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Evolution of a Project

Evolution of a Construction Project

How Project stages are broken down.


Over the eight plus years I have worked at L2B I have spoken to many  people who have wanted me to explain,


“Where do I ‘fit’ into a Project?”


i.e. where would my point of benefit be? How does Leads 2 Business classify Project stages? It makes sense to me that someone would want to know how it works because it helps them find their place in the puzzle.


As an introduction, our Projects Department are a wonderful bunch. Generally, if you need anything, the Projects Department is the place you would find it. Often referred to as the ‘crystal ball’ department, they seem to have a knack for sourcing information where others may fail.  This occasionally results in a couple of laughs, but has also included interesting incidents such as receiving phonecalls from subscribers wanting to know which direction the wind is blowing on site in Burkino Faso (which incidentally was sourced and sent to the subscriber).  Simply put, they move mountains to get what is needed. But I digress…

A Project is divided up into different stages where different Companies would get involved. These are broken down on the Leads 2 Business system as follows:


Conceptual Phase

Very early stage in the Project :–  This involves the Clients intention, Developers Prosposals, the Feasibility study and Anchor tenants express interest.


Procedural Phase

EIA Consultant is appointed :– This encompasses the basic design, EIA process, Geotechnical study, rezoning, licensing, invited list, Expression Of Interest  and Professionals appointment.


Design Phase

This involves the detailed design of the project including the Bill of Quantities.


Tender Phase

This involves the project going out to Tender, whether public, private and the negotiations involved.


Awarded Phase

The Main Contractor, Subcontractors and Suppliers are awarded.  There is potential that there is a delay between the award and the commencement of the project.


Underway Phase

The Main Contractor is on site and Construction is underway.


Complete Phase

The Project has reached completion.


So now the picture becomes a little clearer. You can see who is involved in the different stages and plan how you would like to contact them and when to market your services or products.   For a more detailed description of where the different fields are involved and where your points of benefit are you can click here.
Feel free to contact us should you have any questions.  We are happy to answer them and to assist.  You can mail Support@L2B.co.za or call 086 083 6337.





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