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Keep Calm – 2015 Is On It’s Way

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Keep Calm 2015 is on the way!

Christmas aka silly season is looming on the horizon and so is the end of the year. This time of the year is frenetic…. Frantic….. Work to finish….. Deadlines to meet….. Projects to complete!

Keep calm…………and know that at Leads 2 Business, in Private Projects we have plans in the pipeline making sure that there are new and exciting projects on our database for next year, including Africa and the Mining industry.

According to Ernst & Young’s website:

“Africa is on the rise. While Africa’s challenges are well documented, there is an increasing recognition that the continent is on an upward trajectory, economically, politically and socially.
The latest foreign direct investment (FDI) flows have increased strongly in the past decade, investor perceptions of Africa are ever improving and the outlook is positive, with capital inflows forecast to reach US$150b by 2015.
In terms of destinations, while South Africa maintained its position as the top FDI destination, emerging hotspots for investment in Africa are Kenya, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania and Zambia.
South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are considered the most attractive investment destinations in Sub-Saharan Africa, whereas Morocco is seen as the leading destination for doing business in North Africa, largely on account of its relatively stable political environment.”

On further investigation..… “In 2010 the African continent had 51 cities with more than a million inhabitants and only one city with more than 10 million inhabitants – Cairo, Egypt. By 2040, the continent is expected to have more than 100 cities of more than 1 million inhabitants and seven cities of more than 10 million. The largest city is projected to be Kinshasa in the DRC, Central Africa where the population is expected to reach 24 million by 2040”.

In various countries in Africa, in a bid to cope with this rising urbanisation, entirely new cities / mixed use developments are already under construction. Developments such as Tatu City, Kenya, The City of Light in Accra and King City in Takoradi, both in Ghana, Pearl Marina in Uganda, Roma Park in Zambia, Kigamboni in Tanzania and while in Nigeria there is the modern Eko Atlantic City which being built on reclaimed land from the sea. These ‘self-contained’ new cities which are based on the ‘work-play-live’ concept, are intended to relieve the highly congested cities and minimise the need for inhabitants to go into the ‘city centre’. The cities do not just comprise of residential units, they are fully self-contained, this means there are office blocks, shopping malls, recreational areas like parks, churches, schools and even hotels.

All this fore-mentioned information bodes well in terms of new possible projects for the New Year. If you are a Private Projects Subscriber, you will know that we already have all the mixed-used developments listed above on our database and so much more!

If you are looking for new project leads in Africa, South Africa and the Mining Sector and you are not subscribed to Leads 2 Business (really?!?) then now would be a really good time to change that….

What are you waiting for, 2015 is only 42 days away!

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