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Three lessons I would share with my younger self about life

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Three lessons I would share with my younger self about life

At first when I was asked to write this article it occurred to me that perhaps I was too young to do so.  But then I remembered that I have three children and just recently I caught myself sounding like a mom and lecturing them about what I wish I knew as a younger me.  Now I know I’m not wise nor old enough to bestow any wise words of wisdom on anyone, but I have picked up a few things along the way….




And this is a biggie – if you cant afford it, save until you can and if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in debt – pay it!  Don’t hide – take that call.



Now wait, let me finish…

As a kid you are given education, sport, entertainment and time.  Now what we would do for a little more of that right now – right?  I remember complaining and faking my way out of hockey practice week in and week out and now I have to PAY to gym and still do it after hours and I’m talking “parent hours” not work hours!

So take that extra subject, join a team, take part in the school production and enjoy your holidays.



This comes with time and from what I can tell, a lot of dishonesty is out of fear. We can all remember telling white lies as children because we where scared of the consequences. Well, be brave.  The sooner you realise how empowering honesty can be, the sooner you can be free. Take responsibility, you will respect yourself for it and so will others.

Now that last one is not a once off “life lesson”, but rather life in progress, much like the rest of my list, the kind of things I have to remind myself about every so often and in some cases still learn.


  • Go the extra mile and smile.
  • If you can’t say it to their face, don’t say it behind their back (this is a tough one mostly for us ladies, but its totally possible).
  • When all else fails – push some more and don’t stop!
  • Say Thank You, and mean it.
  • Learn something New.
  • Listen.  I mean really and truly listen to your kids, friends, family etc.
  • Don’t say no just because you are feeling lazy.
  • Don’t hide your accomplishments and be proud of yourself.
  • Misfortune and a less than perfect up-bringing is not an excuse for a bad attitude.
  • Don’t leave it for the next person to do!


And lastly find something to believe in, it will keep you motivated through the good times and carry you through the tough times.

P.S. Go write a blog! This experience has been an enlightening one, its made me remember what’s important, it’s made me want to smile wider, work harder and be an all round better person 😉






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I am a strong believer in "What you put in , is what you will get out" and this drives me every day, whether it's at home with my gorgeous family or at work where I get to fuel my competitive spirit. I love who I am and who I'm becoming. I love where I am , but more importantly where I'm going.... #EternalOptimist #Aspire2Inspire

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  1. Lee Finch
    | Reply

    Some really good points to ponder, if I could just add another one… Don’t burn bridges, you’ll be amazed how many times you’ll need to cross it again!

  2. Victor Terblanche
    | Reply

    Take the plunge and invest, even if its just a little amount. The advantages are way more than just the obvious. If you can, buy a house in the right place especially if your growing a family. Thinking back, this was most probably the best thing we ever did. Besides the exponential monetary gain, This encourages stability, creates commitment and fosters a sense of belonging.

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