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Featured Project: Grand Renaissance Dam Hydropower Project, Ethiopia

Description: The Grand Renaissance Dam hydropower project is located on the Abay River in the Beneshangul Gumuz region in Ethiopia envisages a plant with an installed capactity of 6000MW that will supply 15 693GWh/y. The major components of the project include: a 145m high roller-compacted concrete dam with a 1780m long crest; a saddle dam, 4800m long and 45m high; two outdoor powerhouses of 3750MW and 2250MW installed capacity each with a capacity of 375mW and a 500kV switchyard which will transmit power from the power houses to the grid.Construction of 123km access roads, camps, workshops and other civils works are also planned as part of the project. GPS Co-ordinates : 11°12′51″N 35°05′35″E Estimated project value $4.8 billion.

Status: Underway

Industry: Infrastructure

Region: Ethiopia 

Sector: Public Private Partnership

Value: R 100 million+

Timing: Completion is expected by the end of 2017.

Notes: The construction of the 6,000-megawatt, US$5 billion Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) that began nearly seven years ago, is now close to completion. By the end of this year, the dam, which sits on the Blue Nile near the border of Ethiopia and Sudan, will begin generating electricity.

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