Tips for Buyers using L2B

To receive the best and relevant prices for your tender, take into consideration the following:

When Creating the L2Q Bill Request:

  • Ensure that the Vendors / Subcontractors are given enough time to price the RFQ, too short a lead time and they will be unable to submit a price.
  • Provide a start date, as this will determine whether their schedule will allow them to price.
  • Provide an accurate location (physical address or GPS co-ordinates) where the work will take place.
  • Provide as much information as possible, i.e., drawings or scope of works, etc.

When Sending out the RFQ’s:

  • Read the description of the company before selecting, as some companies might only do a specific part of a trade and it might not be the work that needs to be priced.
  • Select the companies that service the applicable region and send them to a select list.
  • Only send to one contact in the same company, as selecting multiple contacts in the same company may cause confusion.

After RFQ’s have been sent:

  • Respond to queries that may be sent to you from the Vendors / Subcontractors.

By following the steps above, you should receive a spread of prices to assist in compiling your tender, and as always, the L2Q Department is available for assistance and will assist in following up on prices still required.

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About Cecile Van Deventer

I joined the L2Q Team in 2006, as a L2Q Support Assistant and have been the HOD since 2010. I supervise L2Q Bills, Daily Tender Bills, Control Lists and Directory.