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Featured Project: WellCity, Togo – Shopping Mall

Description: Construction of a shopping mall and parking bays, as part of a mixed-use development in Lome, Togo known as WellCity. The new town is located north of the Greater Lomé National No. 1, Lome-Dapaong, 15 kilometres from the city center. Over 1 000 new villas and apartments are to be constructed. Included in this development will be a shopping mall, hotel, school and a clinic. The proposed development covers an area of 100 hectares connected by an expressway a mile to the National # 1. It is close to the new Police Academy and the new dry port development. 

Status: Awarded

Industry: Building

Region: Togo

Sector: Private

Value: R 100 million+ 

Timing: 2017 onwards

Notes: This development is going to be constructed over 4 phases. The first stage of construction which is the 200 villas is due for completion in 2020. Ultimately, there will be 1000 housing units constructed.

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