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Did you know #DYK: Who is Managing a Project? General Project Manager Duties

Who is Managing a Project? General Project Manager Duties

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I believe that a Project Manager is a key member of the Professional Team. They are responsible for the delivery of a project, reaching and achieving set goals and targets correctly and safely.

From the research that I have done, I have come to the conclusion that Project Managers have a lot of responsibility, not to mention stress, as they are responsible for the successful planning, execution, monitoring, control and closure of a project.


Project Manager’s possible duties include:


1. Planning

To plan the successful delivery of a project. They would need to plan, design, analyse, evaluate the goals and objectives to determine how to deliver a project effectively and efficiently. They need to know all the projects details and requirements.

To plan tight time schedules and strict budgets that must be adhered to.

To plan visits or set up meetings with existing, new and potential clients to ensure these relationships are beneficial as well as well-maintained throughout the project process or contract.

Another requirement is Resource & Construction Strategy Planning.


How to contact the Researcher






2. Managing and Communicating

Managing their team and day to day activities. This includes ensuring the right material arrives on site before required, to be prepared as well as relaying the work activities, objectives and ethics to their colleagues. They need to relay the objectives of the project, scope of works and job role i.e. what is expected of them. General Management skills.

When delays or problems are encountered – which we know happens – then it is up to the Project Manager to be ready to lead the way and make the necessary decisions to get the project back on track and moving forward again. They need to manage a set of service deliveries that needs to be achieved on time and on schedule.

Project Managers should also be able to resolved conflict, whether this be onsite between the service teams, with other entities or the public. They need to show initiative and overcome any obstacles by finding a suitable way to adapt to certain situations to provide successful solutions with a successful outcome.

They should be able to command authority naturally while looking after their team, encouraging and supporting them. Be the team and project leader, keeping communication lines open whilst ensuring the team engage in project work.

Monitoring project progress and performance



3. Reporting, Recording and Liaising

Reporting on the progress of the project to various management members and client advising them how far along the project is, if this is progressing well and as planned. They need to inform them if deadlines are being met (or not) and if the program is still on track. Project Managers need to report any delays or extension of time or any project hiccups. Meeting checkpoints and financial reporting is imperative. This report is not once off, it is constant feedback to keep the client up to date with the current status of the project.

They need to define milestones and produce reports to the team. This is done at agreed intervals to inform the service team of where they are currently and what actions need to be taken, again keeping communication open.



4. Co-ordinating

Co-ordinating the team which includes staff training and support



5. Financing

Setting up the budgets, estimates, costs and construction timetable and developing a budget for the client.

Don’t be this guy:


6. Staffing

Sometimes, however not in all cases, it is the duty of the Project Manager to appoint sub contractors and contractors for the project. The Project Manager is accountable for the team he chooses and could be asked to motivate why he chose a particular company or professional.

They need to select and put together the best team for the job, this not only includes selecting a tea, but also training the team towards the companies core values.





7. Compliance

Ensuring that the project complies with the building codes, regularity or legal requirements.

Deliverables should be tested at each milestones to ensure that they are correct and meet the requirements

Quality control



I hope this has given you more insight into the Project Manager’s possible duties, responsibilities, role in the project and what their workload is like.










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