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Choosing to do the Work

Choosing to do the Work


Have you ever wondered who that guy was, forever rolling the boulder up the hill, just to have it roll back down again? Of course, you have. It keeps you up at night.


In Greek mythology, he was King Sisyphus. Founder and first king of Corinth, from back in the day. Known for promoting navigation and commerce. As well as randomly murdering guests and planning fratricide. What’s Greek mythology without a little murder and mayhem?


Basically, he was cursed because he annoyed and outsmarted the Gods. Zeus in particular, and this would not be borne and whatnot. Greek Gods – the embodiment of sulky toddlers.


So he was cursed to roll a boulder up a hill and just as it reached the top, it would roll back down again. The word is Sisyphean. An interminable act without end. Not very inspiring at all.


Sometimes the focus is on the short game; so the long game fades away into the distance and seems to become unattainable.


However, I always wondered why he keeps trying? Let’s ignore the being “cursed” bit and never mind the “repeating the same action, hoping for a different outcome being the definition of crazy” aspect. I like to think that King Sisyphus still has hope and a goal and a purpose. That he’ll make it to the top and, somehow, roll that boulder down the other side. That all the toil and struggle will result in an accomplishment few believed possible. That the “interminable” is just a disguise for the time it takes to get where we need to go.


“He chooses to do the work. Every single time. Regardless of the previous day’s outcome. And that’s inspiring.”


Or it could just be his bloody-mindedness. Either way, the job will get done.


“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out”.





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