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L2B Blog: Annual Construction Gift Guide

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Corporate gifting to clients is one of the best marketing strategies that a company can use to build brand awareness and build close business relationships. It cultivates and affirms business relationships promoting feelings of goodwill between buyers and supplier.


Corporate Gifting is no longer restricted to the festive season, in a corporate world it is standard to introduce endowments to each other to build the business. Gifting can be used in many applications in business, for any occasion or any person – gifting reinforces the obligation of business to its customers.


Gifts for Business Growth

Corporate gifting is used to stay noticed by clients and target consumers. The resources spent on these gifts are refunded back in terms of future business or higher sales of your product.


Corporate gifts for marketing

Gifting helps build your company brand, it helps build brand awareness as branding is all about making associations. Corporate gifts allow personalization – to have a successful branding campaign, your brand must be personal enough for consumers to identify and build a relationship with. By matching corporate gifts to the type of company personality that requires promoting, you will be able to hit the right chord with the consumers.


Corporate gifts maintain the interaction between company and consumers. Usually, after a marketing campaign, consumers will only be able to associate and interact with the company through its advertising message, which is intangible. But with corporate gifts, they will be able to touch and feel the representation of a company. This will leave your marketing message in their minds resulting in a better marketing campaign. Using corporate gifts is a good way to start building brand awareness among your customers. Many people think that by using corporate gifts as a marketing tool a huge budget is needed. However, I must say this is not true. With the right budget and campaign, you will be able to fulfil your marketing mission and create brand awareness for your company.


Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifting is a great opportunity to show employees, management at your company and your clients that you appreciate them and promote one’s business brand in a cost-effective way. There are so many events that corporate gifts can be used for … Birthdays, Christmas, Women’s Day, Bosses Day, Secretary’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Mandela Day, Weddings, Award ceremonies, Retirement recognitions …. just a few to mention. This is a great opportunity to show your employees and your clients that they are really appreciated.


Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are articles of merchandise that are branded with a logo or a slogan and used in the marketing and communication process – they are given away to promote a company.


Gifts for every budget

Your budget should be fixed before-hand before you start factoring in how many recipients there will be, and what the occasion is.


Your overall benefits of corporate & promotional gifting are:

Increases Brand Awareness
Provides appropriate Information
Increases customer traffic
Build sales and profits
Promotions will also help your company to introduce products easily into an ever so competitive market.


For enquiries regarding Corporate gifting, please contact michele@infinitycg.co.za


“Branded Corporate Gifts are lasting favourites”

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