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Amazing Examples of Office Style Inspiration

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Amazing Examples of Office Style Inspiration

We all know that we are spending more and more time in the workplace. On average, we spend about 80% of our time in the office.

If we are going to spend such a huge amount of our time in the workplace we might as well be in comfort and style right? Yes, I said it, Style. Who doesn’t like Style? We all like to look good and dress the part especially when we step out. So, why not bring some style into our work environment.

Today, I am going to be chatting with you about the Amazing Examples of Office Styles.

What are we waiting for? Lets get right into it.

We know that an Office is a place where a number of employees come together to perform functions to meet the desired result of the organisation.

Lets take a look at the different types of Office Space, shall we?

The first one we will look at is called, Traditional Office Space: This type of office style offers more of a quiet/intimate space and is mostly used among law firms and consulting rooms. The features of a Traditional Office include the reception, boardroom and private offices.

The next type of office style is Creative Office Style and this is commonly associated with Open Plan offices and that is what we are going to be taking a closer look at. So, what is an Open Plan Office you may ask?

Well, the name pretty much sums it up. Open Plan buildings, offices or rooms have no internal walls dividing it into smaller areas. Modern day office styles are all about Open plans and open spaces.

Now, let have a look at the different types of Open Plan Office Styles. We are going to take a peek at the following Four types:

The first one is called One Large, Open Space and this style is suitable for small and quiet offices where individuals work side by side at adjoining stations. This type of office plan has a free and collaborative feel to it.

The next Style is called Cubicle and this is the most common type of office plans and this is because the work stations are set up as cubicles. This type definitely provides the highest level of privacy outside of a closed office.

Now, we are going to take a look at Half Partitions, yes, well this office plan allows the employees to see and speak over the space divider. If you prefer an office that works in teams then this office style is ideal for that.

The last type of Office Plan is called Team Enclosures and this office is great for work corporations where creative thinking is necessary and brainstorming and regular discussions are part of the daily requirements. Rather than waiting for a scheduled formal meeting or booking a meeting room, Team Enclosures are suitable for employees who need to communicate constantly and effectively.

So what conclusions can we draw from Open Plan Offices besides the immaculate styles and how cosy they can be? Yes, I know style does cost money but not as much as you would think.

Open Plan Offices are becoming the norm in modern day organizations because it can actually benefit the company economically. Yes, you heard right; you can save on money with these types of offices. Think about, with fewer walls to build, the cost tied to construction is reduced as it requires less time and materials to create the intended office space. And with the price of everything increasing these days, who’s not looking to cut down on costs right, or even save?

As a result of having a single workspace, companies can save since communal spaces use shared office equipment like printers, multi-purpose machines and filing cabinets. Let’s not forget that with staff members being in a shared environment, stationary and other materials are most likely to be shared amongst staff.

We all need our jobs and having one these days is absolutely necessary. We need to make a living but how about genuinely enjoying our jobs? I’m talking about having a love for what you do to the point where you’re not dragging your feet to work the next day. A work environment that not only looks good but creates a great impression where you connect with your colleagues. It starts with you and me, lets be a little bit more approachable and yes, a smile definitely does go along way.


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