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L2B Blog: How to demolish a wall the right way

So when I got my topic for our blog I thought to myself, how am I supposed to know? Well seeing as though we’re in the Industry and get to work with the Pro’s on a daily basis, why not ask them how they do it? I reverted to my client Mr Brenton Bokelmann from Supa Diggers. With his great sense of humour, his first response was “drive the machine through the wall”

Please note, it is imperative to use the proper tools. Employ care when demolishing the wall to steer clear of injury. Wear the relevant PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as safety glasses, a dust mask, heavy duty gloves and safety boots.

First things first! Everyone dislikes a mess and extra work, so best you clear out the room or the area where the wall is and place a plastic covering for minimal cleanup time and effort.

Knowledge of the simple basic construction craftsmanship and knowledge with power saws and power hammer drills is convenient when demolishing the type of brick wall found in and around a home in South Africa.

For your regular buildings, such as houses, that are one, two or three stories high, demolition is quite an effortless process when you don’t have close by buildings etc. The wall is pulled down either physically or by using yellow hydraulic equipment: cranes, bulldozers or excavators.

Size Matters! If you have a neighbour to bear in mind and don’t necessarily want your debris lying in their dining area, break down the wall piece by piece ensuring the wall doesn’t come down all at once, causing damage to surroundings. Begin by measuring and marking the area of the wall you want to be removed, doing this you create a breaking point for your wall. Score over the said marks with a utility blade that is sharp. This prevents unwanted wall breaking or being demolished in error. Then slowly take it down piece by piece Either with your sledgehammer or excavator depending on size.

If it is a load-bearing wall, in other words, it keeps the roof in place, best you be ready to first remove the roofing in that specific area.

“A brick wall is as easy as pushing it over with an excavator and when it falls it breaks into manageable sizes so that you can move the debris,” Brenton says. If the wall has items such as electrical cables, plumbing or gas lines you will require a professional to come out and give the relevant permissions for you to be able to go ahead.

Final step, remove and dispose of all debris from the demolition in a safe and responsible manner

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Brenton Bokelman from Supa Diggers


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