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Time to contact your contractor?

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Time to contact your Contractor



Have you ever wondered how a contractor chooses who he awards contracts to or how to get a contractor to notice you?


We went in search of possible answers from some of the industry leaders as to what they look for in a vendor and what the winning factor for them could be.


Construction moves fast!


It’s a fast paced industry in terms of carrying out the building works and having deadlines met.


Buyers don’t chase after vendors!


Contractors don’t like to be pestered. They don’t have time to sift through superfluous information. Have your documents together and ready to get the ball rolling. Contractors don’t become contractors because they love to communicate. They have more experience doing things a certain way and in a timeous manner.


No delays! If you are going to say that you will do something then do it!


If you state that you have priced or are going to price, send your prices through and make sure that they are sent on time. A contractor won’t stay in business unless he prices competitively. If your price is too high in comparison to the current market, he will get another quote for comparison.


It’s all about establishing good, trustworthy relationships with contractors and having the capacity to perform.


Contractors, yes as vendors know, have a preferred list but it’s NOT limited. Contractors DO try to blend in new blood. A contractor will look at past experiences to determine how companies and vendors market themselves, their quality of work, competence of staff and whether one can cope with regards to work volumes and requirements.


Just as we, as people, try to market ourselves for a new career, what candidate to vote for in an election, choose a life partner, it all involves a list – a list of various factors, criteria and considerations, which will benefit you, your company and your decisions in life in general.


Many thanks to Neels van Staden from Stefanutti Stocks Building for his assistance and insight.

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