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Eco Friendly Building Methods

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With growing concerns over climate change, it is important for construction firms to reduce their environmental impact, while this can be a challenge these methods can be of great benefit.

  • Proper insulation – This is important as it will reduce your energy consumption and therefore your pocket as well, if you use green insulation this will reduce the need for high-end finishes that are made from non-renewable materials.
  • Sustainable building materials – Recycled plastic, linoleum, recycled glass, cork and bamboo are excellent ways to build with renewable materials and reduce harm to the environment as they break down easily and don’t release harmful toxins.
  • Solar panels – This will initially cost you but will save you money in the long run and bring down your consumption as you draw energy from the sun, it is vital to place the panels in the best location for the most absorption from the sun.
  • Eco-friendly lighting – The lighting you choose needs to be long lasting and use less energy, the solution is either LED or CFL as incandescent bulbs will not give you these benefits. LED or CFL will cost more upfront but the energy you will be saving will make it worthwhile.
  • Cool roof – Using materials that reflect the sun’s energy away from the roof will assist in keeping the building cooler and that will, in turn, reduce cooling costs. Most energy-efficient products might be more costly at the onset put reduce cost long term and often require less maintenance.
  • Rammed earth brick – These bricks are made traditionally from clay-rich soil, water and a natural stabiliser, the mixture is then compressed at high pressure to form bricks. These bricks have been reintroduced as they are environmentally sustainable.
  • Ashcrete – This is an environmentally friendly concrete that has smaller pores and has the strength needed to be sustainable, it composes of 97% recycled materials.


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