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Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) deconstructed

Questions about the CIDB answered simply


We get questions every day about Tendering and the CIDB. I will do the best I can to try and answer some of them here for you in plain simple everyday language. Hopefully, keeping it simple.


What does the acronym ‘CIDB’ stand for?
– Construction Industry Development Board


What is the purpose of CIDB?

– The Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) – a Schedule 3A public entity – was established by Act of Parliament to promote a regulatory and developmental framework that builds:

  • The construction delivery capability for South Africa’s social and economic growth.
  • A proudly South African construction industry that delivers to globally competitive standards.


What is the focus of the CIDB?

  • Sustainable growth, capacity development and empowerment
  • Improved industry performance and best practice
  • A transformed industry, underpinned by consistent and ethical procurement practices
  • Enhanced value to clients and society


Why aren’t all tenders listed on CIDB?

– Not all tenders require a CIDB rating.


Why did Leads 2 Business align the tender values on the website according to CIDB?

– CIDB value ratings are now familiar in the construction tender market and used as a benchmark.


Do I need to apply for CIDB rating?

– Of the Clients, Professionals, Contractors, Subcontractors or Suppliers, only Contractor & Subcontractor need apply.  All contractors seeking to participate in public sector infrastructure delivery must be registered on the CIDB Register of Contractors.









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