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Featured Project: Vision City, Rwanda, Phase 2, Housing

Description: Construction of residential apartments as part of Phase 2 for a mixed-use development in Rwanda. The proposed development is set on a prime 158 hectare tract of land in Gaculiro, Kinyinya Sector of Gasabo district, this high-end estate is adjacent to RSSB constructed Vision 2020 Estate and approximately 3 km from the proposed Central Business District (CBD) at Muhima and 6 km from Kigali International Airport. It will consist of over 4 500 units in different configurations ranging from luxury villas to apartments to be built in 4 phases over 8 years.

Status: Procedural

Industry: Building

Region: Rwanda

Sector: Private

Value: R 100 million+

Timing: 2017 onwards.

Notes: The first phase of the project is now complete, putting 504 spectacular properties on the market for home-owners to buy. Currently selling off the completed properties.

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