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A day in the Life of the Tenders Africa Department

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My day starts with happy greetings to my colleagues on arrival as I switch on my computer to read through my emails, just to check if there are not any urgent queries that need attending to. I move on to Live Help, assisting and responding to any outstanding tickets. This happens just before my cup of coffee.

From there I move on to my sources (this includes newspapers and websites for all the Africa Countries that I look after), checking for any new leads and updates on existing ones. Checking of sources keeps me busy for a good hour or two, as we try and source out as much as we can for our subscribers. Our tenders are saved in date folders, arranging these according to the first action dates.

Now, it’s action time…..as we start adding the content/tenders saved to our website. For this you need to be on your “A Game” as adding tenders and updating the website involves a lot of concentration, making sure that all information is correct and thorough from the Professionals to descriptions, site meetings, closing dates and restrictions as our subscribers depend on what we publish for them. If there is missing information in the adverts saved, we then have to contact the professionals for confirmations, this can be quite challenging because of the language barriers, time differences as well poor telephone connections.

Adding tenders is a process; it takes up most of my day as it also includes adding new professionals to the system with correct contact information for our subscribers to reach out to them directly for their convenience. And if there are any tenders of big value and large works added on the day, they get sent straight to our Private Projects Department to generate project leads that give more content for our PP subscribers to benefit from. All this teaches you a lot as an individual: from diligence, perseverance, patience and responsibility.

There is never a dull moment in the Leads 2 Business Tenders Africa Department.

I love my daily routine…nothing beats the feeling of knowing that I am contributing to helping our subscribers. All in the name of lifting our Leads 2 Business flag high!

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I have been working at L2B since March 2014 and my current position is Content Researcher - Africa Department and Classy is the best word that describes me.

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