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Our Online history…. and so much more #whatacompany



This blog has got me so nervous and excited all at once, which in my experience is usually the start to something magical…. so lets see if I can pull this off!


To be perfectly honest, there is no way I can truly bring to life exactly how Leads 2 Business came about, but I will tell you this, this story has the makings of a great movie!  A little bit of rags 2 riches, some deviant play, hard work and reward and even a little romance in the form of a persistent wife who was adamant to buy her dream house, which in turn, turned out to be the step that took a “two man band” company to a company with over 80 happy employees:) …… woman really do always know best, you see:)

So what started as a dream back in 1998/1999 for two friends wanting to give “online” access to a Directory (“Find a Business” astutely named) for all and for free, relying only on advertising in a time when the INTERNET was still something most people had only heard about, soon turned in to a realisation that this was gonna take a lot of time and dime with very little reward…..

Now don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a story of failed attempts and umpteen restarts….on the contrary, this is a story of evolution!!!

Being previously in the Construction Industry, it wasn’t a far stretch for Mr Victor Terblanche – Founder & Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, and by that I’m referring to the fact that he was doing all his own programming, developing, sales and marketing at the time, well anyway, they decided to reach out to the construction industry – converting BoQ’s….. yes, that’s where it all really started –

1 2 3 Contracting, services including selling of Internet services and Fax Services lol!

As long as you are solving a problem you will never go hungry And that’s what they did, they solved problems!

They went on to identify the need for easily accessible tender notices – and Daily Tenders was born, with Private Projects and Price Assist Life (PAL) which is now our L2Q service right behind!


But lets just picture this for a minute, you now have an “online” business you need to convince your clients to subscribe to, but first you need to convince them to get “The Internet” first.

At this stage most businesses didn’t even have an email address, meaning the only way to get brochures to anyone was to do it the old fashioned –

Lick-Stick-Snail-Mail-Way …… this is what I call pure determination right there!


The Companies First Ever Brochure.

Screenshot from 2016-06-22 09-05-04

With some cunning maneuvers, crafty investigation, pure wit and I’m sure some brawn to endure the late nights and many trips to Johannesburg, Victor and his small team convinced the construction industry and some key players into believing in this site, some of whom are still subscribed to us today!

4 people strong at that time (if my scribbles from the “interview” I had with Victor serve me correctly)…. all working in a sloped floored garage, weathering the rain with towels and strategically high placed computer boxes and cables, the struggle was real!

And what most people don’t know, while this was all happening, someone else was discovering a dream….. Victor’s wife… she had a dream for a bigger better home!  and without going into all the details, let me just say that because of one woman’s persuasive ways, this little garage company was enabled the cash injection it needed to get to where it is today!…. Leads 2 Business incorporating,
Daily Tenders, Private Projects and a Pricing Platform like no other, L2Q!


So now that you have a little back ground let me show you just how this site and company has evolved visually and technically.

First to go was the 1 2 3 Constructing website.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.05.24 AM



And so the evolution of Leads 2 Business started to take place!


This is one of the company’s very first Daily Advisories way back in 2003.

Screenshot from 2016-06-22 08-59-29




This was the very first brochure slash application slash user manual and application forms from 2007







2008 we saw a logo change:

20160621_111422-1 20160621_111258-1




2009 was somewhat of a new look once again.





And the 2009 brochure was our first offer to our clients: the ability to choose their own Daily Advisory filters.





2010, this was a good year in particular for me, it was when I got to join this ever progressive Company:) Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.05.24 AM



It was only two short years later on 23 March 2012 to be exact…. when we ditched our comfortable “Yellow Site”  and were thrown head first, with very little warning, (some kicking and screaming I might add) but ultimately SAFELY into what is now the current site we have all come to know, and love…..

Screenshot from 2016-06-21 14-24-47

But…. if I can give you any advice, never get too comfortable with Leads 2 Business, it is ever evolving & change is always inevitable, and this year is no exception as we stand on the brink of another HUGE & exciting upgrade to our website.

Now believe me, when I heard this, the mere thought sent cold shivers down my spine, made my blood run cold and ……..I even glimpsed at the door, purely out of fear of course ;)….. but then I remembered,

That without change, there is no growth…. and that’s what I am here for, and I’m sure you are here for that too, and when you stick with L2b you are guaranteed to be taken with on their revolutionary train of discovery in the Online industry!

Competitors have come and gone, brochures have changed as well as our site but one thing is certain, Victor Terblanche’s early vision to “solve your problem” has never changed and now runs through us all at Leads 2 Business 🙂

And so in closing I would like to express the privilege it is not only to work for this company, but to work for this man:)


Victor Terblanche – Chief Executive Officer

and Our Directors

Screenshot from 2016-06-22 10-25-19

This Blog has really been a pleasure to write and I got to find out what I’m really a part of,  and I was right…. it is pretty magical:).


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