will more than likely bring value to your own…. and if not….you will at least be left with a warm fuzzy feeling in your belly!



Until the next time, this is me signing off and wishing you a super day!  🙂



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