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Did you Know #DYK: What a Facilities Manager does and the Facility Manager’s responsibilities

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Facility Manager
A Facility Manager is responsible for managing the building and making sure that it is managed and
maintained by the owners and their tenants. There are two types of Facility Manager: a Hard and soft
Management and in some instances the same manager can facilitate both jobs depending on the size of the


Hard Facility Manager is in charge of the planning and construction side of the building, this
generally includes everything to do with the construction of the building e.g building budgets, labour as
well as maintenance of the machinery that is used during the construction phase. The Hard Facilitates
manager also manages all the contractors making sure that they perform the duties that they have been
paid for. I would like to say that this type of manager is known in the industry as a “Project Manager”


A Soft Manager is also known as a Property Manager and is responsible for maintaining the already
constructed building on a day to day basis. This includes managing all cleaning and security contractors.
The responsibilities of a Property manager are as follows:


Security – Making sure that the security company that has been appointed is carrying out the service that
they are being paid for and the building is a safe environment for the staff and clients to make use of.


Cleaning – Making sure that building is cleaned and presentable at all times, this includes making
sure that hygiene contacts are in place and ablutions are clean.


Gardening – Making sure that the gardens are maintained and are kept neat and tidy, this creates an impression of the building and it’s value especially when looking to lease out offices.


Staff – If there are staff employed to clean the grounds and gardeners for the gardens, they would need to be managed and given daily tasks to perform.


Health and Safety – Making sure that any contractors working on site follow proper Health and Safety procedures. This also includes making sure that all fire equipment is regularly serviced.



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