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Featured Project: Imaloto Coal Project, Madagascar

Description: Acquired by Lemur in April 2011 through its acquisition of Coal of Madagascar Limited, the Imaloto Coal Project is located in the Imaloto Coal Basin, which is the northern-most coal field in the greater Sakoa Basin of South West Madagascar, located approximately 30 km north-west of the Sakoa Basin, where coal mining has previously been carried out. The Imaloto Coal Project area lies approximately 20km north-west of the town of Benenitra, between the north-south flowing Imaloto River and the west-east flowing Onilahy River. The Imaloto Coal Project area consists of 3 permits covering a total of 11 concession blocks, giving a license area of approximately 69km²: Permit 3196 consists of 3 concession blocks and is an exploration license. Permit 4578 consists of 4 blocks and is a full mining license. Permit 12653 consists of 4 blocks and is an exploration license. Imaloto is favourably located near the existing port of Tulear and adjacent to the proposed Soalara Port, where infrastructure planning is underway to provide a mineral bulk handling export facility. Lemur has identified the importance of an independent power-producing project that is destined to be implemented alongside its Imaloto coal project. 

Status: Awarded

Industry: Mining

Region: Madagascar

Sector: Private

Value: R 100 million+ 

Timing: 2015 onwards

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