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Symbiosis through L2Q

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A remarkable pricing platform that is used by Contractors to send out price enquiries to Vendors / Suppliers when tendering for contracts, which has made an irrefutable impact with far reaching benefits for its users.


Here are some suggestions to the two major key players in this highly competitive industry we call CONSTRUCTION:

To the Vendors that receive the Requests for Quotes (RfQ’s):

  • Respond timeously to the RfQ’s by using our fast and easy online links.
  • Engage/negotiate/communicate with the Contractor. Be pro-active, contact the Contractor and enquire how competitive your prices are. This will stand you in good stead if the contract is awarded to the Contractor that has requested a price from you.
  • Become a Platinum Directory Listing (PDL) subscriber. You will be e-mailed award notifications on tenders that you have been requested to price on (so even if a contract has not been awarded to the Contractor that has requested a price from you, you now have been notified of the successful tenderer and can re-direct your quotation).
  • By being a PDL subscriber you have access to our very extensive Directory, make use of it by looking up companies and market yourself by sending out your company brochure/profile from our website, or if you prefer, make contact telephonically.



To the Contractors that send out the Requests for Quotes (RfQ’s):

  •  Acknowledge receipt of the quotations.
  • Engage/negotiate/communicate with the vendors/suppliers.
  • Acknowledge that you recognise and appreciate the time, effort and cost that goes into submitting a comprehensive quotation, thereby dispelling the vendors impression that you are using their prices as “cover prices”.
  • Use the RFQ functionality to communicate with the vendors that you have requested prices from.We strive to create value for our subscribers and recognise the vital role both the vendor and Contractor play in meeting each other’s requirements that are critical in each other’s successes.


So let’s foster healthy, mutually beneficial relationships based on solid long-term partnerships.  So why don’t the main Contractors hop onto the L2Q train and see how your tendering world will change? If you don’t, dare I say, you may kick yourself for not doing so.

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