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The Tiny House Movement

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The Tiny House Movement BIM

When I thought of the Tiny House Movement, I thought of a smaller carbon footprint, lock-up and go, less cleaning, solar panels… Savings, savings, savings!
But, I wanted to know more about this very possible, future version of living!

So, off to trusty Google I went. Reading article after article about these little works of art…

There really is so much more to these little homes, than I imagined! On top of all of the above already mentioned incredible advantages, it is the labour and love that goes into these small structures.
I highly recommend following some of the links for further discovery of the opportunities that exist within this emerging real estate solution.

This is what I have gathered so far:

The Tiny House Movement

The Tiny House = Small (make that teeny, I mean anything smaller than 37 Square Meters, on the smaller studio size, but built with green and eco-mobility and sustainability in mind.
These Tiny houses, are not prefabricated, precast, container made residences. These are homes made with love, respect and have been created by some of the best problem solving minds in the industry.
The idea of the ‘home’ is evolving these days. Gone, are the days of buying the dream home, living there for 30-40 years, leaving the home to your kin to bring up with their kin and so it went on…

Nope! These days, people are upward and mobile! Millennials don’t buy homes with the plan of paying them off for the next 30 years, they buy homes with the idea of flipping them for a quick profit.

(This thinking has occurred with an unrealistic confidence born of regulatory practices within the financial industries over the last few decades). Instead of improving their lives as hoped and dreamed some quickly have found themselves in the quicksand of such long term loans with exponentially, expounding interest rates sky-rocketing into debt, ploughing into an uncertain future. The economic crashes we have seen in our lifetime, have been far more reaching than those of our predecessors.

Enter, these new Tiny options that could change that landscape.

Built with BIM (Building information modeling), these Tiny Homes, are finally offering some alternative options for people to have the opportunity to “own” their own space, They are well built, thoughtfully designed and paid off within two to five years.

It is a bachelor’s studio, but mobile, with the environment in mind, economic freedom and pretty much as low maintenance as you can get.  It is a marrying of machine and man, to be able to perfectly create liveable and sustainable living areas. Creative, functional, flexible, sustainable and environmentally more responsible. These homes could very well hold a massive stake in the housing market for our future generations.

Bear in mind, these tiny spaces may not be the answer for growing families, but for young individuals, and the elder alike, there now exists a real opportunity for one to have their own space – without the worries of a 30 year debt.

Most of these homes are bespoke in nature, and great detail is observed in creating these incredibly compact little residences.

Whilst still in infancy stages in South Africa, have a look at some of the below numbers and some of the pics of these little gems from the growing movement abroad. 😀



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