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A Day in the Life of the Accounts Department

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First thing’s first when I get to the office, I make my morning cuppa and then it’s time to get cracking.

You have to be able to multitask in accounts and although most of the time I have a plan of action, sometimes that plan is very short-lived.

Firstly, I go through my emails excitedly looking for proof of payments, I flag the need to do’s and file away the necessary emails. I then go onto the Banking, and allocate payments, notify the Accounts executives should we receive any payments for new registrations and lift any suspensions that we have received payment from. After the banking, I send any statements that have a balance outstanding. Once I am done with that I move over to the queries that I need to tend to.

Reminders are my life: I have follow-ups upon follow-ups. After working through my reminders I start with my invoicing and update the invoicing schedule. From there I resend invoices and statements requesting outstanding payments. I process any cancellations or suspensions that are requested. Update my reports, doing this daily helps so come month end it is not so tedious.

In between doing all of the above I tend to any incoming queries and any Pro Forma invoice requests.

Before you know it the day has gone by in a flash. I really love what I do and accept every challenge thrown my way.

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About Sharika Raman

I have worked for Leads 2 Business from January 2015. I started in the Leads 2 Quotes Department for Directory, in January 2020 I was promoted to the Deputy Head of Department for Leads 2 Quotes and in July 2021 I was promoted to the Accounts Department as a Debtors Administrator. I enjoy time with my family creating memories, I like to socialize but also enjoy time to myself so I try to keep a balance by indulging in some quiet time when I can. I see myself as a realist, amazing wife and awesome mom…I am sure my family would agree.

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