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Feature your Company for FREE

Why should you Feature your Company with Leads 2 Business?

Well, why not?

It is a free service we offer our clients to be noticed!

As a supplement to our blog, we have the Featured Company slot which introduces you, an L2B subscriber – who you are and what you do. Featured Company slots are a great opportunity for you to promote your company while informing readers which industry you operate in, what your core services or products are, etc.

Your Featured Company can be shared on your social media profiles and work circles – resulting in more views with the added bonus that others in similar industries will be alerted to these offerings too.

Don’t wait, contact us now to Feature your Company so that others can get to know you too!

What we need from you:

The required information can be completed telephonically or face-to-face during a CRM call, or via email. It is all up to you. Questions can also be adapted to your unique profile. Once the necessary is supplied, we will send the article to you to proof prior to publishing.

View our previous Featured Companies here or submit your details below to be Featured:

tell us a bit about you - personal and/or professional information about you
give us a brief description of your role and what it entails
give us a brief description of what your company does include specialised services/products
tell us when you joined L2B
what made you sign up
which L2B features do you like/use the most or are most excited to use
do you have projects you're currently working on or have recently been awarded or completed that you're proud of
how many hard hats do you own, ever driven a TLB
any additional details or info you'd like included
A large (transparent) Company Logo and Photo to include in your Feature (png or jpeg format)

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My journey started in 2015 with Leads 2 Business, as an Account Executive, and gradually grown to take the role of being the Client Liaison Officer (CLO) since 2018. Assisting in the delivery of our services and insuring our clients expectations and requirements are exceeded.

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