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Tips for Open Quotes Vendors

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Engage with Contractors

The South African marketplace is ever-increasingly competitive. Stand out from the crowd, grow your business and engage with contractors that already looking for what you have to offer today.

Our Open Quotes provides an up-to-date list of all Bills being Priced and Bills Awarded to Main Contractors matching your profile trades and regions. You have the opportunity to price for as many of the contracts available on your profile. By taking a proactive rather than a reactive approach you are expanding your quote audience. Target your pricing audience. Make informed decisions for your business.

Price Online

  • Save Time: easy options to intend, download, view, decline, and archive RFQs
  • Centralise Storage: a detailed record of all RFQs received, priced, declined, and archived, kept safely online
  • Drawings/Specs: easily accessible and ready to download where available
  • Reliability: not ready to submit? Enter your pricing and return to complete later thanks to our auto-save functionality

Record Responses

Remember to record your responses timeously. Responses include (priced, declined, or intend to price). This not only affects your Pricing Indicator ensuring you stay most visible for buyers/contractors requesting prices but also maintains your relationship with contractors.

Download our Open Quotes Quick Guide below:

Open Quotes


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